30 June, 2009

Ooo a Sale...

I wish I could make that a real link and all on here (and need to double check that I got the right address in a sec lol) but is the best I can do! Sorry about that.

I found that place... in college I think. Got the catelog for years... They randomly still send me one, but not consistantly. I always enjoy looking at it... wether I need anything or not (usually not... I haven't bought from them once but part of that was working at CtK when I did). I wish I did right now since they're having this sale... and in the few seconds I looked at it (going back lol) I did find a few books I wish I could get. They'll wait... but still.

Anyways, figured that I'd share... just in case anyone else is interested.


babyyahyah said...

ok i will have to take a look