24 June, 2009

My New Project

As much as I try & make our food from scratch and everything, there are some things we don't. There prob always will be somethings we don't lol. That's ok...

But one of those things I've gone over in my head wether its worth the expense or not... In the end it would always win. HEB brand frozen Herb Roasted Drumsticks. You'll almost never see them on our menu, but we go through a LOT of them. They're a backup plan if a meal doesn't work out right or we can't do it for some odd reason. They're a snack (yes I'll randomly have a chicken leg as a snack... I'm weird that way). Recently we realized they're great for sending w/ Baba for work lunches (something I never plan for on the menu really, but we're working out a way to plan them out better). So they definately get eaten, and its not like we're buying this incredibly expensive meat... But still.

Well, like I mentioned a post or two back... I needed something quick to make last week (or the one before, I forget). I grabbed one of my cookbooks that I rarely use... Its called Feasts of Life by Fr Jim Vlaun and has some great Italian recipes... But... Most of the recipes call for things we just don't have lol. More a special meal type thing. So I'm not sure why I grabbed it... maybe because I was wanting to make something nice for Baba and hoping something would work. What I found was a recipe called "Oven Roasted Chicken Parts". I had all the ingredients... It doesn't even take an hour to cook (where my roasted quarter recipe takes 2 or so). Sounded great. What I didn't realize, and Baba pointed out, was that when you make it with drumsticks (which I did) its very similar to those frozen ones we buy.

Baba loved it too... Obviously or this post would not exist lol. So we started talking about maybe making them to freeze instead of buying the others. We figured we'd price chicken and stuff and see if its worth it. Today we went to Sams... and found out that we could make it for less than half we're paying for the frozen. So yeah... We bought chicken lol. Not going to lie and say its organic (neither is what we were getting of course) - although I certainly hope that is an option someday... But... (here's where I am happy) it is marked 100% natural and hormone free... So good compramise there too.

Will be a bit of work, but I'm not worried about fitting it in either. We've got a few things we're getting done now (Baba's days off) and then I figure I'll take care of the chicken one night after Kalila goes to bed. And... I'm looking forward to it too :-)


Steph said...

That's great that you found a cheaper alternative! I need to work on some of my things, but right now it's all I can do to just cook my regular meals. ;)

Mama Kalila said...

Completely understood. I'm doing horrible w/ my bread goal. Thankfully we keep Arabic bread frozen so we have some kind of substitute lol. I'm not sure I'd attempt this either, but its so easy to make... Thankfully.