29 June, 2009

Keeping Buzy

Before I say anything really... The menu is done for the week... But I will put it up later tonight. Mostly because I need to rework it a little lol. I'm going to have so many beans after dinner that leftovers tomorrow alone are not going to do it. So we'll see how it changes & hopefully I can get that done asap.

Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud came over last night... Which as always was a lot of fun... but also meant the guys got going on the computer. Is not fixed... but they got it a little farther along than it was going before. So progress right?

If any of you w/ blogs see (or can see) that I've been by but haven't commented... I'm sorry. Its hit or miss on this thing. I just read a friends post a sec ago and got through a nice long comment before the code word wouldn't show. Is not the first time this has happened & it greatly annoys me. But oh well. I'll try to catch up.

Just talked to my sister earlier... and while this story is hers and not mine, I have to share because I'm still shaking my head over this. Her & her boyfriend hit a bear. Driving. Yes, you read that right. And thankfully yes she's ok.

Lately I've had a lot more time for projects... LOL... No not really but I have managed to get at least one done that I've wanted to for awhile. Baba took Kalila out last Thurs & I got our bookshelves organized. I wish I could share a pic... but obviously that won't work right now. I still have a few small adjustments to make on it... but they won't take long and can be done at any point...

Apologies if I've already mentioned this one... I don't think I have, but... I just don't remember. Anyways, last week I put up Kalila's high chair. I couldn't believe how much room that made us lol. All the sudden if feels like we have a ton more space. It was past time though... She refused to sit in it anymore (I kept trying though lol) and does good in the regular chairs. I am having to deal with the getting down and trying to walk around with her food thing... Something I don't want her doing. Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated.

I got invited to a friends wedding next April... Am very happy for him and his family... Was surprised to get such a long distance phone call... and invitation... though lol.

We discovered another side effect of the apt complex's stupidity. Those rocks I mentioned before... They've caused ants to invade! Multiple issues branching off of this. The craziest being catching my daughter eating ants! Blech... But beyond that... We're left with getting rid of them. Both my husband and our neighbor want to douse the place in poisons... which I'm sure I dont' need to express my opinions on that lol. (Do have to point out that at least Baba suggested looking into some Green ones) Beyond said opinions... It aint gonna work. All those "lovely" rocks are hiding the nests... Sure it will kill the ones it hits, just like the bleach the neighbor doused outside our front doors did last week... but they will come back. Babu mentioned some non poisonous thing that I'm not about to try to spell from memory, some word starting w/ d and then earth. We may look into it... but until then I tried the dry yeast mixed w/ sugar bait... which gets carried home and explodes all the little nasties (death by excess gas lol). So far I have seen them carrying it off... I also tried sprinkling mint and baking soda (two of many things that are supposed to do it) across our doorway... but they found their way around it anyway :-( Not happy about that. There are some other things, like cinnamon, that do the same & I'm considering those too lol. More seem to be going out to the bait than in & I keep cleaning the area w/ vinegar. So I'm hoping this all works. I am seeing less in here, so good sign? I'm just hoping no one does anything dumb and kills off the workers again before I can get the queen. I don't want to deal with this all summer...

Baba is talking about putting a planter nini out front on the balcony. I'm really hoping we can do it... Not sure exactly when it would be. We've got a lot of other things to get done first. Would be nice though!

I really feel for Mumble lately. Kalila has started tackeling her. She loves to give her hugs, but she does it a little too hard. She still gives kisses and headbutts (like cats give each other, Kalila does it to them and to us), but is trying to pick her up now too! And Mumble has (for the most part) stopped reacting. She runs from her usually... but instead of biting or scratching (which I'm glad she's not doing) she lays there and puts up with it... Sometimes she tries to wiggle away... Sometimes she gets as low as she can and lays there. I actually heard a growl earlier, but that's because little miss Kalila pulled her tail.

She doesn't do it to Kimosimi as much. She still pets him... but I guess she finally figured out he won't put up w/ it like Mumble will. I see her poking at him now and again though lol. An occasional tail pull... kisses and headbuts... but he doesnt' get picked up or crushed... I think he's grateful. Seriously... You can see it on his face lol.

Anyways, I need to get going... I've still got stuff to do before she wakes up from her nap and starts wreaking havok again. I love it but still... lol.


Steph said...

That's it. I took off the word verification.

You definitely have been busy! We were last week w/ VBS, but this week I'm planning on spending as much time at home as possible.

I've been meaning to comment on your last couple of posts, but VBS totally wore me out last week. I'll try to do better.

Kairi did the tackle/hug for a long time too. Well, to be honest, she still does it. LOL But at least the cats are reacting better!

I have no advice on the ant situation. We have sugar ants in our kitchen and bathroom, but the kids freak out about them and won't touch them... so that's good at least.

This comment seems to be just me rambling and have no real purpose, so I'll go now. ;) Have a good evening!

Mama Kalila said...

That's ok... My post was mostly rambling lol. I didn't know yall had VBS this week, but I figured you were busy. A lot of people are right now (including us). And I'll be by to comment on yours a little later... Thanks for taking off the word thing... I took it off mine a while back for the same reason, it kept giving people probs.

Steph said...

Yup ... VBS was Monday-Thursday, from 6:30-8:30, which meant that I was out of pocket from 5:30 to 9:00. Which meant that I was trying to readjust kids schedules so that life was not miserable during the day due to late bedtimes. And that meant that I had to have everything ready, including supper and baths, by 5:15 at the very latest.

And I was taking the girls next door w/ me ....

Who, btw, if you will pray for them, I would appreciate it. Someone has been teaching them reincarnation. They are very confused, but really do want to learn. So please keep them in your prayers. :)

Mama Kalila said...

Meant to add earlier... I was just venting a bit about the ants. Is early yet, but the yeast trick seems to be working. They've almost disappeared already!

I can't even begin to imagine how stressful this week must have been. I hope it all went well & everything!

Btw, I'm not sure if my email went to the right address, so if you didn't get it let me know lol.

Steph said...

Nope, no email from you. What email address do you think you sent it to?

Glenn Humphries said...

Hi! diatomaceous earth is the material we were discussing...Love, Dad...

Mama Kalila said...

LOL yeah, I wrote this before I called you back. I still doubt I'd have been able to spell it though!