27 June, 2009

A Good Sign

I thought I had messed up today... Kalila eating all day long is nothing new (ok so really it just seems like she does) but I try to keep her from snacking right before meals... and if she's just really hungry I'll move it up a little instead. That doesnt' happen too often... But I'm sure you know where I'm going with this...

Today I started lunch... and realized that Kalila was still munching on apple slices.

Let me back up... I have no idea what was on the menu for today lol. I know I had salmon croquettes on there for one day... possibly today. Hadn't done them yet so when I saw a new salmon recipe I thought I'd give it a shot. Needs tweaking but... very easy to make and that's what I needed.

So I was making it... and Kalila was still going up and getting apple slices and I'm thinking she's gonna ruin her lunch... I get done, make her plate... and I swear this little girl...

She climbed up on her chair, told me thankyou when I put the plate in front of her. Ate her green beans first... and then almost all of the salmon. Asked for seconds of the green beans.. and then when she was done asked for another apple slice!

I feel kinda bad that there wasn't another side, and thinking about it pasta might have been good with it... But it had bread in it as well as eggs, onions & mushrooms... Gotta love recipes that pack everything into one. She ate well (as did I lol) so not gonna complain. Besides, if she ate that much after all that snacking... that's got to say something about the recipe lol. Definately one to do again (but like I said, gonna tweak a bit).

And I need to end this here because I've got way too much to do today than to stay online much longer lol.