05 June, 2009

For the Birds

I've mentioned a bit about the Church I went to in Moshi in another post. I could probably write several... but I don't think I will lol. I do, however, have to share one particular story that happened there.

But first... A couple pictures and a bit of background.

Kristo Mfalme (Christ the King)

As you can see below, it's a pretty Church. I was able to go to one other in town, but this one was special to me. Partly because it was the first one I went to there, and spent much more time at... But also because the Church I grew up in back home was also Christ the King.

I wish I could share some more pics... I got some of the statues, Bishops chair, and even the outside too... but its a lot of work to scan these in lol. I may at a later point... but I really wanted to share this story, and its been sitting in my drafts too long!

Funny side note... At one point I decided that this was where I wanted to get married. Obviously I changed my mind... around the time I moved here lol. But I had this whole story (because I knew it wasn't likely LOL) of how I was going to fly everyone there for my wedding.

Anyways... The first year I went, two friends went to Mass w/ me... Generally switching Sundays. One other ended up going one Sunday that they couldn't (the one time I went to the afternoon Mass... and that was interesting in and of itself)... But still. 3 people out of 40 or so.

The next two trips we had much smaller groups... and made it that everyone would go w/ me at least once. Oddly enough, I don't remember how we worked out having more weeks than team members the second summer... but the last one I was dating Richard (fellow team-mate obviously) and he went w/ me most Sundays (take the trip and minus the days that the other 4 went and another that I went alone).

This was one of those Sundays. I think. It may have been the year before as he was there both years too.

I don't remember exactly when it happened. He might... (Feel free to comment if you do... or add anything I forget).

But at some point during the Mass we see a bird fly in... Not anything unusual as there's a lot of open spaces and doors and birds fly in and out pretty regularly.

But this bird was special.

It flew in... right up to the front of the Church.

First Mr. Bird hit here...

Then he bounced off and hit here...

And bouced off again...

Finally he lay on the floor.

Yes... We had a suicidal bird!

Oddly enough something strange happened w/ the birds one of those Sundays that Richard went... This was just the.. strangest lol.


babyyahyah said...

pretty church

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah, I wish I could have put up the rest of the pics... but they were on one of the rolls that the cd was wrong and scanning takes forever lol