17 June, 2009

Cranky Pants Day

I can just tell its gonna be one of those days today lol. Kalila's been throwing fits over everything... putting on diaper, getting dressed, not being allowed to play with the vac cord, said cord being twisted, me throwing away an apple core, taking away the toilet paper that she stole from the laundry room... On the other hand, she was exeptionally cute yesterday so maybe I should have expected it lol. Anyways, excuse any bragging I do today because I think I need to remind myself of all of this right now lol.

Obviously I'm still out a computer... am on the wii now. For some reason the txt message blogging works on my phone (just very obnoxiously) but the pic messaging part doesn't... So not using that agian unless I can figure that out. Which means the two big posts I have planned (the wedding/vacation and Kalila's new bed) will have to wait until either our laptop miraculously starts working again or we get the desktop back here and going. Don't worry, I won't forget about them. Lots of pics and stuff to share lol.

Now something I did forget about and had wanted to mention before. Cute Kalila story #3249 - Kalila taking out the trash. Yup... A few weeks ago Baba had gotten a small bag together and ready to go... The next morning Kalila saw it and carried it to him. We had somewhere to go, I don't really remember other than it was gonna wait until we got back. Just paper really, not a big deal. Well... We got back and she walked into our room (where she'd taken it to Baba), got the trash again and carried it out here saying byebye... So mommy here grabbed her other hand and walked her out to the trashcan. She was so cute... Taking out trash shouldn't be, but.. lol. Of course I'll have to remind her of how much she wanted to do it now when she's a teen and fighting it!

Speaking of chore type things... I figured out last night how to get some space in the kitchen while cooking, because normally she hangs there and screams for me to pick her up... is perfectly fine on her own until I start cooking, but the second I do... But yesterday... Yesterday I told her to grab a rag and wipe down the windows... and not only did it work, but she had a blast "cleaning" the living room windows while I cooked. It didn't last the whole time, but I did manage to get dinner ready a lot faster.

I'm gonna have to get a video soon... She's picked up "a b c" and says it all the time. Tries to get a bit farther sometimes, but it turns into a b c e d... LOL So cute! She recognizes the first 3 (and G oddly enough... that's from Sesame Street though) when asked which is which. I love it.

She's also gaining a ton of new words... Not all of them are coming out right, like brella for umbrella, mato for tomato and cado or hado (depending on the day) for avacado... But she's got down please (finally), and off the top of my head we've heard Tizzy (a mouse on tv), hooray, beach, Tia Sally (although not together... and she said that at the wedding for the first time, so was extra special), pepper (dr pepper... She doesn't get any but thinks she needs it), onion, and snake - complete with hissing when asked what it says. I knew that this would be happening soon, she's just about that age... but its still crazy to see/hear it.

Oh and the kisses... It started awhile back, but she's really into the kissing her booboo thing now. She doesn't say that, but she shows you where she's hurt and whines until you kiss it.

Speaking of whining... Now she is because she wants a cookie... Which we don't have lol.

Anyways... I promise I'll try and get the big posts sometime soon. Until then I may put up one or two on NHHMish stuff... I have some ideas for that and since they don't need pics or anything its easier to do. Which reminds me, sorry for no menu this week. Can't really do it on here... but we're doing easy stuff all week... I am planning to put up the mac & cheese recipe I made last night sometime though. Maybe I'll do that next. It was surprisingly good.