30 June, 2009

Tonights Conversation

Kalila - Baba an Mommy an Gido... Baba an Gido an Mommy an Baba an...

Mommy - No honey that's Baba with Gran and Gido.

Kalila - Mommy

Mommy - That's not mommy...

Mommy - There's a picture of Kalila... Can you say Kalila?

Kalila - Klia

Mommy - Kalila

Kalila - Klia

Kalila - (points) Girff

Mommy - Yes, that's a giraff

Kalila - Girff, grff, grff....

Kalila - (points to another banana bark) Person!

Mommy - (laughs) yes that's a person... Can you say Maasai?

Kalila - ROAR (her lion sound)

As Mommy doubles over laughing...

Ooo a Sale...

I wish I could make that a real link and all on here (and need to double check that I got the right address in a sec lol) but is the best I can do! Sorry about that.

I found that place... in college I think. Got the catelog for years... They randomly still send me one, but not consistantly. I always enjoy looking at it... wether I need anything or not (usually not... I haven't bought from them once but part of that was working at CtK when I did). I wish I did right now since they're having this sale... and in the few seconds I looked at it (going back lol) I did find a few books I wish I could get. They'll wait... but still.

Anyways, figured that I'd share... just in case anyone else is interested.

29 June, 2009

Keeping Buzy

Before I say anything really... The menu is done for the week... But I will put it up later tonight. Mostly because I need to rework it a little lol. I'm going to have so many beans after dinner that leftovers tomorrow alone are not going to do it. So we'll see how it changes & hopefully I can get that done asap.

Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud came over last night... Which as always was a lot of fun... but also meant the guys got going on the computer. Is not fixed... but they got it a little farther along than it was going before. So progress right?

If any of you w/ blogs see (or can see) that I've been by but haven't commented... I'm sorry. Its hit or miss on this thing. I just read a friends post a sec ago and got through a nice long comment before the code word wouldn't show. Is not the first time this has happened & it greatly annoys me. But oh well. I'll try to catch up.

Just talked to my sister earlier... and while this story is hers and not mine, I have to share because I'm still shaking my head over this. Her & her boyfriend hit a bear. Driving. Yes, you read that right. And thankfully yes she's ok.

Lately I've had a lot more time for projects... LOL... No not really but I have managed to get at least one done that I've wanted to for awhile. Baba took Kalila out last Thurs & I got our bookshelves organized. I wish I could share a pic... but obviously that won't work right now. I still have a few small adjustments to make on it... but they won't take long and can be done at any point...

Apologies if I've already mentioned this one... I don't think I have, but... I just don't remember. Anyways, last week I put up Kalila's high chair. I couldn't believe how much room that made us lol. All the sudden if feels like we have a ton more space. It was past time though... She refused to sit in it anymore (I kept trying though lol) and does good in the regular chairs. I am having to deal with the getting down and trying to walk around with her food thing... Something I don't want her doing. Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated.

I got invited to a friends wedding next April... Am very happy for him and his family... Was surprised to get such a long distance phone call... and invitation... though lol.

We discovered another side effect of the apt complex's stupidity. Those rocks I mentioned before... They've caused ants to invade! Multiple issues branching off of this. The craziest being catching my daughter eating ants! Blech... But beyond that... We're left with getting rid of them. Both my husband and our neighbor want to douse the place in poisons... which I'm sure I dont' need to express my opinions on that lol. (Do have to point out that at least Baba suggested looking into some Green ones) Beyond said opinions... It aint gonna work. All those "lovely" rocks are hiding the nests... Sure it will kill the ones it hits, just like the bleach the neighbor doused outside our front doors did last week... but they will come back. Babu mentioned some non poisonous thing that I'm not about to try to spell from memory, some word starting w/ d and then earth. We may look into it... but until then I tried the dry yeast mixed w/ sugar bait... which gets carried home and explodes all the little nasties (death by excess gas lol). So far I have seen them carrying it off... I also tried sprinkling mint and baking soda (two of many things that are supposed to do it) across our doorway... but they found their way around it anyway :-( Not happy about that. There are some other things, like cinnamon, that do the same & I'm considering those too lol. More seem to be going out to the bait than in & I keep cleaning the area w/ vinegar. So I'm hoping this all works. I am seeing less in here, so good sign? I'm just hoping no one does anything dumb and kills off the workers again before I can get the queen. I don't want to deal with this all summer...

Baba is talking about putting a planter nini out front on the balcony. I'm really hoping we can do it... Not sure exactly when it would be. We've got a lot of other things to get done first. Would be nice though!

I really feel for Mumble lately. Kalila has started tackeling her. She loves to give her hugs, but she does it a little too hard. She still gives kisses and headbutts (like cats give each other, Kalila does it to them and to us), but is trying to pick her up now too! And Mumble has (for the most part) stopped reacting. She runs from her usually... but instead of biting or scratching (which I'm glad she's not doing) she lays there and puts up with it... Sometimes she tries to wiggle away... Sometimes she gets as low as she can and lays there. I actually heard a growl earlier, but that's because little miss Kalila pulled her tail.

She doesn't do it to Kimosimi as much. She still pets him... but I guess she finally figured out he won't put up w/ it like Mumble will. I see her poking at him now and again though lol. An occasional tail pull... kisses and headbuts... but he doesnt' get picked up or crushed... I think he's grateful. Seriously... You can see it on his face lol.

Anyways, I need to get going... I've still got stuff to do before she wakes up from her nap and starts wreaking havok again. I love it but still... lol.

27 June, 2009

A Good Sign

I thought I had messed up today... Kalila eating all day long is nothing new (ok so really it just seems like she does) but I try to keep her from snacking right before meals... and if she's just really hungry I'll move it up a little instead. That doesnt' happen too often... But I'm sure you know where I'm going with this...

Today I started lunch... and realized that Kalila was still munching on apple slices.

Let me back up... I have no idea what was on the menu for today lol. I know I had salmon croquettes on there for one day... possibly today. Hadn't done them yet so when I saw a new salmon recipe I thought I'd give it a shot. Needs tweaking but... very easy to make and that's what I needed.

So I was making it... and Kalila was still going up and getting apple slices and I'm thinking she's gonna ruin her lunch... I get done, make her plate... and I swear this little girl...

She climbed up on her chair, told me thankyou when I put the plate in front of her. Ate her green beans first... and then almost all of the salmon. Asked for seconds of the green beans.. and then when she was done asked for another apple slice!

I feel kinda bad that there wasn't another side, and thinking about it pasta might have been good with it... But it had bread in it as well as eggs, onions & mushrooms... Gotta love recipes that pack everything into one. She ate well (as did I lol) so not gonna complain. Besides, if she ate that much after all that snacking... that's got to say something about the recipe lol. Definately one to do again (but like I said, gonna tweak a bit).

And I need to end this here because I've got way too much to do today than to stay online much longer lol.

26 June, 2009

How Much Detergent?

I've thought about posting this for awhile and figured now's a good time lol. Besides, I was just talking to my mom about it the other day.

How much laundry detergent do you use in the wash?

I don't know if its just me... well, no obviously its not because my mom said she'd been doing the same thing (I prob learned it from her)... but I used to always use the recommended amout on the bottle - to whatever line on the cap. No questions asked. The only time I'd do differently was if I was running low.

And then I started to cloth diaper.

In learning how they work and what I'd need to do in washing them I learned (among other things lol) that soap residue is really bad on diapers. Makes sense in more than one way. Absorbancy is the obvious one... but also imagine that against sensative baby bums... Anyways, because of this they tell you to use less soap... only about a quarter (or less) of what it says to... and then you still need to do at least one extra rinse cycle because it will still not all come out.

This brought a couple questions to my mind. One being if diapers, which we all know have all sorts of lovely things on them, will get clean with so much less soap... Why can't our other clothes? And secondly... if that little soap doesn't rinse out in one wash with them, does all that soap we were putting in come out of our other clothes?

So I tested it. I put in my reg amount... and started a new rinse cycle afterwards. When I opened it up part way... Full of soap still. Two full wash cycles later... still full of soap. Turn on the hot water (we wash in cold mostly)... still full of soap. I'm not even kidding. The only time I've seen more soap was when it accidently fell and drained a bottle in there earlier this year lol.

That alone bothers me... because we have 2 people with sensative skin & excema (granted Kalila's is much less severe than Baba's) and a third (me obviously) with mildly sensative skin. We already use a good mild soap, but the thought of it staying on our clothes just doesn't sound right.

So I cut down the amount to the same as I use with diapers. And it works. We still have clean clothes... more so even since there's no soap left lol. I don't like doing extra rinses if I don't have to so I add a little white vinegar to the rinse cycle... It helps get rid of extra soap and is also a softener and kills germs so multipurpose addition there.

Add that to our buying detergent in bulk last year (was the only way to get this particular kind at the time... is now at HEB go figure) and not only have we not had to buy any in a long time.. but we won't need to either. Which is a big benefit to figuring this out... but I still feel kinda silly about using so much before. Please tell me I'm not the only one! j/k

24 June, 2009

My New Project

As much as I try & make our food from scratch and everything, there are some things we don't. There prob always will be somethings we don't lol. That's ok...

But one of those things I've gone over in my head wether its worth the expense or not... In the end it would always win. HEB brand frozen Herb Roasted Drumsticks. You'll almost never see them on our menu, but we go through a LOT of them. They're a backup plan if a meal doesn't work out right or we can't do it for some odd reason. They're a snack (yes I'll randomly have a chicken leg as a snack... I'm weird that way). Recently we realized they're great for sending w/ Baba for work lunches (something I never plan for on the menu really, but we're working out a way to plan them out better). So they definately get eaten, and its not like we're buying this incredibly expensive meat... But still.

Well, like I mentioned a post or two back... I needed something quick to make last week (or the one before, I forget). I grabbed one of my cookbooks that I rarely use... Its called Feasts of Life by Fr Jim Vlaun and has some great Italian recipes... But... Most of the recipes call for things we just don't have lol. More a special meal type thing. So I'm not sure why I grabbed it... maybe because I was wanting to make something nice for Baba and hoping something would work. What I found was a recipe called "Oven Roasted Chicken Parts". I had all the ingredients... It doesn't even take an hour to cook (where my roasted quarter recipe takes 2 or so). Sounded great. What I didn't realize, and Baba pointed out, was that when you make it with drumsticks (which I did) its very similar to those frozen ones we buy.

Baba loved it too... Obviously or this post would not exist lol. So we started talking about maybe making them to freeze instead of buying the others. We figured we'd price chicken and stuff and see if its worth it. Today we went to Sams... and found out that we could make it for less than half we're paying for the frozen. So yeah... We bought chicken lol. Not going to lie and say its organic (neither is what we were getting of course) - although I certainly hope that is an option someday... But... (here's where I am happy) it is marked 100% natural and hormone free... So good compramise there too.

Will be a bit of work, but I'm not worried about fitting it in either. We've got a few things we're getting done now (Baba's days off) and then I figure I'll take care of the chicken one night after Kalila goes to bed. And... I'm looking forward to it too :-)

22 June, 2009

Menu Planning Gone Bad.. and Stuff

I'm not doing a real MPM this week. Sorry, but not only can't I link recipes to my menu, but I cant put up the MPM logo and link it to Org Junkies site... and I can't get mine on Mr. Linkie on her site. So sad... But I do need a menu! So very basic menu here at the bottom.

First random news from here.

The computer situation... Is coming along I suppose. Baba has the desktop... set up in our room. Our plan all along was to get that up and going... and then put my stuff all on that. He needs the laptop for school... and I need my info (specifically ms money, menu planning stuff and ovusoft) here at home and easy to get at. Having copies on the laptop is nice for when traveling (and we'll prob keep it that way) but we don't do that very often... Anyways, that was the plan. Laptop died... and put a rush on the desktop. So its up... but not running. Obviously. Baba did start working on it last night though... and Uncle Bud is back from his honeymoon (in Scotland - LUCKY) and going to help with it too. The other has to be fixed too, but unlike the desktop we don't know exactly what the prob is or how easy it will be to fix. Not cool... but we're dealing with it. Sometimes better than others lol.. but still. Very thankful for both this (wii) and the phones though... We may not be able to do everything, but enough (mostly... I've got to figure out how to pay the cps bill on here fast!) to get by.

I tried a new recipe for Fathers Day... a cake made with wheat flour... That turned out great! Well, the little bits I got from cutting it down were... (it'd bubbled up too high and needed a trim lol) We haven't managed to cut into the cake yet lol. Planning to tonight. I got that done Satuday while Kalila was with Gido... and then made a card later that night. She handed it to Baba when he walked in the door.. Was so cute!

Ok... Menus...

B - Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Turkey Bacon.
L - Leftovers
D - Isra's Lentil Recipe & Rice

B - Yogurt
L - Leftovers
D - Sandwiches

B - Fruit & Cereal
L - Roasted Chicken & Pasta
D - Leftovers or Sandwiches

B - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
L - Crockpot Tilapia - can't link but is on 365 blog!
D - Leftovers

B - Cereal
L - Beans & Rice
D - Pizza

B - Wheat Pancakes
L - Salmon Croquettes & Corn
D - Leftovers

B - Cereal
L - Family
D - Baba cooking tba

20 June, 2009

Random Cute

I posted too early the other day...

So a few days ago the Hillshire Farm meat commercial came on... They got to the end where they yell "Go Meat!" and make the arm motion... Kalila mimicked the arm thing and yelled "farm!"

Then... Yesterday... We decided to watch The Lion King. So the opening came on and she's yelling about the birdies and quacking... and then babbling at the other animals (apparently the elephants are yellow btw)... And then it freezes on Kilimanjaro (yes we have the new edition) and I pointed it out and told her its name... and she looks at me all bright eyed and said "maro". Ok not really close, but still.... heart melting... And then they showed the lions and she got all excited and pointed and said "lion!" and we got all happy all over again lol. Just too cute.

19 June, 2009

Oven Macaroni

I think I've already apologized for the lack of menu this week... but I'll say it again. It really stinks on my end too... I'm so used to having it. I know I could have just written one down... but w/ everything being flipped upside down this week it didn't happen at all. We've managed to have a pretty good food week dispite that though. Baba tried one of Gido's new recipes for a chicken salad thingie... and it turned out great. We ate off of it for 3 straight days and I didn't even mind that we did lol. I found a chicken recipe in a cookbook that deserves its own post sometime soon... We did have a couple helper meals, something I'd like t o get away from but Baba loves them and both were days that we needed something fast and it just happened to work for us. But... the one that I wanted to share was the macaroni I made a few days ago...

There's an oven baked macaroni recipe that I've wanted to try for awhile... but we didn't have the stuff to do it. So that was automatically out... but I did need to bake whatever I was gonna make because our pans were in the wash. So with the thought that I wanted mac and cheese w/ some kind of vegitables (I hadn't completely decided yet, but was thinking onion and tomato). That I could do easy... if it was on the stove top... In oven I had no clue how long, temps, etc. So I got on here and started looking recipes to see if I could find something close to what was in my head so I could use that as a guideline. I found this... (that will be a link asap I promise... if you google oven baked macaroni it was a recipezaar recipe though).

If I remember right it was the addition of tomato soup (not something we had mind you) that caught my attention. I was already thinking tomatoes and I got curious. As soon as I finished reading through it I had an idea in my head that I just had to try!

I used the 2 cups of macaroni that it called for and the 1/3 cup of water, but instead of a can of tomato soup I added a can of cream of chicken. I also threw in chopped onions and tomatoes (my brain just wouldn't let go of those two and I'm glad) and fresh garlic instead of the powder it calls for. I used a little less grated cheddar cheese (a cup instead of 1 1/2) but also threw in several broken up slices of muenster. Sprinkled the parsley on top as mentioned in the recipe. All of this was in my dutch oven btw. I think I may have added a little more water before that parsley... Anyways, baked at the temp and time mentioned on the recipe.... And it was great!

I have this thing about mac and cheese being creamy. I don't want to go back to velveeta (it tastes great that way & I grew up on it... but I want real cheese!) so I've been using american cheese slices (like Kraft, but we don't always get that brand) because I found it does the same thing. Still not quite what I want... but baby steps I guess lol. Anyways, I don't know if it was the combination of the cheese and the soup or what... but this dish was creamy... and neither cheddar or muenster do that normally. I loved it. I may play around with it a bit more. No... I know I will. But still one to do again!

17 June, 2009

Cranky Pants Day

I can just tell its gonna be one of those days today lol. Kalila's been throwing fits over everything... putting on diaper, getting dressed, not being allowed to play with the vac cord, said cord being twisted, me throwing away an apple core, taking away the toilet paper that she stole from the laundry room... On the other hand, she was exeptionally cute yesterday so maybe I should have expected it lol. Anyways, excuse any bragging I do today because I think I need to remind myself of all of this right now lol.

Obviously I'm still out a computer... am on the wii now. For some reason the txt message blogging works on my phone (just very obnoxiously) but the pic messaging part doesn't... So not using that agian unless I can figure that out. Which means the two big posts I have planned (the wedding/vacation and Kalila's new bed) will have to wait until either our laptop miraculously starts working again or we get the desktop back here and going. Don't worry, I won't forget about them. Lots of pics and stuff to share lol.

Now something I did forget about and had wanted to mention before. Cute Kalila story #3249 - Kalila taking out the trash. Yup... A few weeks ago Baba had gotten a small bag together and ready to go... The next morning Kalila saw it and carried it to him. We had somewhere to go, I don't really remember other than it was gonna wait until we got back. Just paper really, not a big deal. Well... We got back and she walked into our room (where she'd taken it to Baba), got the trash again and carried it out here saying byebye... So mommy here grabbed her other hand and walked her out to the trashcan. She was so cute... Taking out trash shouldn't be, but.. lol. Of course I'll have to remind her of how much she wanted to do it now when she's a teen and fighting it!

Speaking of chore type things... I figured out last night how to get some space in the kitchen while cooking, because normally she hangs there and screams for me to pick her up... is perfectly fine on her own until I start cooking, but the second I do... But yesterday... Yesterday I told her to grab a rag and wipe down the windows... and not only did it work, but she had a blast "cleaning" the living room windows while I cooked. It didn't last the whole time, but I did manage to get dinner ready a lot faster.

I'm gonna have to get a video soon... She's picked up "a b c" and says it all the time. Tries to get a bit farther sometimes, but it turns into a b c e d... LOL So cute! She recognizes the first 3 (and G oddly enough... that's from Sesame Street though) when asked which is which. I love it.

She's also gaining a ton of new words... Not all of them are coming out right, like brella for umbrella, mato for tomato and cado or hado (depending on the day) for avacado... But she's got down please (finally), and off the top of my head we've heard Tizzy (a mouse on tv), hooray, beach, Tia Sally (although not together... and she said that at the wedding for the first time, so was extra special), pepper (dr pepper... She doesn't get any but thinks she needs it), onion, and snake - complete with hissing when asked what it says. I knew that this would be happening soon, she's just about that age... but its still crazy to see/hear it.

Oh and the kisses... It started awhile back, but she's really into the kissing her booboo thing now. She doesn't say that, but she shows you where she's hurt and whines until you kiss it.

Speaking of whining... Now she is because she wants a cookie... Which we don't have lol.

Anyways... I promise I'll try and get the big posts sometime soon. Until then I may put up one or two on NHHMish stuff... I have some ideas for that and since they don't need pics or anything its easier to do. Which reminds me, sorry for no menu this week. Can't really do it on here... but we're doing easy stuff all week... I am planning to put up the mac & cheese recipe I made last night sometime though. Maybe I'll do that next. It was surprisingly good.

15 June, 2009

(2/3) thing ) but I'm not sure how it will look and stuff. I have several posts to write though so hopefully it'll work or something!

Just thought I'd explain

(3/3) just in case.

If its not one thing...

(1/3) Seriously... We got in from a wonderful trip just in time for the laptop to break. I'm able to post from my phone ( I love this

09 June, 2009

All Sorts of Fun

I can't remember the last time I did a stream... Hadn't really planned to soon, but I have too many things to post em all seperately and their gonna get lost if I don't soon... so here we go lol.


Last week? The week before? I don't really remember anymore lol... The joys of being sick and things going topsy turvey... But one of the Sunday's we ended up going to Dave & Busters for Uncle Bud's bday/bachelors party. I've only been there once before, but it was just as fun as I remembered it... even more so w/ Kalila around. She fell in love w/ ski ball lol. Needed a little help, but still... Before we had to go I found one of the games I'd done well w/ the other time and got us enough tickets (we had quite a few already, but not near enough for anything) to get her a stuffed toy... She picked out the A&M dog.... Baba was very proud of that lol.

Beyond the games.. Kalila really surprised me w/ the food. We got her some chicken and rice, always a good option for her since she loves rice. But she barely touched it... Instead she kept stealing bites of my chicken pesto pasta. I can't really blame her... it was really good. But I wasn't expecting her to do that.


I'm getting more and more annoyed with our apartments.

Problem 1.

They decided to finally fix the little "yard" areas... but instead of just cleaning them up and making them safe to go near they dug em up and threw rocks down instead. Seriously can you see the issues here?

My first thought was at least they were doing something...
And very quickly after that was that this could be very very bad. I could just see Kalila (or our neighbors daughter) getting hurt on them... Then... I talked to our neighbor about it and he brought up a couple of things I hadn't thought of and should have... The rocks are not small... What would happen if someone got ahold of them and decided to go after our cars.. or windows?

Those are all abstracts though... So what has happened since they put them in? Day 1 Kalila picked one up just as I bent over to look at something and smacked me in the jaw. Day 2 Kalila fell and scraped her knees.

Now I'm not surprised that we weren't asked, but the fact that we weren't even told about this (esp when we just renewed our lease and this would have been a big factor in possibly looking more seriously elsewhere) is annoying.

Problem 2

They are messing with the dirt outside the apartments.
It was hard enough to deal with before this "improvement"... There is no sidewalk there and we have to walk on it to get anywhere... and now its impossible to roll the stroller over. It keeps getting stuck.


I've mentioned we got sick right? It started with Kalila's surprise ear infection. As soon as she got on meds she started coughing and her nose running. A day or two later I had a horrible sinus headache and both of the above mentioned symptoms. It wiped me out for at least the better part of a week. Kalila had it just as long... finally started getting better w/ the last of her meds.


Between getting sick and everything else we hadn't been to Church in awhile... which just stinks. But we were just well enough to go this weekend. Apparently not well enough though...

Baba was directing so I was on my own w/ Kalila... which was fine until she decided she'd had enough. On the upside she made it the longest she has period w/out acting up (well minus a few random outbursts, like yelling yay after one of the songs lol). All the way through the homily!

Then the fits started... So we went outside to have a talk. And then back inside, then back out, then in, then out, then in, then out... At one point I was chasing her down as she tried to get in the fountain... again.

Right about the time people started going up for Communion I got her to go in quietly (to see Gido.. that got her) but she realized she'd been tricked and started screaming. I was hoping Baba would help, but the song wouldn't end... and we ended up leaving w/out receiving Communion. By the time I got outside I had had it. She got out of trouble though one of Baba's aunts was setting up the Folklife signup thing and Kalila ran straight over and climbed up beside her. Probably (more like definately) a good thing because I was way too mad to be disciplining her at that point.

Baba's directing again next week so I really hope we're feeling a lot better by then lol. Its a lot easier to deal with when I'm not feeling crappy...


Yesterday Baba needed to go down town to pick up a shirt for Tia Sally & Uncle Buds wedding... So we decided to go walk the river walk for awhile first. I got some cute pics that I just have to share.

We had to show Kalila the ducks.. and Baba noticed the baby before I did lol. I had to get a pic of it though...

And then I got one of Kalila...

Then had to get one of this guy

While we were doing that we saw this...

Yes lots of bird pics... but Kalila loves them.

It was a nice trip though. We all enjoyed it. Kalila ended up napping on the way to the clothing store and didn't wake up until we were a good ways back to the truck lol.


Got some cute pics the other night... Kalila has discovered the Game Boy


Completely random to anyone not here at this very moment.. but anyone have any cleaning up pee (or worse) tips?

I actually got to the point I considered using a gift card to buy the Little Green carpet cleaner... but despite being eco friendly its still buying chemicals to clean with and we're trying to stay away from that lol. So I'm being good and doing it by hand, but still uggh.


Baba's about to take the baby out for awhile... So grateful... I might get what I need to done lol. Does mean that I won't get this up until after I do because I still need to get the pics up... That's ok though!

Have to share a couple pics I got of her a sec ago before I end this....


Ok, so I didn't get back to this until late tonight lol. But I have good news... Our phones came in!

I'll write more about them later.


And I have a video to share...

A little background first... Kalila has been mimicing everything lately. Lots of new words. They're just spilling out... Church, window, many Sesame Street names (and I'd have a second video of that, but its having trouble uploading from the camera), Granny, she tried to say Grandpa too but it came out really funny lol, umbrella (well that was brella), so on and so forth... Like I said, lots of new things.

So we were saying our prayers tonight and I thought I'd give this a shot and see what she'd do... Here ya go!

08 June, 2009

MPM - 8 June - 14 June

Running a little late today... But I had the menu planned out early so that helped a bunch!


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Taco's
Dinner - Baba's Chicken & Rice Casserole
*2 Loaves of Wheat Bread need to be baked


Breakfast - Yogurt
Lunch - Tuna Loaf - see last weeks menu for link. This one got bumped from there.
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Boiled Eggs & Fruit
Lunch - 40 Clove Garlic Chicken
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Breakfast Sandwhiches
Lunch - Sandwiches

Dinner - Kibbe Naye


Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud's Wedding Day...


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Sandwiches


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - FOLKLIFE :-D
Dinner - FOLKLIFE :-D


Sunbutter sandwich
Deviled Eggs
Peanut Butter
String Cheese

06 June, 2009

Not Soon Enough

Some of you know... We decided on a bed finally. This one here:

But we needed to wait to order it.

This last week I caught her trying to climb out agian... Thankfully she hadn't since that first time. But I knew we needed to move up the purchase... and we got it ordered the other day.

Why am I mentioning it now?

Well... A few min ago I heard some fussing from her room. Figured I'd give it a few minutes and see if she went back to sleep... But then it sounded suspiciously closer... I opened the door to a little girl standing there asking for milk!

I really hope her bed gets here soon!

05 June, 2009

For the Birds

I've mentioned a bit about the Church I went to in Moshi in another post. I could probably write several... but I don't think I will lol. I do, however, have to share one particular story that happened there.

But first... A couple pictures and a bit of background.

Kristo Mfalme (Christ the King)

As you can see below, it's a pretty Church. I was able to go to one other in town, but this one was special to me. Partly because it was the first one I went to there, and spent much more time at... But also because the Church I grew up in back home was also Christ the King.

I wish I could share some more pics... I got some of the statues, Bishops chair, and even the outside too... but its a lot of work to scan these in lol. I may at a later point... but I really wanted to share this story, and its been sitting in my drafts too long!

Funny side note... At one point I decided that this was where I wanted to get married. Obviously I changed my mind... around the time I moved here lol. But I had this whole story (because I knew it wasn't likely LOL) of how I was going to fly everyone there for my wedding.

Anyways... The first year I went, two friends went to Mass w/ me... Generally switching Sundays. One other ended up going one Sunday that they couldn't (the one time I went to the afternoon Mass... and that was interesting in and of itself)... But still. 3 people out of 40 or so.

The next two trips we had much smaller groups... and made it that everyone would go w/ me at least once. Oddly enough, I don't remember how we worked out having more weeks than team members the second summer... but the last one I was dating Richard (fellow team-mate obviously) and he went w/ me most Sundays (take the trip and minus the days that the other 4 went and another that I went alone).

This was one of those Sundays. I think. It may have been the year before as he was there both years too.

I don't remember exactly when it happened. He might... (Feel free to comment if you do... or add anything I forget).

But at some point during the Mass we see a bird fly in... Not anything unusual as there's a lot of open spaces and doors and birds fly in and out pretty regularly.

But this bird was special.

It flew in... right up to the front of the Church.

First Mr. Bird hit here...

Then he bounced off and hit here...

And bouced off again...

Finally he lay on the floor.

Yes... We had a suicidal bird!

Oddly enough something strange happened w/ the birds one of those Sundays that Richard went... This was just the.. strangest lol.

04 June, 2009

Short & Sweet

Yes I'm procrastinating... but I have good reason (I think).

Due to various reasons I wanted the recipe filled blogs to be easier to get at... So I thought about it and decided to make a second blog list just for them. Kills two birds w/ one stone, they're accesable and I clean out the blog list some lol.

From there I decided to sort out my list a little more... Did I need to do it? No... but it does make it a lot easier to find different ones. So I'm happy with it!

03 June, 2009

Family Time

I've had this page up for hours while I've done random other things. Not sure why I haven't just done it already.

Anyways, Granny and Nana came to visit today. For those of you who don't know, Granny is my mom and Nana hers. We had a really nice visit... and one of my cousins who lives here in town (but I rarely see) came by at one point too.

I'm really glad they came... Its been too long. I feel bad about how
little we get to see my side of the family. But that could end up on a long post that I don't want to start right now lol.

I do, however, want to share some pics and a video from today!

02 June, 2009

Salmon Croquettes

I know I haven't posted many recipes... Isn't that I haven't wanted too, just time mostly... Plus I need to sit down and decide which I want to share... So I guess it was a good thing that someone asked for my Salmon Croquette recipe.

First let me say that this is a passed down recipe. I got it from Babu who got it from Memaw (my great grandmother). I know he made adjustments... and so have I. I've only made it a few times though, so I probably will end up making a few more along the way lol.

1 can salmon (pink brand is recommended but either way just make sure its Alaskan... Buying in bulk is not worth it if its not as safe)
3 large handfuls corn flakes (original recipe calls for Kelloggs, I use Barbara's Bakery Organic)
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
1 egg
about 1/8 cup corn meal (last time I subbed 1/3 cup white flour since we had none)
Optional - 1 or 2 tablespoons minced onion (I usually do this one)
Optional - 1 or 2 tablespoons minced celery

Drain salmon, reserving liquid. If desired remove bones (I always do... blech). Add remaining ingredients to flaked salmon. Mix well. Return liquid to salmon and mix well. Form croquettes (oblong ball) in palm of hand.

Original recipe calls for frying them in shortening or cooking oil until golden brown... If doing this, you'll need to heat oil before forming croquettes.

However.. I don't fry them. I tried one and things went very badly lol.

Babu's baking method calls for forming round 1/2 inch thick patties and baking in 400 degree oven on ungreased baking sheet until browned... which is almost what I do. I go ahead and form them the same way I would to fry and bake them like that with the same temps and stuff.


So yesterday we decided to take Kalila to the petstore to look at animals. For the most part a great decision. She loved looking at the birds, fish, turtles, etc... There weren't any puppies like we were hoping, but someone brought in this huge dog and she chased him around barking lol. Thankfully he was a good natured dog so it wasn't an issue lol.

But... We also stopped at looked at the kitties.

Would have been fine, we've done that before... but we all fell in love w/ a cat named Squee. Cute little brown tabby... Same age as Mumble... and bonded w/ Kalila. She stuck her finger in the hole (despite us telling her not too) and he sniffed her and gave her this look. So sweet. Heart just broke.

Can you imagine how hard it was for us to walk out of that store without him?

We managed it of course... but still sad. I tried to find a picture of him online... Did find one of the kitty above him... but not Squee. If I can find it I'll definately share. So cute...

01 June, 2009

MPM - 1 June - 7 June

Sorry about last week. I got started and just never finished. I'm having similar probs with this week but going to try and push myself through it. I just hope we can stick to it...


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Leftover Lebanese Food :-D
Dinner - Steak and Salad
*2 Loaves of Wheat Bread need to be baked


Breakfast - Yogurt
Lunch - Tanzanian Stew
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Boiled Eggs & Fruit
Lunch - Salmon Croquettes and Veggies (to be named later lol)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs and Avocado
Lunch - Lentil Stew w/ Butternut Squash

Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Tuna Loaf & Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Fried Eggs
Lunch - Baked Ziti (Wheat)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Leftovers


Sunbutter sandwich
Deviled Eggs
Peanut Butter
String Cheese