13 May, 2009


Gonna try to keep this short, mostly because I have several stand alone posts that I want to do soon. But I just had to share...

I have the computer back!!!

On top of that, Kalila has been adorable lately. Ok, so she's always adorable... but lately its just been beyond that. She's doing so much... From helping me put up her dirty diapers (that's gone on awhile now... months even, but now she does it w/out me asking her too), helping Baba unload dishes, telling me she wants to go night night, plopping her butt down in this half jump thing lol, telling me she's a good girl, playing peek a boo w/ the cats (like putting a blanket on Mumble and pulling off saying "pee a boo"), trying to learn her letters (she said ABC yesterday!), turning her light switch on and off, I could go on...

But I'll be nice and end this here. I'll try and get those posts up soon but so much to do here (part of what I'm writing about lol)