08 May, 2009


Apologies if I make little to no sense.... I'm not quite awake yet. Baba and I ended up watching a movie when he got home last night... which means we were up until about 3. Not a good idea w/ a little one who's getting up early no matter what.


Kalila is getting too tall for her own good... or mine.

The other day she walked into the restroom and got a pair of my earrings... and decided they're bracelets. Pics and video are coming soon on that one!

She also grabbed my deoderant last night... I chased her around while she pretended to put it on.

She can get at anything on the kitchen table now... no matter where you put it. A couple days ago she discovered that she could get saltine's on her own... The cute part was after a couple times I asked her to get me one too and she did! Brought it over to me and said "Thankyou Mama". So sweet!


Baba is officially done w/ finals. I felt bad for him the night before last... He stayed up all night studying. But its done, so that's good!


Last night Kalila covered Baba in stuffed animals and dolls when she woke up. It was so cute I had to get a pic... and when he moved them, she curled up w/ them and I had to get another lol.


Remember that TCOYF book I couln't justify paying $10 for even if that's a great price? I found it for $3 yesterday! I think it might have been an accident considering another copy was $8 and another was $13... and it was in good condition and everything. Not questioning that though... So yeah, I finally picked up a copy lol.

What aggrivated me though... I found a copy of Hypnobirthing there too... For $7... I looked for that book there for months! Finally go somewhere else... and granted I still got it on sale, but it was still more! Could I afford it? Yes. Would I rather pay less? Of course... Silly bookstore! Anyways, moral of this story... If you want the book (and you know who you are if this is aimed at you lol) - It's a the Half Priced over here...


Kalila has been into everything today... First she took the potty apart and stuck her hand in the holes that hold the seat on. Got stuck that way and screamed bloody murder. Then she closed herself in her room and emptied out a drawer and shelf... then got her arms stuck in the drawer...

And of course we just spent the last 30 min trying to get her to clean up the mess she made. We won, but just barely. Little thing is stubborn. At one point she saw me cross my arms and mimiced that... Was hard not to laugh...


Back to the potty issue... We're taking a small break. She was doing really good, but then just started fighting it.
I'm not sure if we're going to start up in a few days or wait a week or so... Of course the first day I put her in a diaper (yesterday) she told me she had to go and sat on the potty lol... Only for a few seconds though and I'm not going to push it.


She's also started climbing onto the bottom and middle shelves of the changing table. Thankfully she hasn't tried the top... But I saw her curl up on the middle one yesterday. Was kinda cute... I was surprised that she didn't need help getting off though.


And at this point I'm getting off... I'll put up those pics asap.


Lelo and Stitch said...

She is growing up... Hmmm... wonder where she gets the stubbornness from NOT! lol. I can't wait to see the pics.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL Hopefully I'll have em up soon

Mistika said...

Happy mothers day!