30 May, 2009

A Trip Downtown

A few weeks ago my FIL mentioned he wanted to take us to a street fair downtown... Sounded like a lot of fun and I knew Kalila would love it... but somehow I completely forgot! I ended up rushing to get ready this morning lol. Thankfully I didn't do too badly... the only thing I forgot were our house keys! Good thing he had an extra or we'd have been in serious trouble...

But yeah, we went down town and walked around for a couple hours.

Got free ice-cream.

Saw a cow. Yes Kalila absolutely loved that!

Saw an ice-less ice skating thing. That was just interesting...

Had hotdogs (thankfully they had beef) and snow cones. Yes that was in the right order, we had the ice cream first lol. No complaints about that! Is how it should be right? I did, however, remember why I don't like sweet snow cones... blech. Kalila got a few sips and liked it though!

Kalila picked out an outfit at one of the booths that I'm gonna have to get a picture of her in later. So cute... I kinda wish she'd picked something else, but I can see why she likes it. (note: there were serious tears when I put it in the washer tonight)

At one point we went to a gazebo and let her run around... She pestered some other kids lol... No, but it was fun.

And then she fed the pidgeons... Gido brought kix to feed them thinking she'd chase them around. Oh no, Kalila wanted to throw the food at them and did. She giggled over and over... It was soooo cute! I wish I'd had my camera! Finally at the end she did start chasing them a bit lol.

Like I just said, no camera with me... but we did get one shot of her w/ her Gido... We meant to take another since she was turned in it, but she was winding down and needed to get home and to bed. Here's the one we got though!

Anyways, we had a great day... It was really nice to get out. Was stinking hot lol... but still. I'm glad we got to go.


Susie of Arabia said...

I love street fairs. I used to go to the 4th Ave Street Fair in Tucson every year. So much fun. Glad you had a great time - and Kalila too!

babyyahyah said...

sounds fun

Steph said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! Next time -- more pictures! ;)