02 May, 2009

A Story From Baba

Unfortunately I missed this... but Baba told me a cute story this morning that I just had to share!

Apparently Kalila was watching TV and some song came on... At one point they said (or sang, I'm not quite sure) "Raise your arms up high" - and Kalila raised hers up! Then they said/sang "Put your arms down low" - and she put them down. Then "Put your arms to the side" - and she held them out! Then they said something about dancing and she started dancing along...

How cute is that? Seriously why wasn't I in the room? Its ok though, I'm glad Baba got to have one of those moments.


Lelo and Stitch said...

I am sure it was nice for him to enjoy one of those moments.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah... That's what I was thinking.