01 May, 2009


Awhile back I posted about HF vs CyclePRO...

I think I mentioned that my free HF subscription was coming to an end soon... if not, well, it is lol. The end of my trial is coming pretty soon actually... So I've been looking into what to do exactly, and there are 3 options. Find another free trial (most likely not even a whole cycle and not only do I have to input all my stuff agian, I'll get to do that over and over as I try something new). Subscribe to HF... Upside is all my stuff is in there and I'm used to using it. Downside is its not a one time payment. Third option is find a program w/ a one time cost, like CyclePRO. Baba likes option 3... and honestly so do I. And if you remember, I really wanted to try CyclePRO. My problem with it being... I can't try it out to see if I like it first. I've tried to ask others who've used it... and haven't found anyone. Slightly disconcerning.

In the middle of all that, someone reminded me of another program I'd dismissed because I signed up for a free trial earlier than I shoud have. Ovusoft only has a 15 day trial... and I learned the hard way that you need to have a real cycle (at least one, preferably have had a few more to add in) before trying it out. Because of that situation I remembered it as hard to use... and the pictures on their website make it look a little goofy to me (the colours... which oddly enough are not even the default colours for the program).

See.. Goofy looking colours. Note: I'm sure I don't have to say this but I will... This is the stock pic I mentioned above... Not my chart.

Anyways, since Ovusoft is connected to TCOYF... a book that is so highly recommended its not even funny... I decided to give it another chance. I downloaded the free trial by way of Baba (remember I never really got to try it) a few days ago. Yes, a bit earlier than my other trial ends... But this gives me a chance to compare and get used to the new program. Really see if it'll work before I lost all my info.

Its been a few days now... and I have to say that I really like this program so far!

First off, it really doesn't look as goofy as it does in that pic. The icons are the same (although you have a couple options for them) as is the temp style. The layout is switched... The temps are really on top. And of course, it doesn't do the pink and purple thing lol.... unless you put it that way that is.

Beyond that... While, like CyclePRO, its a program that's downloaded to your computer... They have message boards and everything on their website. So while you can email your CyclePRO chart to a friend, dr or whatever... You can get advice from a broader range of people on Ovusoft. Better yet, you can upload your chart to the message charts or the web gallery.

Speaking of... The web gallery. They have a place you can go and look at a number of charts... pretty much charting under any circumstance (breastfeeding, PCOS, TTC, TTA, after stopping BC, etc.) and even showing diff outcomes (pg, not pg, ectopic pg, miscarriage, girl or boy, triphasic charts, etc.) An important note, you do not have to be a member to view these charts (and yes that's a link above). So my suggestion would be to check out some of these before signing up for that free trial. They give you a good idea of what the program offers, and you can see exactly what the charts look like. A much better idea of them than that picture I added above.

As for using it... Its very easy to use. Mostly just point and click. It has all the same signs factored in that HF does (even the ferning thing... which supposedly few programs include). CM symptoms aren't broken up the same way they are in HF (probably the only thing I don't like), but the way Ovusoft records them isn't any harder. And I love the way the chart shows CM and cervical symptoms. So much easier to read...

So it looks like I found my software lol. Before I go though, one more link. While I was looking up info, I found another post written about the program by Natural Birth and Baby Care. It focusses on the programs sucess w/ TTC without mentioning TTA at all... but it gives a very good (and detailed) description of how it works.


Christy said...

I am really impressed with how informed you are about this stuff. Until I read your blog, I didn't even know programs like this existed.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks... I had help though. They gave out NFP pamphlets at my Church in college. So I knew the basic idea then. Moved here and worked at a Catholic bookstore w/ a section on it... Bought my first NFP book there. After Kalila was born I used some of my postpartum time researching more partly because I knew I needed to try a diff method and partly because I was already getting grief on using it instead of birth control. Throw in moms recommending that book on Cafemom lol.. and there ya go.

Sheila Kippley said...

You can also go to and download free charts on the home page. Any chart can be scanned and placed in documents for future reference or scanned to a counselor for review of the interpretation. A free 156-page manual which covers Church teaching, all the fertility signs, and eco-breastfeeding are available here. The chapter on "Witness" is worth reading. Sheila Kippley, volunteer for NFP International

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks... but I do not want to go back to paper charting. They get lost much easier. Daughter thinks every paper is something to draw on. Cats think its a toy. Scanning something into my computer would be more trouble than its worth (in that case I could run it down to the councelor... friends would be out, but still). Plus it doesn't have the same kind of support.

I thought I had that site already linked to my NFP links... if not I really need to, so thanks for bringing it back to my attention. Besides... As much as I dislike paper charting, I might want to reread those other things you mentioned. Has been awhile.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL Apparently I do have it linked. Far right hand side, right at the top. I'll chalk my not remembering that up to being entirely too tired this morning!

Lisa said...

I love Ovusoft. I also tried Fertility Friend for a while, but I find FF's graphics unappealing and the temperatures are put further apart so the charts look rockier, which in turn makes them harder to read, imo.

Ovusoft all the way :-)