23 May, 2009

Now... Now I Remember...

I've been on prenatal vitamins for about 9 years now. No, that's not a typo... Its really been 9 years lol. I've tried several diff brands now... and thought I'd throw out a few things I've learned. Along w/ a funny story or two of course.

9 years ago I obviously wasn't pregnant... I was a freshman in college and had just found out that I'm hypoglycemic. I was told that they would help w/ energy and stuff. So I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a pack of these.

This is where the funny story comes in.

For one reason or another that I'm not really sure of (I think we were just both busy at the time) I didn't have a chance to explain them to my room-mate at the time. I meant too, but it kept getting put off. I didn't hide them though. I put them up on our shelf along with my other stuff...

Well for about a week... every time I went to get them I noticed they were turned around with the label hidden facing the wall. Every day for about a week I turned them back around. After awhile my friends and I were joking about it... It was just random and odd...

About a week or so later she was in the room doing something, I was doing something else and not thinking about it... and a friend of hers came in. Almost immediately she (the friend) looked over and saw them... imagine shock and exclamations here... as she asked if I was pregnant. I don't remember exact wording... if she asked me specifically or not... But I do remember her eyes were huge. It was stinking halarious. Of course I explained.. and saw my roomie give a huge sigh of relief... LOL

But yeah.. I took those for years. And very quickly I learned something... They don't just make pregnant women sick. I don't remember who, possibly my cousin Las, but someone suggested taking them at night... a trick pg women use when they're having a hard time with them. It worked! They were still gross, but I could handle taking them as long as it was at night...

A few years down the road Las was pregnant again and her midwife recommended a particular brand of vitamins. She told me how great they were and told me to look into them.

I did and while they did look good... They're not cheap. So I decided that someday in the future I would switch to them when I was pregnant.

I continued using the first brand... despite the fact that around this time I stopped eating pork... and pork products... which are in them. I looked for other brands with out it, but couldn't find any. I didn't know the second brand didn't have it... but wouldn't have mattered at that point anyway.

Skip forward to Kalila.

Like I'd planned before, I switched brands. And while my brain knew that they were better than the others... my stomach just couldn't handle them! I fought to make myself take them... and finally gave up and went back to the Wal-Mart brand.

Now skip forward to a few months ago.

While on CafeMom (lol) the subject came up in a group I'm in... Another mom looking for pork-less ones. Someone suggested Wal-Greens... I had never thought to look there! We have one in walking distance... so I took my happy butt down there and found these.

Yup. And about the same price as the first... So its not like they are rediculously priced either. I was very happy. I was also happy to find that they don't make me nearly as sick or taste as bad. All good things.

But... I also started learning exactly why the middle brand is so much better. It's a whole food product, which means your body processes it better/faster/more efficiently. It's vegetarian.. which is not a big deal to me, but does reassure me that there's no pig involved lol.

I started thinkng that I might want to try it again... maybe while I'm not pregnant to see how my body would handle it. And you know what? SunHarvest had them on sale last week! Just when I was running out of the Wal-Greens ones.

So we got them...

First off... I did not realize they were 3 a day. I thought they were 1. Granted that's not as bad as a few other brands that are 4 a day lol. But still... I want something I take once... at night.

And second... They are just as nasty tasting as I remembered... No... they are worse tasting than I remembered.

If anyone asks I will still recommend them as being great vitamins, because they are... and I will throw in that they were the only ones that didn't make my cousin sick... but I'm not hiding how nasty they were to me either lol.

Uggh. I have no idea how I'm going to make it through the next month with these things... esp since its not just the one pill. As bad as last night was, this morning... Uggh.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

First off, I am just curious as to why you are recommended a prenatal when not pregnant and not just a multi? Just curious. You probably have a reason and do know your body best, go figure right?

Second, our homeopathic pharmacy just tried to sell me theirs with no fillers. Yeah, only $2 a DAY!! Effer.

Seriously I would LOVE to get the all natural, more easy to absorb with no filler vitamins, but right now I just don't feel like that is in the budget. Ugh.

I know how it is though. I mostly buy Costco and they have worked for me. But now with all of my tummy issues I am starting to rethink things I am putting in my body and I was told Costco might have fillers like ....lead?

Sheesh. The joys of being a trusting consumer.

Mama Kalila said...

Well, I talked to my dad about it after it was recommended and he told me that it is actually the best thing to take pregnant or not. And after more research found out that if you plan kids at any point in the future you should be taking them anyway. So I didn't fight it lol.

Wow that's double the price of these and I think these are rediculously priced lol. Last time I had such a high recomendation that we budgeted it.. this time we only did because they were on sale. Honestly I'm not seeing them as worth it lol. Going back to Wal-Greens when they run out.

And yes, a lot of vitamins... prenatal or not.. have lead in them. I saw a huge list that just had me scratching my head and wanting to bang it into something hard... includes childrens vitamins!!!! How is that even right?