15 May, 2009

Giving A Future Post Away...

I had planned to post about the changes in Kalila's room next... but... Yeah, I have to put some pics and video's up... which were taken in her room lol... So you're getting a sneak preview of a future post!

Yesterday Kalila decided to sit on this toy of hers... Its part of a set that connects and makes a race-track type thing. It angles like a slide... which is I guess what she thought it was because she sat on it and said "weeee".

Had some friends come over yesterday... Was really nice. And just found out they are going to Mass at our Church on Sunday so that'll be cool too.

Speaking of the visit... found out I did something very goofy. I made one of them a rosary quite awhile back... a pretty nice one too. Well somehow... one decade is missing a bead! Oops.. I feel bad now! Note to self: double/triple/quadrupal checking future rosaries lol.

I read the funniest thing yesterday. This thing was talking about how certain conditions can cause your body to produce low levels of hgc... causing a false positive on a pregnancy test. Makes sense.. Wouldn't question it... Except two of these conditions were testicular tumors and prostate cancer! Please someone... Tell me why anyone with either of those conditions would be taking a pregnancy test!?!

We decided to go to the park today... Didn't stay long because we didn't leave early enough (my fault). Was way too hot when we got back. Kalila crashed afterwards... but it was a lot of fun! We ended up going to the pool later too, but just for a few minutes cause she changed her mind about that. I guess its just not as fun w/out Baba.

Kalila finally picked up a word we'd rather her not... Honestly I'm not sure if it was suck or something that sounds a lot like it. She pulled the stroller on top of her head, when I pulled it off of her she got this angry face, flung her arm and yelled it out... Yeah as I felt about \\ big.

That 20-40 garlic chicken recipe I made yesterday... I seriously recommend it. So good....

Kalila has decided she (finally) likes her sunglasses. She wore them all the way to the park earlier... and plays peekaboo with them too lol.

We've known for awhile that mushrooms are not her favourite thing... She's pretty consistant at picking them out. Is kinda odd to us since we both love em... one of those things that shows she definately has her own mind... but the other day she cracked me up. She pointed to one and said "Kaka"... So hard not to laugh... I got her to try a small piece though!

I am so sleepy.. I may not last much longer on here lol. I've got to finish some laundry though... fun fun

Onto some pics...

Wearing a robe she got for Christmas I think...

Lets see if I can get this thing on!

And video's...

This one is short, sorry... The battery died. But... I love her little chattering at the beginning.

Too cute. I just love her "good girl"

Last one I promise... Is cute too.. but I'm biased right? Btw.. I think its in this one (if not sorry) the comment about what are they doing or whatever... that was the neighbors... Its like there's a herd of elephants upstairs. Anytime they're home you can hear them banging around... I'm surprised the camera didn't pick it up!


Mistika said...

Oh she is adorable.!
I love the videos!

Mama Kalila said...

thanks :-)

Steph said...

First of all ... I love her! Too cute.

Second, I'm making the Garlic Chicken tonight because you said it was good. :) If the kids don't eat, I'm holding you responsible. ;) J/K of course ... My kids chose not to eat at random times -- no way to predict that.

And I'm going to laugh at the bad word thing. I've been pretty good about not letting them hear me say things, so it's not happened here yet, but I know that the day is coming.

Mama Kalila said...

:-D Thanks!

I def recommend the chicken. Its great... For the record though, Kalila would not eat it... but like you said, no way to tell when that's gonna happen lol. She doesn't pull it often but its always the randomest things.

Part of me is laughing and part isn't... yesterday she said crap and it was pretty clear. So mad at myself...

Steph said...

Well, the kids picked at it ... so that's pretty good for something new. Kairi did say it was tasty several times. :) Chris wants us to do it again with potatoes and carrots in the cp. I think that that'll turn out well.