30 May, 2009

A Trip Downtown

A few weeks ago my FIL mentioned he wanted to take us to a street fair downtown... Sounded like a lot of fun and I knew Kalila would love it... but somehow I completely forgot! I ended up rushing to get ready this morning lol. Thankfully I didn't do too badly... the only thing I forgot were our house keys! Good thing he had an extra or we'd have been in serious trouble...

But yeah, we went down town and walked around for a couple hours.

Got free ice-cream.

Saw a cow. Yes Kalila absolutely loved that!

Saw an ice-less ice skating thing. That was just interesting...

Had hotdogs (thankfully they had beef) and snow cones. Yes that was in the right order, we had the ice cream first lol. No complaints about that! Is how it should be right? I did, however, remember why I don't like sweet snow cones... blech. Kalila got a few sips and liked it though!

Kalila picked out an outfit at one of the booths that I'm gonna have to get a picture of her in later. So cute... I kinda wish she'd picked something else, but I can see why she likes it. (note: there were serious tears when I put it in the washer tonight)

At one point we went to a gazebo and let her run around... She pestered some other kids lol... No, but it was fun.

And then she fed the pidgeons... Gido brought kix to feed them thinking she'd chase them around. Oh no, Kalila wanted to throw the food at them and did. She giggled over and over... It was soooo cute! I wish I'd had my camera! Finally at the end she did start chasing them a bit lol.

Like I just said, no camera with me... but we did get one shot of her w/ her Gido... We meant to take another since she was turned in it, but she was winding down and needed to get home and to bed. Here's the one we got though!

Anyways, we had a great day... It was really nice to get out. Was stinking hot lol... but still. I'm glad we got to go.

29 May, 2009


I think I've already mentioned Kalila picking up a few new words that we aren't too happy about...

A couple of them I will take credit for... I feel horrid about it, but I know its my fault. I'm trying not to cuss in front of her, I really am. And she's been good about not repeating them again.

One... I only mention because it sounds bad and someone else mentioned it on twitter w/ their kid the other day... but Kalila has the exact same problem saying clock. She leaves out the l and we have the hardest time not laughing. We haven't... instead we reiterate the correct way of saying it... but for some reason she loves the word and says it over and over...

But... today she said something new that once agian I am not happy about... and I have no clue where she learned it!

Kalila called me stupid!

Seriously... She got mad at me... Glared at me, complete with furrowing her brow, pointed her little finger... and said "Stupid!"

My jaw about hit the ground... Now I know she doesn't really know what it means and didn't mean it (at least I hope not lol) but... ouch!

We had the little talk again.. about not saying stupid this time lol. I'm hoping she does as well with this one as she has the other 2.

28 May, 2009


Kalila is into everything...

Poor Mumble has had to learn patience...

First having diapers put on her...

Then being forced to play mother (or wet-nurse) to two stuffed animals.

Getting poked repeatedly...

Every once in awhile Kalila plays nice though.

On the other hand, Kalila is trying to help out more...

I don't have a picture of her unloading the dishwasher, wiping down the table, or throwing away trash... and you've already seen the sweeping pics... But here's a few of her putting her diapers away.

I didn't realize the drawer was closed so walked in to find this...

After helping her out with the drawer...

Mumble is not the only one who gets diapers though. I've caught her trying to put one on a teddy bear too... And more often she just tries to put them together for who knows what.

She's also turned into a little cookie monster...

As well as a cheese monster, but I have no pics of that... She loves her cheese though. Even steals feta and blue cheese from me!

And apparently (as I gag all over again just thinking about this) putting food away for later. Her description when she found it just cracks me up though... So fitting. I'm glad I had the video running.

She's doing really good with taking her medicine both times so far... Told me that it's yummy.

I need to get a video of this because it happens so often.. but she gets on to the cats. Scratch on our couch? No no no (complete with waving her finger). Fighting kitties? No no no... Climb in a cabinet? No no no. And my personal favourite (which I just heard) is when she tells them to stop!

She climbs on everything... I just caught her on the umbrella stroller (standing up backwards) and the other day I caught her standing on the big ball. No pictures because I'm trying to end those lol.

She's letting me know when its time for bed now... and likes to play "night night"... Which apparently is a game where she lays down, puts a blanket over herself (or whatever else, us or toys, that she's playing with) and says night night.

We have to hide our wallets now too... because Kalila just knows that she needs them and what's inside. Seriously I caught her pulling a couple dollars out of mine and when I got it from her she smiled and said "money". Keeping it in the diaper bag doesn't work either because she's a pro at the zipper now.

Speaking of... She now has a bag of popcorn Baba put in there yesterday... and just crawled up here to point at it and say yummy... only to go back and sit on the floor with it and refuse to bring it to me... She's trying to get inside... Just a sec!

Back to sleep... She's now sleeping with this monkey that was Baba's when he was little. He is so happy about that. This was supposed to be a pic of Kalila, but she moved and you can see it in her crib.

Kalila loves to jump... and tries to do it on the couch.

She also loves to kick... and we're lucky if its aimed at a ball and not us or a cat.

And she just has to have all of our toys.

The computer... Has been broken twice now. First it was a shift key... and now the v. I finally figured out how to use the key without it being there lol... until we get it fixed anyway, but was still pretty aggrivating.

She'll run around with the camera saying picture picture.

The wii.. Oh good grief, if her trying to play with the wiimotes wasn't bad enough... She's fallen in love with the balance board!

And of course she still loves the phones.

And I can't blame anyone but myself for any of those...

Speaking of her mimicking me though... LOL Baba and I got a real kick out of this one... The other day she grabbed a piece of sausage at the store, turned it over, and was looking at the nutrition facts!

I could go on... and I wish I had more pics to share... but I don't so I won't lol. Good timing too since I think its diaper duty for me lol.

27 May, 2009

Such a Tough Little Thing...

Kalila had her checkup today...

First off she had everyone smiling in the waiting room. Was running around playing and looking at this little 6 month old baby... Shoving magazine's in a little boys face, telling him to read... Climbing on the chairs... Fell off the little bench by the toys, bonked her head... Did her normal get up and rub it and go straight back to what she was doing despite all the adults freaking out over it. When she got called back she told everyone byebye... over and over... We left to the sound of everyone laughing.

She got weighed and everything before she saw the dr, like always. She is now 22 lbs 10 oz... which the dr was very happy with. She said she likes to see a 1/2 lb a month... and this was 1/2 lb more than that. She's also 33 1/2 inches tall... a whole inch taller than at her last visit. Honestly we thought she would be taller than that... she just seems like she's grown so much lol. She's still in the 80th percentile or so on it though. I don't remember the exact head measurement... but it has gone up. Last time she was in the 5th percentile (yes my daughter has a small head lol) and this time it was in the 9th.

Beyond that...

Her checkup went very well. Dr said everything looks good... other than the fact that she's got an ear infection! Yeah... no symptoms at all... No fever or anything.. but she's got a pretty good infection going in one of them. So we're picking up a prescription soon (and I need to pull out the milk too). Beyond that she was happy with everything... Said she was right on schedule w/ everything mentioned above... and ahead on developement. Kalila showed off, told her thankyou and that she did it (lol), climbed on a chair and even "read" a book in front of her...

On our end she asked if we have turned her around in the carseat yet... When we said no she asked about our seat to make sure it meets the requirements for that... It does lol... I made sure of that before we got it. Honestly it made me happy she did that. I'm not really surprised though because she commented that it was better we stay that way at our last visit. One of many things I like about our pedi.

She asked if we were still BF too and how often... laughed about Kalila's opposing the night weaning thing... and agreed when I said we weren't worried about it and would try again in a bit. That was one thing I had worried about, because the little papers the clinic gives out tells you to night wean abruptly at 9 months (when we weren't about to) so is nice to know she's more supportive than that... Honestly I'm ready for the nights to end (lol as Baba told me that he woke me up to feed her last night & I told them no. I did it... but was asleep the whole time! I don't remember it at all), so I'm thinking about trying again soon. We'll see...

Sorry getting off topic here...

We got through with that part and waited for the nurse to come back. I was a little worried when she had me hold Kalila down on the thing to give the shot. I would much rather do it in my lap like we used too... but Kalila whined a little bit (I think at me holding her arms because that's when she started) and that was it. Didn't cry at all. We were all impressed... it was the Dtap... which includes tetnus... and we all know how much that one hurts! Anyways, she picked at her bandaid a little afterwards... looked a little grumpy... and then got over it! My big girl... (or Baba's rather... I think that's where she gets it).

Afterwards we went next door to Subway (yeah.. I know.. but we were all hungry). I mention it only because Kalila did the cutest thing... She pulled her sandwhich (roast beef and swiss w/ veggies on the honey oat bread) apart... and used the tomatoes to make her own tomato sandwhich! Put one down, added onions, black olives, a little meat and cheese and then the other tomato on top... then ate it! So cute... Then she put it all back on the bread and tried to stick the whole thing in her mouth... Then when we left she refused to give up what bread was left, so she carried that out lol.

And now we're home and she's napping... So I need to get to work!

25 May, 2009

To Laugh or Cry?

I normally don't bring up a lot of poo issues on here. Is not a topic I think yall want to hear about... or that Kalila would probably want me talking about... but yesterday was one of those days that I do just have to mention.

In other words warning, if you're squeamish, prudish, eating, don't like hearing about poo, etc.. you might want to move along...

Backing up... I could tell several stories from this week alone (well, last week at this point)... but I'm going to be nice and not do that. Lets just say that she must have eaten something that disagreed with her, and she's had a bout of diarrhea. Yes, gross... Moving along now.

So yesterday... We got home from eating lunch with Gido and I wasn't feeling so well. Nothing majorly wrong, but I was in pain and not wanting to move from the couch. Kalila needed to be changed and put down for a nap though, so I asked Baba to bring me a diaper while I stripped her bottom half down. Well... apparently he didn't want to move either, so he tried to get Kalila to bring it to him.

Can she do that? Yes. Did she? No...

Part of me was a little worried about her running around this way because of before mentioned other stories that I'm not getting into... but at the same time air is good for little bottoms. I didn't push it. Esp since I felt really crappy...

Well a few minutes later I see her walking up with a wipe... a very dirty wipe. Honestly I figured she got into the diaper pail... Baba thought the same thing. We got onto her, got it away and her hands washed.

But I kept smelling poo...

Seriously it was like a diaper was sitting right under my nose. Was making me a little sick at my stomach...

I sent Baba to look for it... I got Kalila. Checked her bottom - clean. Checked her legs - clean. Baba couldn't find anything... But it still smelled. Baba grabs Kalila and looks agian. Bottom - clean. Legs - clean. Feet - and there it was! So he got her cleaned up again..

We knew we had a mess somewhere... So he goes off to look for it again... and found it this time (I think he was looking in her room the first time is how it got missed). She'd gone over by the living room window.

Now... if that was the end of the story I wouldn't have mentioned it... But its not.

Our daughter, without telling us, tried to clean up her mess! She got wipes and tissue... cleaned her butt and probably her legs (because there's no way that only got on her feet) and tried to clean the floor! There were several dirty wipes sitting on top of it, and some was bunched up in a tissue...

I seriously didn't know whether to be proud or to cry over the mess I had to clean up lol.

24 May, 2009

Not Cool... Not Cool At All...

I'm not sure if I've told the story about when I was mugged... and I don't really want to get into it now other than it's left some issues that came up again tonight.

Short version for those of you who don't know, I was mugged... in the summer of 01 so that's 8 years ago now?

Beyond the obvious fallout from that, the hardest part to deal with I don't have to worry about anymore. At least I haven't in about 4 years, and am not sure if and when I will again. That is making it past the spot that it happened in... which was a few feet from the hostel we were staying in... which is in Tanzania and very very far away from me now. Don't get me wrong, I did it.. every day for the rest of that trip... and again for two more summers... and I'd gladly do it again if we ever go back. Is not likely we'd stay in the same place though if we did so moot point lol. But its still hard...

But the main issue its really left me with didn't stay there... and that's walking at night. For awhile walking by myself during the day did too, but I managed to get past that a long time ago... It's still worse if I'm by myself (at night...) but does happen w/ others around sometimes too.

I remember going to a choir practice not long after I moved here... I thought I would be ok, but it got dark faster than expected and I completely flipped out. I was bawling and shaking and everything by the time I got to the Church. Walking home from work wasn't easy either... I'd be a wreck by the time I got home most nights...

I'm not sure why I didn't expect it... but the whole truck being broken into brought all the old feelings from that back. All the sudden I'm dealing with all of that all over again... I don't really walk at night anymore (partly the baby, partly no reason and partly because it does bother me so much), but the other things I had gotten past. The trip to the park Thursday... I was nervous the whole way there and then kept freaking out that someone would get the diaperbag. Stupid... but still.

And then tonight...

We decided to go for a walk... which turned into about a 5 mile walk... Didn't realize how late it was when we left... We made it where we were going long before it got dark, but you could tell it would soon before we headed back. I didn't think about it though. Maybe its because Baba was there... I don't know.

But we started back... and it got dark... and I started having a panic attack. Fought it... fought it pretty well... but still.

And because someone has a sense of humour...

Halfway through that we passed an area with lots of deisel around... and all the sudden I smelled Afrika. Especially since there was still moisture in the air and things mixed just perfectly. Normally something that makes me smile... and I will admit that I enjoyed it tonight too... but it didn't help the whole creepy feeling I had...

And then... Baba pointed out a snake. A black baby snake.... That I nearly stepped on. We stopped and watched it go... and I told Baba the story (probably again) of the baby black mamba... at that point I didn't know wether I wanted to laugh or cry...

Obviously we made it home ok. Very very tired... but ok. I'm still shaky though. I know it prob would have happened even if Monday hadn't... but still...

Anyways, I'm going to go schedule a post for tomorrow about something completely diff that I have to share and then I'm off to bed lol.

23 May, 2009

Now... Now I Remember...

I've been on prenatal vitamins for about 9 years now. No, that's not a typo... Its really been 9 years lol. I've tried several diff brands now... and thought I'd throw out a few things I've learned. Along w/ a funny story or two of course.

9 years ago I obviously wasn't pregnant... I was a freshman in college and had just found out that I'm hypoglycemic. I was told that they would help w/ energy and stuff. So I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a pack of these.

This is where the funny story comes in.

For one reason or another that I'm not really sure of (I think we were just both busy at the time) I didn't have a chance to explain them to my room-mate at the time. I meant too, but it kept getting put off. I didn't hide them though. I put them up on our shelf along with my other stuff...

Well for about a week... every time I went to get them I noticed they were turned around with the label hidden facing the wall. Every day for about a week I turned them back around. After awhile my friends and I were joking about it... It was just random and odd...

About a week or so later she was in the room doing something, I was doing something else and not thinking about it... and a friend of hers came in. Almost immediately she (the friend) looked over and saw them... imagine shock and exclamations here... as she asked if I was pregnant. I don't remember exact wording... if she asked me specifically or not... But I do remember her eyes were huge. It was stinking halarious. Of course I explained.. and saw my roomie give a huge sigh of relief... LOL

But yeah.. I took those for years. And very quickly I learned something... They don't just make pregnant women sick. I don't remember who, possibly my cousin Las, but someone suggested taking them at night... a trick pg women use when they're having a hard time with them. It worked! They were still gross, but I could handle taking them as long as it was at night...

A few years down the road Las was pregnant again and her midwife recommended a particular brand of vitamins. She told me how great they were and told me to look into them.

I did and while they did look good... They're not cheap. So I decided that someday in the future I would switch to them when I was pregnant.

I continued using the first brand... despite the fact that around this time I stopped eating pork... and pork products... which are in them. I looked for other brands with out it, but couldn't find any. I didn't know the second brand didn't have it... but wouldn't have mattered at that point anyway.

Skip forward to Kalila.

Like I'd planned before, I switched brands. And while my brain knew that they were better than the others... my stomach just couldn't handle them! I fought to make myself take them... and finally gave up and went back to the Wal-Mart brand.

Now skip forward to a few months ago.

While on CafeMom (lol) the subject came up in a group I'm in... Another mom looking for pork-less ones. Someone suggested Wal-Greens... I had never thought to look there! We have one in walking distance... so I took my happy butt down there and found these.

Yup. And about the same price as the first... So its not like they are rediculously priced either. I was very happy. I was also happy to find that they don't make me nearly as sick or taste as bad. All good things.

But... I also started learning exactly why the middle brand is so much better. It's a whole food product, which means your body processes it better/faster/more efficiently. It's vegetarian.. which is not a big deal to me, but does reassure me that there's no pig involved lol.

I started thinkng that I might want to try it again... maybe while I'm not pregnant to see how my body would handle it. And you know what? SunHarvest had them on sale last week! Just when I was running out of the Wal-Greens ones.

So we got them...

First off... I did not realize they were 3 a day. I thought they were 1. Granted that's not as bad as a few other brands that are 4 a day lol. But still... I want something I take once... at night.

And second... They are just as nasty tasting as I remembered... No... they are worse tasting than I remembered.

If anyone asks I will still recommend them as being great vitamins, because they are... and I will throw in that they were the only ones that didn't make my cousin sick... but I'm not hiding how nasty they were to me either lol.

Uggh. I have no idea how I'm going to make it through the next month with these things... esp since its not just the one pill. As bad as last night was, this morning... Uggh.

22 May, 2009

Silly Mumble

We came home to find Mumble in the fire place the other day...

So yeah, she had to have a bath lol... Apparently she is a bit camera shy... She never fights me this much (lol like this was even that bad). I was a bit taken aback when I watched this because at one point I called her a silly cat and it sounds on here like I called her stupid... which not only didn't I do... but I wouldn't either. Odd... And yes, I talk to my cats... lol.

21 May, 2009

Too Much

Seriously there is just too much to say.... So for now I'm sticking to some of the pictures (and video's) I've taken recently.

She just loves this little skirt... so hard to get a good pic of her in it though!

I hadn't mentioned it on here yet, but last week Kalila climbed out of her crib... Well.. a couple days ago she tried to climb back in! Of course I had to get a pic lol.

A couple shots w/ Baba... So cute!

Kalila's been putting her toys in her stroller lately... and putting blankets over them (where-ever they are) to put them to "night night". Here she did both!

Last night... LOL She woke up for a drink and woke up a little too well. I knew Baba was coming home soon (and she really wanted to see him) so I let her stay up even though I knew I prob shouldn't. Long story short though, she got down and grabbed the broom... I got a few pics and a video too!

I'm off for now.. I should have a Mumbleish post up soon though... cute story to share lol.

18 May, 2009

MPM - 18 May - 24 May

Eh... Not enough energy to put much into this today...


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Roast w/ Carrots & Potatoes and Roasted Corn
*2 Loaves of Wheat Bread need to be baked


Breakfast - Yogurt
Lunch - Chicken & Dumplings and Peas
Dinner - Dora Spaghetti O's (Kalila insisted on buying them lol)


Breakfast - Boiled Eggs & Fruit
Lunch - Meatloaf & Green Beans
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Scrambled Egg & Avocado Burrito's
Lunch - Khligh & Potatoes (CB - Africa Cookbook)

Dinner - Tuna Melt's and Mixed Veggies


Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Tanzanian Meat Stew
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Fried Eggs
Lunch - Baked Ziti (Wheat)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Leftovers


Sunbutter sandwich
Deviled Eggs
Peanut Butter
String Cheese

The Day From Hell

Gonna try and keep this short...

But earlier we needed to run to Wal-Mart. Had meant to last night, but ran out of time... Kalila was in melt down mode and we needed to get home. Thought we do it early today, get it out of the way and enjoy our day.

So we get in... We got most of what we needed (forgot a few things, but moot point now... I really don't care). And started to check out.

Here's the first problem. One of the ladies that worked there started tailing us, acting like we were going to steal from them. Hovered over us at the self checkout and was really obvious. Annoying yes but we ignored it... until at the end. We'd sat Kalila down and she was playing w/ the candy (gum really) while we bagged stuff. I had an eye on her the whole time... but when she started making a mess, I left the bags to Baba to do... and went to clean everything up. The lady comes up w/ her arms flying and making a big deal about how the baby couldn't sit there. Ok, fine... why didn't you say something at first? Stand there and wait until its obvious I have ahold of her and try to stop me from cleaning up the gum? What sense does that make?

So we were not happy as we left.

Got outside... and find that someone broke into our truck!!!!!!!!!!!! Locks are broken, stuff (cd player, 3 cases of cd's, bookbag, my phone, a speeding ticket lol, registration papers, lunch box, and I forget what all else) stolen. Its over 90 out and we're waiting 30 min... longer htan that... for the police to come. Finally get there and still had to wait around forever to get that all straightened out.

Its finally done, we're home... Stopped across the street at Sprint to get my phone turned off first though. Now we've got several other calls to make. So frusterated though... been through about every emotion imaginable today...

Obviously I've got work to do, so I'm off!

Edit - someone just reminded me. Yes, it was on video... We parked right in front of the camera thankfully. So it was all on htere, description of guy, make and model.. but no liscense number... So we'll see what happens.

16 May, 2009

Not Quite No Poo

Don't worry... This post has nothing to do w/ potty training lol.

At some point on CafeMom I started seeing mom's talk about the whole "No Poo" thing... I was rather confused at first... but basically its going without shampoo. Apparently there are other ways to wash your hair that are supposed to be better for you, your hair and the environment.

I'll be perfectly honest and say this is not for me...

My hair is nasty if washed w/ water alone (if it gets wet at all I have to wash it)... and while I understand that this could be due to all the damage done to it... but on the other hand Kalila's hair doesn't do much better and hers hasn't been around long enough to build up to that. So yeah no.

Baking soda is an interesting enough concept that I did try it... It does work, although it feels weird while you're doing it. Its still out for me because I typically shower (instead of bath) and while I know we should be cutting out water waste... If I turn off the water I freeze. Makes it hard to use... Besides... I use a ton of baking soda around here anyway lol.

So no "no poo" for me lol. I'm not heartbroken over it or anything... I rather like washing my hair!

So why am I writing this?

I'd briefly considered making our shampoo before, but not seriously until I started noticing that we're having some shampoo issues... More Baba than me, but still. None of the ones he usually uses is doing the trick anymore... and mine is starting to actup too.

Knowing TTO would help I did look into store bought ones... but prices on those are rediculous... So it really is a better idea for me to just make it. At least for us...

Got online and found this site here: All Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipes

I am very much looking forward to trying out one of these...
All of the recipes look very easy. I like the idea of knowing exactly what's in there... Not wasting bottles and bottles and bottles lol... Maybe saving a little money... Besides - if it works/helps then its worth it anyway.

The only reason I haven't yet... well a few. We wanted to wait until we were closer to running out. We also need to buy liquid castille soap... which brings the main issue... I'm having trouble finding any that doesn't have stuff already in it. Resorting to looking online...

So hopefully I'll get to do this soon.

15 May, 2009

Giving A Future Post Away...

I had planned to post about the changes in Kalila's room next... but... Yeah, I have to put some pics and video's up... which were taken in her room lol... So you're getting a sneak preview of a future post!

Yesterday Kalila decided to sit on this toy of hers... Its part of a set that connects and makes a race-track type thing. It angles like a slide... which is I guess what she thought it was because she sat on it and said "weeee".

Had some friends come over yesterday... Was really nice. And just found out they are going to Mass at our Church on Sunday so that'll be cool too.

Speaking of the visit... found out I did something very goofy. I made one of them a rosary quite awhile back... a pretty nice one too. Well somehow... one decade is missing a bead! Oops.. I feel bad now! Note to self: double/triple/quadrupal checking future rosaries lol.

I read the funniest thing yesterday. This thing was talking about how certain conditions can cause your body to produce low levels of hgc... causing a false positive on a pregnancy test. Makes sense.. Wouldn't question it... Except two of these conditions were testicular tumors and prostate cancer! Please someone... Tell me why anyone with either of those conditions would be taking a pregnancy test!?!

We decided to go to the park today... Didn't stay long because we didn't leave early enough (my fault). Was way too hot when we got back. Kalila crashed afterwards... but it was a lot of fun! We ended up going to the pool later too, but just for a few minutes cause she changed her mind about that. I guess its just not as fun w/out Baba.

Kalila finally picked up a word we'd rather her not... Honestly I'm not sure if it was suck or something that sounds a lot like it. She pulled the stroller on top of her head, when I pulled it off of her she got this angry face, flung her arm and yelled it out... Yeah as I felt about \\ big.

That 20-40 garlic chicken recipe I made yesterday... I seriously recommend it. So good....

Kalila has decided she (finally) likes her sunglasses. She wore them all the way to the park earlier... and plays peekaboo with them too lol.

We've known for awhile that mushrooms are not her favourite thing... She's pretty consistant at picking them out. Is kinda odd to us since we both love em... one of those things that shows she definately has her own mind... but the other day she cracked me up. She pointed to one and said "Kaka"... So hard not to laugh... I got her to try a small piece though!

I am so sleepy.. I may not last much longer on here lol. I've got to finish some laundry though... fun fun

Onto some pics...

Wearing a robe she got for Christmas I think...

Lets see if I can get this thing on!

And video's...

This one is short, sorry... The battery died. But... I love her little chattering at the beginning.

Too cute. I just love her "good girl"

Last one I promise... Is cute too.. but I'm biased right? Btw.. I think its in this one (if not sorry) the comment about what are they doing or whatever... that was the neighbors... Its like there's a herd of elephants upstairs. Anytime they're home you can hear them banging around... I'm surprised the camera didn't pick it up!

13 May, 2009

Toddler Beds

Yes, that time is coming... Sooner than I am probably ready for lol. Long story short... Kalila has been doing 3 things lately.

1. Laying down random places and saying "Night Night"
2. Pointing to either one of us sleeping, the cats sleeping, or her dolls on floor and saying "night night".
3. Waking up multiple times at night, will fall asleep on our bed, but as soon as we put her back in the crib the screaming starts again...

Yesterday it hit us... We were in here, she walked in the bedroom (ours), climbed up on the bed, laid down, and said loudly "night night". I told Baba that maybe its time to consider what toddler bed to get... and he brought up #3 up there and said that he thinks that might be the reason. Is it? I don't know for sure... but it could be.

So we're looking at toddler beds.

Before I continue... Let me share what she has now... Using stock photos because I don't have a good pic of her room right now, and don't have the second set just yet. Both are WalMart btw...

Nursery Theme

New bedding

Cute right?

Ok, back to toddler beds.

These first two are not options.

I fell in love w/ this one... Is from Wal-Mart btw... Is absolutely adorable! I would have loved to have that one... but it wouldn't match her bedding she has now, or the bedding her Aunt Leslie gave her for Christmas (but we don't have yet lol). Plus... its overly girlie... Fine for Kalila... but eventually this toddler bed will be passed on.

Then there's this one (from Toys R Us). Kalila would love it. It would go w/ that second set of bedding... but not the first. And what happens if she decides she doesn't like Elmo anymore... or if the next doesn't or whatever. Like the first bed, it sticks us w/ one particular theme. Cute? Yes.. Practical? No...

So what are we leaning towards?

Well, there are 3 beds from Wal-Mart... they all have great reviews. All are for a good price. Just not sure yet... The first two here are my favourites btw...

This one just looks cute to me. Downside is it does look a little girlie too. I know part of that is because of the ugly pink sheets lol. But still, the design on the head and foot boards is a bit too. Still... cute!

The sleigh part on this could be girlie... but somehow it doesn't hit me that way. I like how it looks too... but I saw a bad review on a similar bed.

I include this one because it's the same price and good reviews too... but its just not calling to me lol. For one thing it seems kinda boyish. Maybe its the bedding.. I don't know.

Anyways, that's where we're at right now. We'll see... Opinions? (as I need to send this to Baba... he's seen one of these, but not the others lol.. and I definately want his opinions on here too)


Gonna try to keep this short, mostly because I have several stand alone posts that I want to do soon. But I just had to share...

I have the computer back!!!

On top of that, Kalila has been adorable lately. Ok, so she's always adorable... but lately its just been beyond that. She's doing so much... From helping me put up her dirty diapers (that's gone on awhile now... months even, but now she does it w/out me asking her too), helping Baba unload dishes, telling me she wants to go night night, plopping her butt down in this half jump thing lol, telling me she's a good girl, playing peek a boo w/ the cats (like putting a blanket on Mumble and pulling off saying "pee a boo"), trying to learn her letters (she said ABC yesterday!), turning her light switch on and off, I could go on...

But I'll be nice and end this here. I'll try and get those posts up soon but so much to do here (part of what I'm writing about lol)

11 May, 2009


It really stinks not having a comp as often... but I promise I'll try and be better about uploading pics. I have some from my phone that I wanted to share...

The other night she got all excited about bedtime lol.

Cute pj pic

Dress from Granny... Kalila was too interested in going byebye to take a good pic lol.

Look at those pigtails! (Older pic)

Now on to the ones I promised...

Kalila and the "bracelets" (ear-rings)

Baba & toys

Kalila ready to go mimi's

Random cute bedtime pic

And that's all I have right now. Kalila's been going through a phase that doesn't work so well w/ taking pics (and everyone w/ toddlers knows exactly whch one I'm referring too lol) so I don't have nearly as many as normal. Good timing too since lunch is ready!

MPM - 11 May - 17 May

If you can't tell I went off of the menu quite a bit last week... mostly because I was being lazy and didn't feel like doing anything big. Plus we weren't able to get the garlic I needed for another... I threw things together (that really worked) instead. So I'm repeating the ones I really wanted to make. Determined.


Breakfast - Baba's Eggs
Lunch - Stove-top Rice Casserole w/ Green Beans & Corn
Dinner - Steak and Potatoes
*2 Loaves of Wheat Bread need to be baked


Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Hamburger Helper
Dinner - Mac & Cheese w/ Spinach


Breakfast - Boiled Eggs & Fruit
Lunch - Meatloaf & Green Beans
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Scrambled Egg & Avocado Burrito's
Lunch -
20 to 40 Clove Chicken
Dinner - Leftovers & Stove-top Pasta Casserole


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Tanzanian Meat Stew
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Fried Eggs
Lunch - Baked Ziti (Wheat)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Zanzibar Pizza


Sunbutter sandwich
Deviled Eggs
Peanut Butter
String Cheese