27 April, 2009

What A Day...

We really did have a great day today.

Good food.
Kalila had a blast running around w/ other kids at Church.
Then again w/ her cousins at a Bday party.

I'm exhausted... but still.

I wish I had pics...
Kalila was climbing stairs like you wouldn't believe.
Covered herself in cake.

Now we're back home..

Kalila's sound asleep
I'm reading a good book
We're watching a movie

I love it.


Steph said...

Awww ... I love those days. :)

I hope you have many more!

Mistika said...

Oh I want pictures!!!
I am glad it was a nice day

Mama Kalila said...

Steph - Me too and thanks

Mistika - I wish I had some. We got a couple on my phone of Kalila in her new dress from Granny, but they aren't very good and not the ones I wish I took.