16 April, 2009

Wal-Mart Trip Part One - The Toy Edition

We had to take a trip to Wal-Mart today... and was inspired to do two posts. Here's the first one!

I'll admit it... I love toys. And as you can imagine (if you know me very well lol) I can't help but be drawn towards the eco-friendly ones... especially lately with all the recalls and everything. But... We don't buy them (although I think next time I want to on teething toys just to be safe). And I have several very valid reasons that we don't...

1. We just don't buy toys very often. Christmas, Birthday... maybe one here or there, but we avoid even stepping in the section as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, she has plenty of toys... and I'll get back to that in a minute lol.

2. They're stinking expensive! I managed to find my cousins kids some for Christmas at SunHarvest that weren't so bad... but none were anywhere near Kalila's age group. Its worse online too... I keep seeing the cutest things, but... not happening.

3. This one ties into the first reason. She gets toys from everyone. Not just at holidays, but there's random little ones throughout the year... like when Ammo Trevor wins her stuffed animals in the machine. Obviously I'm not going to tell people to get her eco-friendly stuff... I think the only time I'd actually say something about a toy is if its wildly inappropriate (like a certain doll that isn't sold anymore but wore thongs among other things) and I just can't see anyone who knows us doing that lol... hasn't happened yet anyway.

Plus there's the hand-me-downs. Gotta love em... and technically they do fit into the eco-friendly category because they're being "recycled"... So yeah... I don't feel too bad about getting the plastic toys and stuff, even when we get new ones, because I know they'll be reused... whether its by one of our future kids or someone elses. Which reminds me, I need to find time to go through toys and see about passing some along lol.

Granted it does mean I have to keep on top of recalls and all that "fun stuff" just to make sure she doesn't have anything bad... but I'd be doing that anyway.

Anyways, today was one of the few days that we decided to look at buying her a new toy. Basically the little miss has been stacking anything and everything she can get her hands on... coasters, diapers, boxes of hamburger helper... She has some clippos that she loves, but they don't stack well. And Leggos... but they're too old for her still (we learned that the hard way). So we decided to look at the blocks.

I seriously didn't think we were going to find any... or at least didn't think we'd find them for the price we did. Under $10 for a thing of 100 blocks. Eco-friendly and included an organic cloth bag. I'm still amazed.

And here you can see, in both pictures and video (if you're reading from facebook, I'll add the video asap), exactly what she thought of her new toy.


ilka said...

omg...that video is soooo cute! i like when she falls to the floor at the end.