15 April, 2009

Rash Creams

I haven't talked about the whole rash issue in awhile... not because we haven't dealt with it lately, but because I just haven't thought about it.

We've finally (finally) moved past the days of food caused rashes (not going into detail here because Baba and I disagree on the cause of that lol) and moved onto a whole new type. Now our problem is a combination of Kalila gearing up to potty train and not being ready too. She holds it all, goes all at once... and during the day, while its a mess lol, its not that bad. But at night... she won't let us know. So we fight to rid one rash... get it almost gone and the cycle starts all over again.

Anyway, at this point... between food reactions and yeast and this.. We've tried quite a few things to treat em. So I thought I would share some of what we've learned. Granted it really doesn't mean a whole lot since babies are babies... and babies are different lol. What worked for us may not work for you. Still...

If you read my old NHHM blog way back... you may remember this post. I'd just stopped using Bag Balm and switched to Northern Essence.

Looking through the post a second ago I realized that I didn't share something important... mostly because I didn't know it at the time. Yes, Bag Balm works wonders at treating and preventing diaper rash. However... because its not made specifically for humans its not regulated the same way. This means pesticides. Pesticides against sensitive baby skin. I do not recommend this! I don't blame those who recommended it to me... because they didn't know either lol... and it does work. We pass that stuff along.

However, a major ingredient in the stuff is lansolin... So you could try a lansolin based product (like Lanisnoh... made for mommies and completely safe) and see if it has the same effect. We haven't tried this though since lansolin coats cloth and would cause serious absorbancy problems lol.

As for the Northern Essense stuff... I really do miss that one. The store we bought it from stopped selling it... and then closed. The kind we had was made with Tea Tree Oil and really did work wonders. It wasn't enough to treat a yeast rash alone (back to that later) but good prevention and good to use every other change when she had one of those.

Breaking past that post lol... As I meantioned, we dealt a lot w/ yeast rashes. You can get prescribed some fancy creams... but our dr was nice and told us to just go the cheap route. Lotramin. Yes, the foot cream. It works wonders. But if you want to go a more natural route, you can also rub in (unflavoured) yogurt on the bum... or put the aciphodophilus (sp?) powder in his or her diaper.

We also tried Grandma El's Organic Rash Cream. Eh... Honestly I don't think its all that great. Its a good barrier. Good for protection. But doesn't do much if there's a bad rash. And Baba hates the smell. Upside is its safe for cloth diapers.

Avalon brand... another organic kind. Is made w beeswax among other things. That one scared me pretty good... After a change the wax makes it look like peeling skin. I thought something was wrong. Couldn't get past that.. and we haven't used it since lol.

Desitin... We used that before cloth. I mention it because I broke it out the other day out of despiration. I hate what's in it... I hate the way it makes her butt look... and its not the best, but it does work.

Balmex. We also used before cloth. We had a much smaller nini of it than Desitin and was very sad to see it go. It worked wonders. Once agian I don't care for what's in it though.

Oddly enough... Mary Kay Extra Emolient Night Cream... I was told about it at a party for a friends wedding... Said friend surprised us w/ a tub a few days ago and in one application of it I have to say I'm amazed. Unfortunately it has to be used w/ a liner since its not cloth friendly either (I'm assuming anyway)... but still. Side note, its also supposed to be great for excema. Reason #2 we wanted some.

And if we're talking diaper rash, I can't leave w/out mentioning a few other treatments/preventions beyond creams and such.

Breastmilk. Seriously... the stuff heals anything... including diaper rash. Rub it on, let dry, add diaper.

Airing out... Yes it can be a mess... but air (and sunlight) is the best treatment for diaper rash. Lately we've resorted to this a lot. Upside is fewer diapers to wash. Downside... more carpets to wash lol.

Vinegar and Baking soda... but not together lol. Either one can be added to bathwater. I also add vinegar to our wipe solution. I'm considering adding Tea Tree Oil next time instead, but we'll see.

Cloth diapers... Got to put in a plug here.. They are actually better for baby bums... fewer rashes and such. Granted this is not always the case (as you can tell) but I can just imagine how bad Kalila's would be if we didn't have her in them!

Now I'm sure I'm forgetting something... So feel free to add in more rashy tips... or your experiences w/ any of the above or whatever you wish to add lol.


Steph said...

We use Lansinoh's cream. I bought the flushable liners and use them anytime I have to put it on Alex. That stuff is amazing -- nothing heals Kairi better.

When we were fighting Kairi's rashes, our dr had us make a mixture of:
Milk of Magnesium or Maalox
Zinc Oxide

Since these are all things we keep in the house, when I run out of our Lansinoh cream I mix this together. And recently I've been adding lanolin to it which has definitely helped.

I never thought of doing the Extra Emollient Night Cream! Duh -- I have a ton of that (since I sell it and all). LOL But I will testify that it is amazing with eczema. Both mine and Alex's are much better when using it.

Mama Kalila said...

I forgot all about lanisnoh's cream... I've seen it, but haven't tried it. I've heard of the maalox thing too.. not something we keep around though.

I feel like I try everything w/ Kalila's.. I know I don't (obviously I don't) but there's days that one change uses one thing and another a whole new one.. I keep trying until I find what works for the particular rash. I feel so bad for her...

And yeah, I heard it works on eczema... Baba has that and I'm hoping he'll try it on his.