22 April, 2009

Random Unrelated Events That Made Up My Day...

Today must have been the day for mail. Seriously... 3 packages all came on one day... The first came early this morning and completely surprised us... Kalila's new training pants! They were supposed to take several days to get here... and came before the one that we had free second day delivery on! Early afternoon brought the diaper cover we ordered along with them (second day)... and late afternoon brought the package from Granny (clothes for baby and my bday present).

And since I mentioned the training pants... I have to share. We got her Potty Patty's. I could tell as soon as I saw them that I made a good choice. Just like the reviews showed, they seem to be better quality than Gerbers... definately not water proof, but still. And we found that to be true very quickly. I put them on Kalila and not too much longer she peed... If she'd had on pants they'd have been wet, no doubt about that. I could see they were wet. But nothing else was! No puddle on the floor or anything. Since I've been cleaning those up for days ("we've" been in panties)... it was a nice change lol.

We were going to walk down to HEB today... They had a deal where you bring in 5 plastic bags and get a reusable one free. It didn't happen... too hot, I barely made it down to WalGreens. Shame on me... But... It brings up another thing I wanted to mention.

Before I got married (and after for a good while) I walked just about everywhere. We started joking at one point about how many whistles, honks, etc. I would get on my way to a given place... I didn't (don't) really get that, but ok... I got a couple while (very) pregnant too.. which hit me as halarious... But none in quite awhile. I can't say that I miss it though.

Well today we were walking. I was pushing Kalila along (too far for her to walk still)... Wearing a tank top and worn yoga pants. My hair's brushed... but still looks like crap. Its hot, I'm tired and I really don't care... So we're walking... and some guy makes kissing noises at me through his window! ???????????

A fly got in our apartment today. I'm not sure how... and it wouldn't be such a big deal... but it drove the cats insane! First Kimosimi. I saw him pouncing the window... not just the bottom, but pretty high up. Then he's leaping through the air. Running through the house. At one point he nearly got it... and tried to eat it. Then Mumble starts in... Finally they just stopped and stared at it. They're still acting funny... That fly will not last long... thankfully.

Now I need to get back to what I was doing... needed to sit for a min lol.


Lelo and Stitch said...

hmmm... whistles... makes me think of a certain walk to a certain orphanage where a certain person made a comment about chickens and what not :-D lol.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL as I'm now gonna have to share that particular story... and maybe the fallout from that as well!

Christy said...

Men are such weirdos. Who makes passes at a woman pushing her baby in a stroller?

And yay for packages! I always get excited when a box arrives!

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