27 April, 2009

Random Cuteness and Other Stuff

I forgot to mention it yesterday... but cute story #30285

At the Bday party yesterday one of Kalila's cousins put this toy they were playing w/ in his mouth... and Kalila took it out... with her mouth! It was really cute...


I love SunHarvest. We just got a discount (granted a very small one) because we use cloth bags!


I actually found a book (at SunHarvest once again) that deals w/ diet and hypoglycemia... isn't for that alone, but does have a section on it. We didn't (and won't) get it. But I did glance through it.


Kalila is starting to name her stuffed toys.

The lion that she used to sleep w/ when we first started allowing that got picked up again the other day. She's sleeping w/ it again... and it's been dubbed LyeLye.

And today she started calling the stuffed ostrich "Kiki".


Apparently Baba's Coco Puffs (that we haven't put up yet, having a short break first) go in the potty. Kalila's trying to help us out by unloading stuff. She picked up the huge thing of baking soda too. We're impressed.


I know I haven't put up my menu yet... I'm having trouble w/ it this week. Will do so asap. Hopefully tonight. I've got to figure out a way to rework it... and honestly dreading it. For that matter I need to start my food journal to see if what all I need to avoid besides the obvious.

Which directly leads me to... What was my dr thinking before? I go through this horrible set of tests, being poked over and over to find out I have this condition... and all I'm told is to eat more and take prenatal vitamins. Granted when I looked online about the condition at the time there was hardly anything there either... and there's not much more now. But there's a lot of diet information to control it... some are conflicting but still. A start right? Even if I'm not looking forward to it at all. Not a bit.


Well.. time to get off of here I suppose. Groc to put away... Stuff to do. Etc. Etc.


babyyahyah said...

she sounds really cute.

Lelo and Stitch said...

:-) so adorable... I know i say that a lot but its true.

Christy said...

She names her toys? How cute! Porgie doesn't even do that, and she is almost three.

Mama Kalila said...

Baby Yahyah - Thanks!

Abby - :-) Yup.. and Thanks lol.

Christy - I really wasn't expecting her too either.. Out of the blue and I love it.