02 April, 2009

Not What I had In Mind, But...

When I added organic to the poll... Well, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. I didn't really have a set idea, but knew I wanted to write on the topic at some point. I thought maybe I could write about the Dirty Dozen or something like that (I need to make sure I haven't already though lol). What I didn't expect to write about... was chocolate.

Here is where I back up, tell a story, and thank a friend.

Back in college I used to work in the Caf. Not the most pleasant job in the world, but definately not the worst either! Believe me I have learned that since... lol. Anyways, one night after closing we were wiping down tables while the news was on. Pretty much a typical night... But the reason I remember this night is because they had a story on about slavery in the chocolate business. There was video footage and everything. It was horrible. Pretty much brought all of (who were there) to tears. I remember them mentioning Nestle by name, and thought Hershies was in there too (but its been years now). Anyways, I remember saying I wasn't going to buy those brands again. And for a long time managed it... and even lately neither are bought often.

Well skipping ahead... The other day a friend mentioned how she's giving up chocolate because of this. Among other things this prompted me to go back and look into it again. I wanted to make sure the brands that I remembered were correct and all of that. They were... but unfortunately (what they didn't have on that night) so are a few others that we do buy more regularly. Granted, they aren't given as bad of a rating... but still. One thing that did make me smile is that on every list I found... a brand of chocolate that I fell in love w/ soon after moving here is at the top of the good list. Endangered Species... The one that donates money...

If you're curious how it falls out, here's a good chart... but there are several more if you use google with all sorts of information on the sub.

But basically what I found was that if you don't want to give money to companies that get there stuff from slavery you have to go one of two ways. Fair Trade and/or Organic.

So one more reason to go organic!