03 April, 2009

The Mumble Update

I promised them.. and here they are.

This was not the day she came home after taking the bandage off. It wasn't the day after either. It was the third day... So between her insesant grooming that first day and the bath I gave her the next night (she stank) she looks a lot better than she did when Baba brought her in.

She's still hopping around... but she's lowering her leg more. So obviously has a way to go... but still. We're very thankful.

Oh and I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it before, but Baba talked to them about her peeing on clothes thing (she's good about the floors, but has been going on any clothes she can find... bad enough when someone forgets to put up dirty clothes... but freshly laundered clothes that I hadn't finished putting up yet had me pretty upset). Apparently it's either stress or a form of protest at going into the vet so often. They said it should stop in a week or two... and if not to bring her in for some meds. Good news is I haven't noticed it in the past two days... So hopefully!