29 April, 2009

Love Hate Relationship

I'll apologize ahead of time... I can't really format this correctly because I'm on my wii. Not what this is about anyway.


The first kind I ever made was tortillas... and sopapillas too of course. Not too long ago I tried making arabic bread. That one made Baba very happy lol... and I wish I could make it more often, but its a lot of work and Kalila just has to be asleep or out for it to work. And of course they disappear almost immediately...

Anyways, I'm getting off subject. Point being, those were really the only experiences I've had making bread... but lately I decided to try something new again. I'm going to start making our loaf bread. Mostly because 99% of bread (and 100% of the cheap brands) has HFCS in it. Annoys the living daylights out of me... Not even gonna get started on that subject. Anyways... I'm going to make our bread...

And tonight is my first try. I'm making Baba's white bread first... Partly because his bread ran out first lol... but also because the white flour is already opened. Big scientific reason for picking which one to do right? ;-)

So far its going good... (although I think I'm going to post later about the particular recipe... is interesting) but I realized something while I was kneading the dough.

I love making bread of whatever kind... I knew that. There's something theraputic about it. But at the same time... I HATE the way it feels! Seriously. So gross... If there was something that would keep it from gooing to my hands I would so pay for that. Well, maybe not... but I would consider it lol.