17 April, 2009


I will never forget getting my first package of cloth diapers at one of my baby showers. As most of you remember this was during a time when I swore up and down that I would NOT use cloth. I didn't mind getting those Gerber prefolds though because they make good burp cloths... and the friend that gave them to us mentioned that at the time, joking that she didn't expect us to use them as diapers. When I got home I showed them to Baba and he said something about how maybe we could use them at home to save a little money... I nodded thinking yeah right. Definately didn't believe I'd be using them in 6 months or so while I waited for better quality ones to come in the mail.

If I've mentioned that all before I apologize... The reason I'm bringing that up is I wanted to talk a little more about those Gerber diapers.

The two weeks we used them exclusively... I didn't really mind them. I didn't know any different lol. We had a lot of diaper changes at that point, but already I saw a huge decrease in blowouts (from 4 a day to none) so I wasn't complaining...

But when our Indian Prefolds came in... I couldn't imagine using the Gerbers anymore. As you can see here there is a huge difference in absorbancy. Sorry I had to fold them to show the difference. The Indian is in the middle and there are Gerbers on either side of it. The bottom Gerber looks a little poofy in this pic lol, but it really isn't... for some reason some are flimsier than others and its one of the flimsiest we have (but is very soft). Only reason I mention that is to say its not as close to the thickness of the middle one as it looks.

I wasn't surprised after we moved on to (or added) pocket diapers that my preference between pocket and prefold bounced back and forth. Both have advantages over the other... But I really wasn't expecting to change my mind about the Gerber diapers.

For months anytime someone would ask I would discourage them, except in a couple circumstances. One being having them around to use mid switch while others are coming... the reason I now make them my standard baby shower gift lol. The other being if the family is on a very strict budget... and even then I would suggest just using them until they can afford better prefolds.

But now... Well... a few months ago really... I have come to terms with the ones we have. I even choose to use them over the others some times. Yes they are thinner. Yes they hold less pee and have to be changed much (much) more often. But for some reason they are better on rashes. Maybe its the extra air... maybe the extra changes. I don't know. But I really don't mind them so much now. I'm even glad we have them.

Don't get me wrong, I still love our Indians... and our pocket diapers. I'm just not going to bash Gerbers to anyone anymore... will have a more rounded review anyway lol.

Now... the Gerber vinyl covers are a different story. I will say this for them, they hold in leaks like you wouldn't believe... but I still don't see them as bieng worth it if you have a choice.