10 April, 2009

Eggs Eggs & More Eggs

I miss dying Easter Eggs. Seriously. We did them every single year growing up... even after I was too old to hunt them lol. I'm pretty sure I did it in college too... I don't remember for sure, but I don't remember not doing them. Every year I looked forward to deciding what kind of dye I would use... some years they sparkled, some they were tie dyed (those were fun to do), some had stickers... so on and so forth. And more than that... I looked forward to having kids and a whole new reason to dye eggs.

So here I am... with a gorgeous little toddler who I know is gonna have fun this weekend. I found a great new way to dye eggs that I so want to try out... (I'll get back to this later I promise) And I can't. We do plastic eggs.... :-( I would try and suggest doing a small little hunt here at home w/ just Kalila... but as soon as I mentioned the dye Baba decrees that its a waste of good eggs. Have I mentioned he's picky? *I love you honey* Mama loves boiled eggs (mmm especially all the yummy deviled eggs). Kalila loves eggs no matter what you do to them... but its a waste (Hmmm I think I'll refrain from making the logical parallel with the plastic ones lol as I'm prob in enough trouble already).


Anyways, since I don't get to benifit from this... I thought I would share it w/ all of you.

Green Easter Eggs. No... I don't mean dyeing them all green or various shades of green or camo or whatever lol. But using eco-friendly dyes on them. It doesn't really sound that difficult either... You don't have to go waste spend a ton of money. You might even have them (at least some of them) around your house.

Seriously... Onion skins. Coffee. Turmeric. Beets. Cabbage. Paprika. Blueberries. Tea. Juice... Those things (and others) can all be used to dye your eggs.

Links w/ actual recipes/amounts...

Eco Easter (includes basket and gift ideas as well)
All Natural Egg Dyes
Simple Recipes

I'm guessing you already know where I first got this idea from... Gotta love CafeMom. Someone posted the info off the first link and it got me looking up more... esp when I saw pics that another member posted. She used the technique that Green Mama on a Budget blogged about a few days ago and they looked absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a link to the other eggs, because as pretty as Green Mama's are... (and they are) the others were just stunning. As soon as I saw them I wanted to try doing this... Oh well, maybe next year.


Christy said...

My husband is a vegan, and he still agreed to do the Easter egg thing. Just 6 little eggs. Whats the harm? Kalila will love it.

Mama Kalila said...

That's nice. That's about the same number I had in mind if we did something on our own... But on one hand I'm not sure how we would swing it since the entire day is taken up. We'd almost have to do it another day and Baba's working today (would have been perfect since I have to make deviled eggs tonight anyway so he really couldn't complain lol).

Lelo and Stitch said...

I am sorry that you didn't get to do this. :-(

Steph said...

If I had been in town in time to prepare, I'm sure we would have dyed eggs and baked cookies, and all that jazz. But it didn't happen. I was too tired. Oh well, there's always next year. Right?

Mama Kalila said...

Abby - Thanks

Steph - Yeah... Sorry yall missed out. We had a fun Easter, I just missed this par of it.