09 April, 2009

A Day To Myself

That's right... I got one. Baba called Gran and asked her to pick up the Chubs (I think we need to find a new nickname lol... isn't so fitting anymore).

So yeah... I had most of the afternoon to myself... to finish washing dishes, do the diapers, sweep, mop, clean the restroom, change sheets, take out trash, sweep outside our front door (vent for a later date), etc. Yes I had that much to do today. I shouldn't have had... but I did (reason below). And I got it done. Plus I ran the crock pot w/ baking soda in two rooms and now have the first room (kitchen) going again w/ cinnamon.

Granted I still have a few dishes... I knew I would. And I do have to wash out the tub again. But that's all manageable after bedtime. Some of the rest might have been too (you know if I didn't want to sleep) but... yeah.

The baby... did great. First off she left w/ Gran without any fuss at all. We got her in the car seat and she looked up at me, smiled, waved and said "bye". So sweet. They said she did good afterwards too. Saw a puppy next door, played in the yard and in the sprinkler.... Just had a great time.

And she was happy when she came home too. She came right too me and cuddled a bit. Didn't fuss when I told her I'd nurse her in a bit after her story (when she asked). Got down and played w/ Gran and Papa (did I spell that right?) a bit more... and then decided for herself that it was story time! It took a bit of coaxing after they left to get her dressed for bed and teeth brushed before reading lol.

Obviously she's in bed now... which means I need to get back to work. I just wanted to share my good day (which I really needed after the way it started).