07 April, 2009

Cycle Pro Vs Hormonal Forecaster

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I use a web-based charting system (Hormonal Forecaster)... which definately has its advantages. But what I'd really like to have is Cycle Pro.

One big disadvantage is that it doesn't have the forum option that I get online... you know where you can post your chart and ask questions. But it does allow you to email your charts out to your teacher or consultant (or fellow NFP practicing friends). So basically I could do the exact same thing, just through email.

Looking at the website, it works in much the same way... Hormonal Forecaster has a download that should be the exact same thing (only $10 cheaper) but from my trial run... I can tell ya its not all that great. I much prefer the online version to it... Unfortunately online is not a one time cost (although I managed to get a free promotion thing in addition to my trial and won't lose my stuff until May)... and could end up costing more than Cycle Pro if I decided to keep it past then. They have ways to stay "free" but some aren't really... and others are just harder to get.

Probably won't be getting it anytime soon... but its on my wishlist lol. Has been for awhile. When it gets closer to May I guess I'll probably start saving charts and try out a new program. Upside is I'll have another to review right?