10 April, 2009

Blogging Tears

Not too long ago I found All Mediocre... In a way it was a bad thing (lol) because I already had several blogs I was following and this only made it easier to find more. But at the same time I found quite a few blogs that I can't imagine being without. Unfortunately some that I wanted to keep up with fell to the side because I just don't have much time. If it's not on my blog list reminding me... or if it doesn't update correctly... it may be awhile. And tonight I was reminded of one of them... One of the lost blogs that I'd meant to keep up with.

I saw a new post on All Mediocre and happened to click on it even though it was pretty far down.

I remember reading posts about Maddie months ago... Sharing some of them w/ Baba... (in particular this one by her dad on Elmo... I knew he would appreciate it) She had such a beautiful smile. I can't find the post I wanted to link there.. so that will have to do. Now I wish their blogs had not gotten lost in the shuffle.

Anyways, as you can imagine hearing about... this... caught me by surprise. Kalila had just woken up wanting to nurse and I'm so glad she had. I immediately started crying and Kalila looked up and gave me one of her sweet kisses. I think tomorrow I'm going to make time to take her to the park... have some special mommy/baby time...