30 April, 2009

Minor Changes

Once again, sorry for the wii formatting. I wish I could change the size...

Anyways... as you can see I've made a few minor changes. I didn't like the way my links were.... well you had to go fishing for them lol. So I moved them over to that second aisle over there... and brought everything else over. I did not get rid of all the links to my fav blogs.. I just hid away a few. I'm pretty sure (and correct me if I'm wrong) you can click a nini to make the rest show up. It just made my page way too long... Silly list of blogs keeps growing. There's a couple I prob could weed out for not being updated in forever (Babu), but I just can't bare to get rid of them. Hoping... LOL. I wish I could slim down my labels too, but that's going to take quite a bit of work. Work I'v e been doing since I combined my old second blog w/ this one. Just isn't finished yet... and prob won't be for awhile! I want it to be more user friendly though...

A slightly bigger change... I added a few emails from my address book to automatically let know when I've posted... because I always forget to email those out on my own. The only problem with this is I usually only email out baby and pic related posts (or try to email out those as obviously I rarely do) and this obviously can't tell the difference. But... If you want to be on that list, please let me know!

I've got a couple blog post running through my mind lately that I can't wait to write. I'm NOT doing them on here (the wii I mean) though because... well... one needs me to link to stuff and the other includes pictures that I just can't get to on here! So hopefully I can steal the comp from Baba while he's sleeping or something soon lol.

29 April, 2009

Love Hate Relationship

I'll apologize ahead of time... I can't really format this correctly because I'm on my wii. Not what this is about anyway.


The first kind I ever made was tortillas... and sopapillas too of course. Not too long ago I tried making arabic bread. That one made Baba very happy lol... and I wish I could make it more often, but its a lot of work and Kalila just has to be asleep or out for it to work. And of course they disappear almost immediately...

Anyways, I'm getting off subject. Point being, those were really the only experiences I've had making bread... but lately I decided to try something new again. I'm going to start making our loaf bread. Mostly because 99% of bread (and 100% of the cheap brands) has HFCS in it. Annoys the living daylights out of me... Not even gonna get started on that subject. Anyways... I'm going to make our bread...

And tonight is my first try. I'm making Baba's white bread first... Partly because his bread ran out first lol... but also because the white flour is already opened. Big scientific reason for picking which one to do right? ;-)

So far its going good... (although I think I'm going to post later about the particular recipe... is interesting) but I realized something while I was kneading the dough.

I love making bread of whatever kind... I knew that. There's something theraputic about it. But at the same time... I HATE the way it feels! Seriously. So gross... If there was something that would keep it from gooing to my hands I would so pay for that. Well, maybe not... but I would consider it lol.

27 April, 2009

Random Cuteness and Other Stuff

I forgot to mention it yesterday... but cute story #30285

At the Bday party yesterday one of Kalila's cousins put this toy they were playing w/ in his mouth... and Kalila took it out... with her mouth! It was really cute...


I love SunHarvest. We just got a discount (granted a very small one) because we use cloth bags!


I actually found a book (at SunHarvest once again) that deals w/ diet and hypoglycemia... isn't for that alone, but does have a section on it. We didn't (and won't) get it. But I did glance through it.


Kalila is starting to name her stuffed toys.

The lion that she used to sleep w/ when we first started allowing that got picked up again the other day. She's sleeping w/ it again... and it's been dubbed LyeLye.

And today she started calling the stuffed ostrich "Kiki".


Apparently Baba's Coco Puffs (that we haven't put up yet, having a short break first) go in the potty. Kalila's trying to help us out by unloading stuff. She picked up the huge thing of baking soda too. We're impressed.


I know I haven't put up my menu yet... I'm having trouble w/ it this week. Will do so asap. Hopefully tonight. I've got to figure out a way to rework it... and honestly dreading it. For that matter I need to start my food journal to see if what all I need to avoid besides the obvious.

Which directly leads me to... What was my dr thinking before? I go through this horrible set of tests, being poked over and over to find out I have this condition... and all I'm told is to eat more and take prenatal vitamins. Granted when I looked online about the condition at the time there was hardly anything there either... and there's not much more now. But there's a lot of diet information to control it... some are conflicting but still. A start right? Even if I'm not looking forward to it at all. Not a bit.


Well.. time to get off of here I suppose. Groc to put away... Stuff to do. Etc. Etc.

What A Day...

We really did have a great day today.

Good food.
Kalila had a blast running around w/ other kids at Church.
Then again w/ her cousins at a Bday party.

I'm exhausted... but still.

I wish I had pics...
Kalila was climbing stairs like you wouldn't believe.
Covered herself in cake.

Now we're back home..

Kalila's sound asleep
I'm reading a good book
We're watching a movie

I love it.

26 April, 2009


Ok Mama's & Baba's...

How much sleep does your kid(s) get total? Age? At night? Naptime?

Feel free to share...

25 April, 2009

Balancing Act

I don't even know where to start honestly. I was really thrown for a loop today. You know one of those moments when you realize that someone has you pegged completely wrong.

Apparently I've come across as research driven... by the book.

I'll concede that lately I've been writing a lot of posts on things I've been researching myself. A lot of the areas of interest for me just lend towards that.

I'll also admit that there are a few things that I'm pretty strict with.. Like food introductions, keeping certain things Organic, carseat safety and things of that nature. I have my own reasons for those (for instance history of food allergies on both sides)...

Has it been that long since I passed along any info I've gotten from other sources... mothers, etc.? That I've asked for yall's input? I didn't really think so.. but it's possible.

Apparently I come across as having no family support either...

This one just baffles me. Yes, I live quite a ways from most of my family... but I talk to a couple of them almost dayly and the others pretty regularly too. I'm always asking Las for advice w/ Kalila...

And while this isn't quite the same... I do the same w/ my friends. There are several I go to regularly w/ one thing or another.

I just don't get it.

Apparently I'm also a bully...

I'm not getting into this as much, because its still a sore point lol. But I'm flabbergasted that defending my beliefs on a subject would be doing that. Esp when I was being cut down in the process.

Anyways, don't want to get ugly here, so ending that...

I will admit (fully) that I am opinionated. I am. Very much so. I'm also stubborn. I'm sorry if I ever come across badly because of that... I don't mean too.

Poor Thing

Kalila had her first real accident today... Well, I suppose tech. it was yesterday now. Long story short, she was colouring in the living room and got up to go to Baba... slipped on her colouring book and hit face first... She cried for a few seconds... and then stopped and was fine... but when she pulled back (Baba had picked her up right away and was snuggling her) he saw the blood... All over that pretty little mouth. I felt so bad for her... We got her cleaned up pretty easily.. it was just her gums that had bled. But its never happened before, so you know we were a little shaky. But by the time we were finishing up she was already itching to get down and play again lol.

23 April, 2009

Admitting to Myself

I'm Hypoglycemic. I was diagnosed... after a random blood test sent me in for further testing... about ten years ago. All of the sudden a lot of things made sense. Why I was always tired. Why I was always hungry. Why I'd come w/in an inch of passing out... Etc. I'm assuming I'd had it for years by that point... because I found out midway through my freshman year of college and not only was the first half a blur... but so was most of high school.

I was worried about dealing with this during my pregnancy... but all of the sudden my symptoms went away. It was great... I could drink a whole glass of orange juice, even two.. and not crash afterwards. Still worried about diabetes (it increases the risk) I had the stupid glucose test twice. Both times my blood sugar was competely normal.. and not anywhere near as low as those typically send me.

Since Kalila was born... I guess I was hoping it wouldn't come back. But as time has passed more and more symptoms popping back up. It really hit me today when I was cleaning the baby's room and nearly blacked out. Granted I don't know for sure that's the reason... but I made a comment on facebook and an aunt said something about checking my sugar and I started thinking back... Got on the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation's website thinking I might make a post on the topic in general.. and saw their quiz. After taking it... I realized just how many symptoms of it I'm having... more than I'd realized.

I need to get back on my diet. I am not looking forward to this. I was enjoying not having to worry about eating all day long (not literally.. .but finding time to eat 6 times a day seems like it). Drinking juice... I can't say a blessed thing about eating chocolate and candies because to be honest, even when I was most on top of my diet... I still ate them lol. I figured out ways to manage it.. but still. I'm not looking forward to figuring that all out again!

Resorting to Bribery

Have to start out by saying that its been an eventful day... and isn't even half over. Kalila has been... Well... Its hard to describe in one word really. A handfull maybe?

The day started off w/ Kalila nursing for about an hour. Not exaggerating there... She was focused. Didn't want to play or anything. The only thing that distracted her was Kimosimi coming up and sniffing her head... Of course she had to play with him and give him kisses.

After she finished, she got down and went for breakfast... which is normal of course, but surprising after the amount of milk she drank. Ate all of her cereal...

And then started screaming for milk again. I got her a sippy of water... which she did drink a few sips of... but she was determined. Growth spurt? She's not sick, so I'm assuming we're going to see one soon.

Now the problem with this... is that I needed to start working on lunch! We turned on Baby Tv and tried to distract her w/ that so I could get started... It worked for a little while. Until she saw the potatoes (note: I ended up skipping the menu yesterday so we did the roasted chicken and chips today).


Yes... She started screaming apple at this point. Over and over.. I've got the oven on, a peeler in my hand... and a baby running around trying to get my attention. When I wouldn't pick her up she started getting into other things... Like our paper towels.

At this point Baba steps in... and did a great job I have to say. He told her not too, that she'd go in time out.. and when she did he put her in it (the first time I've seen him use time out). Immediately she's screaming for me lol. We're not about to let the other days thing happen agian so we talked about it and made sure he was the one that got her when time out was over... He did and she smiled and said "Baba". Ran up to me all happy...

But a few minutes later she was back to screaming apple and pulling on my legs!

I ask Baba for help... again... And he brings her back here. I hear screaming. Mama and Apple and other things I don't understand... and then quiet.

About 15 to 20 minutes later Baba walks in the room... Very... Well... He had that puppy dog look on his face, like he knew he was in trouble. Then he told me that he gave in... He bribed our daughter... with an oreo.

Now I'll admit, at one point earlier I'd thought about it myself... but didn't want to ruin her lunch among other things. So I really couldn't get too upset... besides he cracked me up when he was admitting it.

It worked... She sat down and ate it very quitely that whole time.. and after she saw me walk in here, got down and ran to me covered in chocolate... very excited. A little too excited lol.

For the record, she didn't ruin her lunch. She ate a ton of chicken and most of her potatoes. Not just that, but she had a piece of oreo still left that she dropped in favour of the chicken! I'm not too surprised though because that chicken was good. Its one thing I know I can make pretty decently and this was my best one yet.

But yeah... Someone has her Baba wrapped around her little finger. We already knew this though...

On a completely different note, but I have to share, brag, whatever...

The other day when I got that book... I got Kalila a new one too. Twinkle Toes. She absolutely loves this thing... Its really cute... Anyways, this morning (somewhere in the midst of all that lol) she asked me to read it again and then got it herself and started flipping through the pages saying "night night" (the last two words of the story) on each one... Then she got to the page w/ the bunny and said "stop stop". Not only a new word... but that page ends in "stop stop stop". She's starting to memorize it! I did that w/ nursery rhymes when I was her age or not much older... but still. So cute...

22 April, 2009

Random Unrelated Events That Made Up My Day...

Today must have been the day for mail. Seriously... 3 packages all came on one day... The first came early this morning and completely surprised us... Kalila's new training pants! They were supposed to take several days to get here... and came before the one that we had free second day delivery on! Early afternoon brought the diaper cover we ordered along with them (second day)... and late afternoon brought the package from Granny (clothes for baby and my bday present).

And since I mentioned the training pants... I have to share. We got her Potty Patty's. I could tell as soon as I saw them that I made a good choice. Just like the reviews showed, they seem to be better quality than Gerbers... definately not water proof, but still. And we found that to be true very quickly. I put them on Kalila and not too much longer she peed... If she'd had on pants they'd have been wet, no doubt about that. I could see they were wet. But nothing else was! No puddle on the floor or anything. Since I've been cleaning those up for days ("we've" been in panties)... it was a nice change lol.

We were going to walk down to HEB today... They had a deal where you bring in 5 plastic bags and get a reusable one free. It didn't happen... too hot, I barely made it down to WalGreens. Shame on me... But... It brings up another thing I wanted to mention.

Before I got married (and after for a good while) I walked just about everywhere. We started joking at one point about how many whistles, honks, etc. I would get on my way to a given place... I didn't (don't) really get that, but ok... I got a couple while (very) pregnant too.. which hit me as halarious... But none in quite awhile. I can't say that I miss it though.

Well today we were walking. I was pushing Kalila along (too far for her to walk still)... Wearing a tank top and worn yoga pants. My hair's brushed... but still looks like crap. Its hot, I'm tired and I really don't care... So we're walking... and some guy makes kissing noises at me through his window! ???????????

A fly got in our apartment today. I'm not sure how... and it wouldn't be such a big deal... but it drove the cats insane! First Kimosimi. I saw him pouncing the window... not just the bottom, but pretty high up. Then he's leaping through the air. Running through the house. At one point he nearly got it... and tried to eat it. Then Mumble starts in... Finally they just stopped and stared at it. They're still acting funny... That fly will not last long... thankfully.

Now I need to get back to what I was doing... needed to sit for a min lol.

21 April, 2009

Aye Baba...

I'd give him a hard time... but Baba learned something important today. The importance of backing up the other parent during discipline issues...

So Kalila was colouring... She loves to colour. She also loves to eat said colours. I can't tell you how many times I have dealt with this. She knows not to do it. But she's still little so the first time she does it I tell her no and that if she does it agian... I'm taking them away.

Today was no different. Colouring led to crayon in mouth. Crayon in mouth led to me giving her that talk. A few minutes later she put it back in... and of course I took it away.

Now have I mentioned that Kalila hates losing her colours? Seriously her biggest fits are over that... So when I took the crayon she started screaming. Of course we were in public at the time... So I'm talking to her and dealing with that whole thing.

Which is where Baba comes in...

He picked the crayon back up and starts teaching her about how they are for colouring and not eating. All very well... but I've told her that before. Repeatedly. In fact I'd told her that the first time I told her not to do it. Not just then.. but I also told her that when I took it away after the second time she did it. And then what did he do? He gave it back to her!

Kalila's responce?

She shook her little head and shoulders at me waving that crayon and babbled something ending in "Baba".

So not kidding. Baba's jaw dropped and he said something about how she'd just taunted me... No kidding! Like I hadn't noticed.

We had a good talk about it after we left... He didn't realize that I work w/ her on that everyday. But still... common sense. (love ya honey)

20 April, 2009

A New Book...

I'd intended for my second birthing methods post to be on the Bradley Method... which is why I haven't gotten to it yet lol. I haven't done my research on it yet... sorry! But I changed my mind (I'm allowed to do that right). It'll have to come later because I mangaged to get a new book the other day...

That's right... I picked up Hypnobirthing, the Mongan Method. It only took me two trips to the bookstore (months apart) to get it though. The first time someone had bought it just before we got there... wasn't even in the system that it was gone yet. My luck. Yesterday I went again w/ a friend and found it in minutes... Got a strange look from the cashier lol.. but oh well! Hit me as rather funny actually...

Anyways... point of this being. I loved this book. Seriously I finished it about an hour ago despite doing a million other things (and yes as someone has already pointed out that is a slight exaggeration...) and having to start and stop numerous times.

I'm not saying that we plan to use the method in the future... For one thing, we're no where near needing to make that decision lol (or at least I don't think we are).
I don't know if this makes any sense, but I don't want a repeat of what happened w/ Kalila. I want to know what we're going to do from the very beginning, or before, next time... be a little more prepared.

Besides that... I'm not sure how much support I would have with it. As Baba pointed out earlier, he's not a hippy. Normally I love him for that... but it would come in useful here lol.

But... I'm not discounting it altogether either. I still need to research the Bradley method... and possibly Birthing from Within a little more. Plus I do want to research this one more as well. I liked what I read, and so far it makes a lot of sense... despite my initial reaction to it (story for another time).

Beyond all that... I would definately recommend reading this book. Even if you are not planning to use the methods in it. Seriously... it has a ton of good information.

It goes into the history of childbirth, how it is/was viewed and treated during different times, how the drugs evolved, etc.

It talks about how our bodies work, or how they are supposed to work... and how fear effects the process.

It has a list of affirmations that I wish I had had back before Kalila was born. Forget before she was born, I wish we'd had them before we went to see Dr. Paine for the first time. I learned a lot from Kalila's birth, but at the same time... I could kick myself when I look back at everything that happened... Granted I'm sure it all happened for a reason... Sorry getting off topic and on a soapbox there lol.

Obviously a huge chunk of it is devoted to the method itself... How it came about. What is involved. Etc.

I'll apologize for jumping around so much... I'm kinda pulling this off the top of my head lol. Like I said before, I hadn't planned on getting into Hypnobirthing yet... but enjoyed this book so much I just had to write about it. I may go ahead and get the Bradley post done before I write one on the actual method itself... or I may continue on w/ this before going on to it. If that makes any sense... I don't know.

But yeah... Good book.

MPM 20 April - 26 April

Oops. So behind its not even funny. I'm repeating a few of the things that didn't get made for one reason or another last week because I really really want them!


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Steak and Potatos


Breakfast - Mandazi & Chai (trying again...)
Lunch - Chicken and Green Bean Alfredo Pasta
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Lunch - Roasted Chicken & Chips
Dinner - Beans & Rice


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch -
Chicken Curry & Rice
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Boiled Eggs & Fruit
Lunch - Tanzanian Meat Stew
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Chips Mayai
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Zanzibar Pizza

Back to Palm Sunday

I know this was awhile back... but I just got this pic from Palm Sunday in an email and had to share. Too cute!

Kalila w/ her cousin Desirae

19 April, 2009


I was just thinking the other day how quickly we go through the stuff. I'm not even kidding, I'm lucky if I only use a gallon a week.

What's funny is the diapers got me started really using it. Can't use softeners, but add white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle.. disinfects and softens. Doesn't kill the dryer like softeners do either... So of course I started using it w/ our other clothes too. Now I only do it w/ our other clothes and stuff... as we're not doing only prefolds anymore. Long story short, vinegar and BG pockets don't mix. But still... minus diapers... We have about 2 loads of laundry a day if I'm lucky. So you can imagine how much goes into laundry alone.

Then I started making our cleaners. All of them (at this point anyway... I haven't progressed to things like laundry detergent and shampoos that wouldn't have it) include vinegar in some amount. Our main spray bottle (that I use to wipe counters, tables, etc) is actually just plain ole vinegar alone! Sometimes I sprinkle baking soda before using it... but still nothing mixed before-hand. Some jobs, like the tub or toilet, I end up pouring straight from the bottle instead of using our sprayer. Others, like glass cleaner and baby wipe solution, are a lot more diluted... and thankfully I don't have to mix them very often at all.

Somewhere along the way I realized that adding it to the dishwasher helped too. So factor that in. Some loads of hand-washed dishes end up having it too. I'm not consistant w/ that though.

Random other things...

Like adding to baby's bath when there's a nasty rash (esp yeast) but I think I've mentioned that before. Probably multiple times lol.

Conditioning... I've only done that once but it worked great. I'd prob do it more often, but I'm afraid of turning my hair blonde. If I knew for sure it'd go red (either is possible) I wouldn't mind so much...

Killing bugs and/or driving them away... I haven't really had a lot of need for that lately though.. thankfully. Last years ant infestation (not our apt alone... the complex) was awful. I don't want a repeat... and haven't seen a single one in here since, even though I have seen a few outside.

Unstopping drains... and preventing it from happening to begin with. We actually use that one a lot lol.

I'm sure I could go on. I think I need to relink a site I found awhile back on 1001 uses for vinegar... It was a great little site. I couldn't believe how much there was.

18 April, 2009


If this is more random than normal... I apologize. I'm writing it as I get a chance. Who knows when it will end. Scary isn't it?

Kalila threw one big fit yesterday (as of now it was yesterday anyway lol). Apparently she didn't want out of the "watee". She stood at the bathroom door, screaming the word over and over... hitting the door, etc. I tried to let her just do her thing, but she didn't seem to be stopping (seriously it just kept going)... So we went in her room and I tried to calm her down. At that point I got hit in the face... Yes she got in trouble. I finally ended up just sticking her in the crib while I got her stuff ready and she didn't like that one bit. Calmed down enough to let me pick her up and things got better from there. By the time I put her back to bed she went down quietly.

Something is up w/ our tv. I had it set to a music channel... and it randomly switched over to baby tv. Kinda creepy...

If anyone knows of an online store that sells Fanta Passion please let me know. Seriously. Not even joking...

I stuck my mouth in foot earlier on facebook. I wasn't paying attention and referenced a book I want to read... Not realizing what I was doing. Wouldn't be a problem, but someone took it as me hinting at being pregnant and asked. For the record (and as I said on there lol), no.. no I'm not. Part of me is slightly embarrassed by this... and part of me is laughing. Sorry.. hit me as funny. I'm sure I'll feel differently when the rumours start flying because I know they will. Eh.

I really need to move... This comp is burning my legs... again.

Made a decision on the training pants. We're going with the Potty Patty's. Girl version of Potty Scotty. I wish they had another colour besides pink, but oh well. They look the best for the price and had good reviews. We'll see...

The amount of sentences she's saying is growing... quickly. In the last few days I've heard her say "That's a puppy" "What is that?" and "I taste yummy!"

That last one kept the cat from getting in trouble today. Yes, he bit her and before I could get on to him she laughed and said I taste yummy....

And now, minutes after writing about all that... we heard her say another one... "I kiss her a lot". I almost missed it actually, but Gido started laughing and pointed it out. So cute... was while she was chasing Kimosimi around trying to kiss him again.

And since I now have some time alone I have a ton of stuff to do... so gonna publish now before I get any more distracted lol.

Easter Video

Here's the video I mentioned from Easter. So cute...

17 April, 2009


I will never forget getting my first package of cloth diapers at one of my baby showers. As most of you remember this was during a time when I swore up and down that I would NOT use cloth. I didn't mind getting those Gerber prefolds though because they make good burp cloths... and the friend that gave them to us mentioned that at the time, joking that she didn't expect us to use them as diapers. When I got home I showed them to Baba and he said something about how maybe we could use them at home to save a little money... I nodded thinking yeah right. Definately didn't believe I'd be using them in 6 months or so while I waited for better quality ones to come in the mail.

If I've mentioned that all before I apologize... The reason I'm bringing that up is I wanted to talk a little more about those Gerber diapers.

The two weeks we used them exclusively... I didn't really mind them. I didn't know any different lol. We had a lot of diaper changes at that point, but already I saw a huge decrease in blowouts (from 4 a day to none) so I wasn't complaining...

But when our Indian Prefolds came in... I couldn't imagine using the Gerbers anymore. As you can see here there is a huge difference in absorbancy. Sorry I had to fold them to show the difference. The Indian is in the middle and there are Gerbers on either side of it. The bottom Gerber looks a little poofy in this pic lol, but it really isn't... for some reason some are flimsier than others and its one of the flimsiest we have (but is very soft). Only reason I mention that is to say its not as close to the thickness of the middle one as it looks.

I wasn't surprised after we moved on to (or added) pocket diapers that my preference between pocket and prefold bounced back and forth. Both have advantages over the other... But I really wasn't expecting to change my mind about the Gerber diapers.

For months anytime someone would ask I would discourage them, except in a couple circumstances. One being having them around to use mid switch while others are coming... the reason I now make them my standard baby shower gift lol. The other being if the family is on a very strict budget... and even then I would suggest just using them until they can afford better prefolds.

But now... Well... a few months ago really... I have come to terms with the ones we have. I even choose to use them over the others some times. Yes they are thinner. Yes they hold less pee and have to be changed much (much) more often. But for some reason they are better on rashes. Maybe its the extra air... maybe the extra changes. I don't know. But I really don't mind them so much now. I'm even glad we have them.

Don't get me wrong, I still love our Indians... and our pocket diapers. I'm just not going to bash Gerbers to anyone anymore... will have a more rounded review anyway lol.

Now... the Gerber vinyl covers are a different story. I will say this for them, they hold in leaks like you wouldn't believe... but I still don't see them as bieng worth it if you have a choice.

16 April, 2009

Wal-Mart Trip Part One - The Toy Edition

We had to take a trip to Wal-Mart today... and was inspired to do two posts. Here's the first one!

I'll admit it... I love toys. And as you can imagine (if you know me very well lol) I can't help but be drawn towards the eco-friendly ones... especially lately with all the recalls and everything. But... We don't buy them (although I think next time I want to on teething toys just to be safe). And I have several very valid reasons that we don't...

1. We just don't buy toys very often. Christmas, Birthday... maybe one here or there, but we avoid even stepping in the section as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, she has plenty of toys... and I'll get back to that in a minute lol.

2. They're stinking expensive! I managed to find my cousins kids some for Christmas at SunHarvest that weren't so bad... but none were anywhere near Kalila's age group. Its worse online too... I keep seeing the cutest things, but... not happening.

3. This one ties into the first reason. She gets toys from everyone. Not just at holidays, but there's random little ones throughout the year... like when Ammo Trevor wins her stuffed animals in the machine. Obviously I'm not going to tell people to get her eco-friendly stuff... I think the only time I'd actually say something about a toy is if its wildly inappropriate (like a certain doll that isn't sold anymore but wore thongs among other things) and I just can't see anyone who knows us doing that lol... hasn't happened yet anyway.

Plus there's the hand-me-downs. Gotta love em... and technically they do fit into the eco-friendly category because they're being "recycled"... So yeah... I don't feel too bad about getting the plastic toys and stuff, even when we get new ones, because I know they'll be reused... whether its by one of our future kids or someone elses. Which reminds me, I need to find time to go through toys and see about passing some along lol.

Granted it does mean I have to keep on top of recalls and all that "fun stuff" just to make sure she doesn't have anything bad... but I'd be doing that anyway.

Anyways, today was one of the few days that we decided to look at buying her a new toy. Basically the little miss has been stacking anything and everything she can get her hands on... coasters, diapers, boxes of hamburger helper... She has some clippos that she loves, but they don't stack well. And Leggos... but they're too old for her still (we learned that the hard way). So we decided to look at the blocks.

I seriously didn't think we were going to find any... or at least didn't think we'd find them for the price we did. Under $10 for a thing of 100 blocks. Eco-friendly and included an organic cloth bag. I'm still amazed.

And here you can see, in both pictures and video (if you're reading from facebook, I'll add the video asap), exactly what she thought of her new toy.

15 April, 2009

Surprisingly Good...

I'm not one of those mom's who hides vegetables in our food. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking those who do... I'm intregued by the recipes actually. Besides, we do what we have too right? But I don't do it because I don't want my kids (kid at this point lol) just to get their veggies at any cost and I'm afraid of it lending towards that. I want them (her) to like vegetables. I want her to choose to eat carrots or bell peppers or random veggie #879. I'm sure that can happen w/ the hiding thing too, but... still.

But... Kalila is a toddler. And you know toddlers.... one minute they can eat great, even slurping down onions and the next pick out all the grilled onions and throw them on the floor lol. I'll admit I cave in to worrying if she gets enough of certain things sometimes.

Backing up a bit... We've moved past the me making her something separate to eat too. She eats what we do.... 9/10ths of the time. She's had (and ate) everything from hotdogs to curry to baked tilapia. No issues there... But... there are some nights that Baba is not home, tonight for instance, and I'm just not ready to eat... I want her to have a steady schedule... So those times, unless I'm on top of things and have dinner going anyway, I whip up something just for her and our dinner gets made later. Tonight was one of those nights.

I thought about it a few minutes and then decided to make mac and cheese. Nice and simple right? But I didn't want to just do mac and cheese. I've made it mixed w/ spinach before (just tossed in) and she loves that... But our spinach, if we have any, is hidden at the bottom of the freezer. For a split second I had the thought of adding onions... but I didn't feel like going through the trouble if she's gonna throw em out... and I never know. That's when I thought of the hidden veggie thing... and I caved. I put onions in the blender, added a tomato (one thing we rarely can get her to try oddly enough) and some milk and blended it up good... added it, along w/ some garlic salt (not much because of the salt... we ran out of powder) to the noodles and then a bunch of cheese slices.

And she ate it up... and it looked so good I had to try it myself. Yup... it was great.

Don't expect me to start hiding veggies in everything now lol... I still want her to learn to like them on their own (and thankfully for the most part she does so far). But this is a recipe I'll repeat (and as soon as she's old enough share the recipe with). I might even try a few others every now and then lol... We'll see.

Rash Creams

I haven't talked about the whole rash issue in awhile... not because we haven't dealt with it lately, but because I just haven't thought about it.

We've finally (finally) moved past the days of food caused rashes (not going into detail here because Baba and I disagree on the cause of that lol) and moved onto a whole new type. Now our problem is a combination of Kalila gearing up to potty train and not being ready too. She holds it all, goes all at once... and during the day, while its a mess lol, its not that bad. But at night... she won't let us know. So we fight to rid one rash... get it almost gone and the cycle starts all over again.

Anyway, at this point... between food reactions and yeast and this.. We've tried quite a few things to treat em. So I thought I would share some of what we've learned. Granted it really doesn't mean a whole lot since babies are babies... and babies are different lol. What worked for us may not work for you. Still...

If you read my old NHHM blog way back... you may remember this post. I'd just stopped using Bag Balm and switched to Northern Essence.

Looking through the post a second ago I realized that I didn't share something important... mostly because I didn't know it at the time. Yes, Bag Balm works wonders at treating and preventing diaper rash. However... because its not made specifically for humans its not regulated the same way. This means pesticides. Pesticides against sensitive baby skin. I do not recommend this! I don't blame those who recommended it to me... because they didn't know either lol... and it does work. We pass that stuff along.

However, a major ingredient in the stuff is lansolin... So you could try a lansolin based product (like Lanisnoh... made for mommies and completely safe) and see if it has the same effect. We haven't tried this though since lansolin coats cloth and would cause serious absorbancy problems lol.

As for the Northern Essense stuff... I really do miss that one. The store we bought it from stopped selling it... and then closed. The kind we had was made with Tea Tree Oil and really did work wonders. It wasn't enough to treat a yeast rash alone (back to that later) but good prevention and good to use every other change when she had one of those.

Breaking past that post lol... As I meantioned, we dealt a lot w/ yeast rashes. You can get prescribed some fancy creams... but our dr was nice and told us to just go the cheap route. Lotramin. Yes, the foot cream. It works wonders. But if you want to go a more natural route, you can also rub in (unflavoured) yogurt on the bum... or put the aciphodophilus (sp?) powder in his or her diaper.

We also tried Grandma El's Organic Rash Cream. Eh... Honestly I don't think its all that great. Its a good barrier. Good for protection. But doesn't do much if there's a bad rash. And Baba hates the smell. Upside is its safe for cloth diapers.

Avalon brand... another organic kind. Is made w beeswax among other things. That one scared me pretty good... After a change the wax makes it look like peeling skin. I thought something was wrong. Couldn't get past that.. and we haven't used it since lol.

Desitin... We used that before cloth. I mention it because I broke it out the other day out of despiration. I hate what's in it... I hate the way it makes her butt look... and its not the best, but it does work.

Balmex. We also used before cloth. We had a much smaller nini of it than Desitin and was very sad to see it go. It worked wonders. Once agian I don't care for what's in it though.

Oddly enough... Mary Kay Extra Emolient Night Cream... I was told about it at a party for a friends wedding... Said friend surprised us w/ a tub a few days ago and in one application of it I have to say I'm amazed. Unfortunately it has to be used w/ a liner since its not cloth friendly either (I'm assuming anyway)... but still. Side note, its also supposed to be great for excema. Reason #2 we wanted some.

And if we're talking diaper rash, I can't leave w/out mentioning a few other treatments/preventions beyond creams and such.

Breastmilk. Seriously... the stuff heals anything... including diaper rash. Rub it on, let dry, add diaper.

Airing out... Yes it can be a mess... but air (and sunlight) is the best treatment for diaper rash. Lately we've resorted to this a lot. Upside is fewer diapers to wash. Downside... more carpets to wash lol.

Vinegar and Baking soda... but not together lol. Either one can be added to bathwater. I also add vinegar to our wipe solution. I'm considering adding Tea Tree Oil next time instead, but we'll see.

Cloth diapers... Got to put in a plug here.. They are actually better for baby bums... fewer rashes and such. Granted this is not always the case (as you can tell) but I can just imagine how bad Kalila's would be if we didn't have her in them!

Now I'm sure I'm forgetting something... So feel free to add in more rashy tips... or your experiences w/ any of the above or whatever you wish to add lol.

14 April, 2009

Another Trip to the Zoo

Yup... our bi-yearly trip to the zoo came up. We went yesterday as an early Bday nini for me... and it was a lot of fun. I'm gonna be nice and not flood ya w/ pics... I do have them all up on facebook though!

When we first got there Kalila was more interested in the waterfall than the animals lol.

I wish I'd gotten some pics in there, but we all really liked the aquarium... esp the hammerhead sharks! Kalila of course... was just happy to see "watee".

A few pics of Baba carrying/pushing Kalila around.

I have to post a few animal only pics for various reasons...

The black footed cat... because Kalila started meowing at it! Was so cute...

Turtles... First we saw these two... We couldn't believe they were stacked like this!

And then these... LOL

A cheetah... I'm still amazed that I got this picture!

I wish I'd snapped this a few moments before.. The croc was going after a fish! Kalila quickly decided she likes this animal lol. (Well, tech. Kalila's in this one too lol.)

Kalila loved the benches for some odd reason...

And a few pics w/ Mama...

These last two could go in that section too... but I have to explain, just too cute. After all that... Kalila decided she wanted some milk. So we sat down in front of some ducks, turtles, fish, etc. and got situated. A few minutes later... this happened!

Obviously it was a fun day!

From there we went to get some groc and Baba decided he had to take this pic there lol.

And then back home. Later on (around midnight for obvious reasons) Baba cooked me a steak dinner and made salad. Was great... He even surprised me w/ an unexpected bday gift.

Happy Easter

Sorry this is a bit late... but we had a great Easter. I took a ton of pics...

First at the house before we left for Mass...

Then at the Church after Mass...

Then at Aunt Samira's...

Kalila eating her first deviled eggs

Baba making his salad... Gran snuck in for the pic too lol.

Kalila's first Easter egg hunt. The second pic here is from the one egg she found on her own lol.

And on the moon bounce... I actually got a video of this too but I need permissions before I can post it... so we'll see!

So yeah... Good Easter... Very tiring though. I chased Kalila around pretty much the whole day. I did have a couple breaks... basically when she went to her cousins and then later when she went to sleep for just under an hour (before waking up scared cause she didn't know where she was... huge scream... poor thing). I wish I was able to get more pics and video's... esp towards the end when Baba and his cousins (and Gido at one point) got up and sang. Luckily others did, so maybe.... lol. Anyways, Kalila did great. She's such a little ham. Towards the end she threw a couple of fits (the lovely throw yourself down kind)... but she was getting tired. Unfortunately I was too and had no sympathy lol. It scared me a little cause she could have hurt herself, but she didn't... thankfully. We left soon after the second one... once agian thankfully. It was pretty late at that point.

And speaking of late... it is that right now too. I know I'm probably forgetting something... So there may be (probably will be) another post at some point on this sub... esp if I have any video's to share lol (I hope so cause mine is cute... and the others are pretty funny... and Kalila's in some dancing and stuff too).

MPM 13 April - 19 April

No pictures this week since I already posted them... but I have to say that things went pretty well I guess. I did learn something important... Only make menudo if we're going to have people over or something. Baba didn't care for it (the meat lol) and there was way too much for just me and Kalila to eat. I guess at this point I should mention that we've had leftovers... almost all week long lol. Obviously Friday I cooked... but still. I can't really complain though.. it gave me a break!

As for this next week... I wanted to do another themed week. It just started to fall together that way... All (err mostly) African food... but it fell back apart. I couldn't find what I wanted, then our errands got cut short... So my menu is only half planned and partly undoable. And seriously I thought I'd linked my recipes when it seems I didn 't. I have more work to do tonight than I thought. (ggrrrrrr)


Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - BBQ
Dinner - Baba's cooking! Steak, Potatoes & Salad


Breakfast - Mandazi & Chai
Lunch - Samosas (being lazy... we're buying a box lol) *if we can make it to the store tomorrow... didn't happen today.
Dinner - Pilau? * If I can find a recipe... May be pulling dinner out of my tako tomorrow night :-(


Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Lunch - Roasted Chicken & Chips
Dinner - Leftovers? *if possible... may need to find something else. Ideas?


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Felix's Fish, Green Beans & Chapati's

Dinner - Chicken Curry & Rice


Breakfast - Boiled Eggs & Fruit
Lunch - Tanzanian Meat Stew
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Chips Mayai
Dinner - Beans & Rice

Easter Sunday

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Zanzibar Pizza

10 April, 2009

Eggs Eggs & More Eggs

I miss dying Easter Eggs. Seriously. We did them every single year growing up... even after I was too old to hunt them lol. I'm pretty sure I did it in college too... I don't remember for sure, but I don't remember not doing them. Every year I looked forward to deciding what kind of dye I would use... some years they sparkled, some they were tie dyed (those were fun to do), some had stickers... so on and so forth. And more than that... I looked forward to having kids and a whole new reason to dye eggs.

So here I am... with a gorgeous little toddler who I know is gonna have fun this weekend. I found a great new way to dye eggs that I so want to try out... (I'll get back to this later I promise) And I can't. We do plastic eggs.... :-( I would try and suggest doing a small little hunt here at home w/ just Kalila... but as soon as I mentioned the dye Baba decrees that its a waste of good eggs. Have I mentioned he's picky? *I love you honey* Mama loves boiled eggs (mmm especially all the yummy deviled eggs). Kalila loves eggs no matter what you do to them... but its a waste (Hmmm I think I'll refrain from making the logical parallel with the plastic ones lol as I'm prob in enough trouble already).


Anyways, since I don't get to benifit from this... I thought I would share it w/ all of you.

Green Easter Eggs. No... I don't mean dyeing them all green or various shades of green or camo or whatever lol. But using eco-friendly dyes on them. It doesn't really sound that difficult either... You don't have to go waste spend a ton of money. You might even have them (at least some of them) around your house.

Seriously... Onion skins. Coffee. Turmeric. Beets. Cabbage. Paprika. Blueberries. Tea. Juice... Those things (and others) can all be used to dye your eggs.

Links w/ actual recipes/amounts...

Eco Easter (includes basket and gift ideas as well)
All Natural Egg Dyes
Simple Recipes

I'm guessing you already know where I first got this idea from... Gotta love CafeMom. Someone posted the info off the first link and it got me looking up more... esp when I saw pics that another member posted. She used the technique that Green Mama on a Budget blogged about a few days ago and they looked absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a link to the other eggs, because as pretty as Green Mama's are... (and they are) the others were just stunning. As soon as I saw them I wanted to try doing this... Oh well, maybe next year.

Blogging Tears

Not too long ago I found All Mediocre... In a way it was a bad thing (lol) because I already had several blogs I was following and this only made it easier to find more. But at the same time I found quite a few blogs that I can't imagine being without. Unfortunately some that I wanted to keep up with fell to the side because I just don't have much time. If it's not on my blog list reminding me... or if it doesn't update correctly... it may be awhile. And tonight I was reminded of one of them... One of the lost blogs that I'd meant to keep up with.

I saw a new post on All Mediocre and happened to click on it even though it was pretty far down.

I remember reading posts about Maddie months ago... Sharing some of them w/ Baba... (in particular this one by her dad on Elmo... I knew he would appreciate it) She had such a beautiful smile. I can't find the post I wanted to link there.. so that will have to do. Now I wish their blogs had not gotten lost in the shuffle.

Anyways, as you can imagine hearing about... this... caught me by surprise. Kalila had just woken up wanting to nurse and I'm so glad she had. I immediately started crying and Kalila looked up and gave me one of her sweet kisses. I think tomorrow I'm going to make time to take her to the park... have some special mommy/baby time...

09 April, 2009

A Day To Myself

That's right... I got one. Baba called Gran and asked her to pick up the Chubs (I think we need to find a new nickname lol... isn't so fitting anymore).

So yeah... I had most of the afternoon to myself... to finish washing dishes, do the diapers, sweep, mop, clean the restroom, change sheets, take out trash, sweep outside our front door (vent for a later date), etc. Yes I had that much to do today. I shouldn't have had... but I did (reason below). And I got it done. Plus I ran the crock pot w/ baking soda in two rooms and now have the first room (kitchen) going again w/ cinnamon.

Granted I still have a few dishes... I knew I would. And I do have to wash out the tub again. But that's all manageable after bedtime. Some of the rest might have been too (you know if I didn't want to sleep) but... yeah.

The baby... did great. First off she left w/ Gran without any fuss at all. We got her in the car seat and she looked up at me, smiled, waved and said "bye". So sweet. They said she did good afterwards too. Saw a puppy next door, played in the yard and in the sprinkler.... Just had a great time.

And she was happy when she came home too. She came right too me and cuddled a bit. Didn't fuss when I told her I'd nurse her in a bit after her story (when she asked). Got down and played w/ Gran and Papa (did I spell that right?) a bit more... and then decided for herself that it was story time! It took a bit of coaxing after they left to get her dressed for bed and teeth brushed before reading lol.

Obviously she's in bed now... which means I need to get back to work. I just wanted to share my good day (which I really needed after the way it started).

08 April, 2009

Searching For Wookies

Yes there is a logical explination for the title. The other day I got on the computer (I'd be on a few min before) and saw a tab up on wikipedia searching for wookies. I asked Baba about it, something like "Have you been searching for wookies?" - compeletely confused by this... and he busted up laughing, said yes and asked me to mention it... So here ya go!


Kalila said her first Spanish word yesterday. Agua. They were teaching it on the baby channel the day before and apparently she picked it up. Said it twice, but is still mostly saying "wa-tee".


Mumble is walking on her foot! And its looking much better...


We have this puzzle that's missing like half the pieces... Kalila really likes the pictures on it though. So a couple days ago she brought it to me, pointed to the fish and said fish (not her first time saying it, but she doesn't often). I started asking her where some of the others were and I could see her eyes moving over the rows until she found it and then smiled and pointed! It was cute... but I loved watching her think about it too.


The menudo turned out... The first day it had a "different" taste that I couldn't place... whether it was using the lamb or what... But today, as leftovers, its really good lol. Baba did not care for the meat... but as you can see Kalila had no probs with it. Although... she did start throwing some at dinner earlier!


I'm thinking of this now because I've got this bouncing baby in my lap... but lately she's been very hyper around bedtime. I'm not sure why. Its adorable... but I'm afraid she's getting too worked up too late. Thankfully last night she went down very easily despite that.


Can you tell what I spend a good amount of time doing around here?

She's started pulling hers around now too. So cute! And she picked out that outfit too...


We've started working (seriously that is...) on night weaning. We're starting off w/ cutting down to one nursing session at night (if she wakes up)... If she wakes up a second or third time she gets water. The first night... it did not go well. She screamed no when we tried to give her the sippy. Cried... Like you wouldn't believe. I felt horrible... and then she saw Baba's chicken. Yes he is wrapped around her little finger and she talked him into it. I'm not sure that's the point of this lol. We did get her back to bed w/out nursing that time though... and since then (last two nights anyway) she's only woken up once a night. I'm not sure when we're going to cut out that one session... She goes through periods of sleeping the entire night, so I know its possible. I just don't want to rush it, esp the way she's reacting so far. We'll see...


Kalila just started using her little ride on toy. She's always liked the toys on it... but a few days ago she just started trying to sit on it... by backing up to it lol. After a few falls, Baba sat her on it... and the next day she walked up and tried to throw her leg over. 2 more falls... and then she did it! I wish I was able to get pics, but I haven't yet. Hopefully soon because its pretty cute!


I finally got to work on a new cleaning schedule for around here. I had a good one going before Kalila was born... but it didn't work so well afterwards lol. Since then I've tried a couple times to find one that works and just got by with it... but I think this one will work. So far it seems to be, so we'll see lol.


Its Abby week on Sesame Street... Need I say more? Kalila is very excited.


Ok drama queen... I tell her to go sit down after she keeps changing the channel (52423 times), she tells me no, I repeat myself and give her "the look" and she throws herself on the floor... flat on the floor laying on her tummy, then looks up at me and smiles...


I think w/ all the other posts I forgot to mention this last week... but Kalila counted to 2! She's said 2 before.. but we couldn't get her to say 1 lol. Anyways, long story short... She had her ducks lined up on the tub and was pointing and said something like ba two da doh while pointing at them. Was really cute... but I reached down and pointed them out and said 1 2 3 4... and she did it again saying 1 2 1 2. LOL it's a start.


Gotta go... She tore up one of her books... Well, more like it finally fell apart. Anways, I'll try and put up more pics again soon!

07 April, 2009

Cycle Pro Vs Hormonal Forecaster

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I use a web-based charting system (Hormonal Forecaster)... which definately has its advantages. But what I'd really like to have is Cycle Pro.

One big disadvantage is that it doesn't have the forum option that I get online... you know where you can post your chart and ask questions. But it does allow you to email your charts out to your teacher or consultant (or fellow NFP practicing friends). So basically I could do the exact same thing, just through email.

Looking at the website, it works in much the same way... Hormonal Forecaster has a download that should be the exact same thing (only $10 cheaper) but from my trial run... I can tell ya its not all that great. I much prefer the online version to it... Unfortunately online is not a one time cost (although I managed to get a free promotion thing in addition to my trial and won't lose my stuff until May)... and could end up costing more than Cycle Pro if I decided to keep it past then. They have ways to stay "free" but some aren't really... and others are just harder to get.

Probably won't be getting it anytime soon... but its on my wishlist lol. Has been for awhile. When it gets closer to May I guess I'll probably start saving charts and try out a new program. Upside is I'll have another to review right?

06 April, 2009

Baba's Home-made Baby Sling

MPM - 6 April - 12 April

As crazy as this last week was... for the most part the food was pretty good.

We didn't quite make the whole week... the cabbage rolls are moving to this next week (can't not have them!) and a couple other things got moved around and stuff... but we've done better sticking to it than we have in the past... and a ton better than 2 weeks ago lol.

I have to say though. The mac & cheese was horrible.... Definately not trying that recipe again (sorry). Blech. The baby didn't mind though. I did see another that sounds promising though... so I'm not giving up on a healthier mac & cheese!

What I have to brag on though... I finally managed to make my salmon croquettes! If you're wondering why that's such a big deal... When I was a kid we had them every Friday during Lent. I tried to make them once after I moved out, but they fell apart horribly and turned into this nasty mush. Being afraid of that... I decided to bake them this time and they turned out great.

As you can see Kalila loved em enough to almost finish hers off before I could snap a picture lol

So... Lent edition one last time... We've gotta hold off on a groc trip, so I'm trying to use up what we have at home and make things as simple as possible (we've got twice as much, or more, Church as usual so I'm not going to have as much time to get stuff done).


Breakfast - Baba's Eggs? (hint hint)
Lunch - Menudo (Sunday rolled to leftovers lol)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Beef Stroganoff and Spinach
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - French Toast (CB - )
Lunch - Chicken & Dumplings & Green Beans
Dinner - Sandwiches, Crunchy for baby (CB - TM)


Breakfast - Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch - Chicken & Green Bean Afredo Pasta

Dinner - Steak & Potatoes


Kalila's Breakfast - Toad in a Hole
Lunch - Tuna Helper & Veggie?
Dinner - Beans & Rice


Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs & Toast
Lunch - Goat Curry & Rice
Dinner - Leftovers

Easter Sunday

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family * Baba - Salad, Me - Deviled Eggs
Dinner - Family

05 April, 2009

Peanut Butter Breath

I can't tell stories from Afrika without telling you about my first "Afrikan Experience".

Obviously it was my first summer in TZ. We'd been in Moshi about a week... No. We'd been in Moshi two weeks.

Backing up a little. Because the team was sponcered... set up... arranged.. whatever.. by coC missionaries we had to go to thier services (coC or not). Obviously I'm not missing Mass for this so the plan was for me to head to Mass beforehand. Thankfully I had a couple friends that were willing to go w/ me that year (switched off weeks and in later years everyone had to at some point in the trip).

The first Sunday I had no clue where a Church was... and the second Sunday the group was climbing partway up Kilimanjaro (a whole different story) to have services there and see a waterfall. Still not planning to miss Mass, so we decided to go to the 6 AM Mass and leave right after Communion.

Its a good thing we ended up doing that because we learned one important thing... We needed to go to that Mass every week in order to make the other service... as Mass there is about 2 hours long and never starts on time!

Anyways... a week later I was excited to actually get to stay for the whole Mass... but we had a slight emergency and had to leave early again (I did manage it the next week lol).

So the two of us were headed back to the hostel and had only gotten as far as the roundabout when it happened. An older lady (with green crumbs around her mouth and peanut butter breath) came up to us and started yelling. First she got in my friends face...
The only thing we understood her saying was "tatu" or three... Then she got in mine. At this point she stopped and grabbed my necklace... which had a miraculous medal and another with my patron saint. Another stream of Kiswahili in which we hear "Katolici" (I'm sure you can translate that pretty easily lol) and then she grabbed my face and tried to kiss me!

We finally got away and walked away somewhat in shock. I looked to my left just in time to see another lady hiding behind her arm snickering... which is about when we had to start fighting not to laugh.

04 April, 2009

Green... Teeth?

You know it just hit me... Most of the options on the poll were technically green or eco friendly in some way (other than BC, birthing methods and possibly recipes - ok I guess it was a little over half that are lol). Made it rather hard to figure out what to do here. But I found something interesting...

Have you ever thought about brushing your teeth? Ok... obviously most of us (I'd say all, but you know... there's always one) think about it to some extent. But is it something we need to be "greener" about?

The last time we made a toothbrush purchase we bought one w/ natural bristles... Mostly because its what was available and looked interesting. But I haven't thought about it much past that...

But apparently someone else has because there is all kinds of information out about the wastefulness of non-recyclable toothbrushes (honestly I don't know if mine is or not) and other options.

For instance there is the Preserve Toothbrush made mostly of recycled yogurt cups. Obviously is recyclable. Price is about $3.50 a brush... Is slightly cheaper on Amazon and actually has a better price than the same number of Colgate Max Fresh on there.

There's also the Radius Toothbrush which supposedly lasts longer than other toothbrushes and is recyclable as well.

And of course there are a number of kinds that do the removable head thing...

What about toothpaste?

Well... Baba has to use Sensodine (sp? lol I'm horrible) and I tend to use an Indian brand... but for curiosities sake (again) I decided to look it up...

And just have to link this... Family Friendly Review... Much better than I could have written as I haven't tried them!

Honestly I don't see us making any changes in this area... at least not any time soon. But is still pretty interesting.

03 April, 2009

The Mumble Update

I promised them.. and here they are.

This was not the day she came home after taking the bandage off. It wasn't the day after either. It was the third day... So between her insesant grooming that first day and the bath I gave her the next night (she stank) she looks a lot better than she did when Baba brought her in.

She's still hopping around... but she's lowering her leg more. So obviously has a way to go... but still. We're very thankful.

Oh and I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it before, but Baba talked to them about her peeing on clothes thing (she's good about the floors, but has been going on any clothes she can find... bad enough when someone forgets to put up dirty clothes... but freshly laundered clothes that I hadn't finished putting up yet had me pretty upset). Apparently it's either stress or a form of protest at going into the vet so often. They said it should stop in a week or two... and if not to bring her in for some meds. Good news is I haven't noticed it in the past two days... So hopefully!

Oh My...

Apparently this is what happens when Baba watches the baby...

02 April, 2009

Not What I had In Mind, But...

When I added organic to the poll... Well, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. I didn't really have a set idea, but knew I wanted to write on the topic at some point. I thought maybe I could write about the Dirty Dozen or something like that (I need to make sure I haven't already though lol). What I didn't expect to write about... was chocolate.

Here is where I back up, tell a story, and thank a friend.

Back in college I used to work in the Caf. Not the most pleasant job in the world, but definately not the worst either! Believe me I have learned that since... lol. Anyways, one night after closing we were wiping down tables while the news was on. Pretty much a typical night... But the reason I remember this night is because they had a story on about slavery in the chocolate business. There was video footage and everything. It was horrible. Pretty much brought all of (who were there) to tears. I remember them mentioning Nestle by name, and thought Hershies was in there too (but its been years now). Anyways, I remember saying I wasn't going to buy those brands again. And for a long time managed it... and even lately neither are bought often.

Well skipping ahead... The other day a friend mentioned how she's giving up chocolate because of this. Among other things this prompted me to go back and look into it again. I wanted to make sure the brands that I remembered were correct and all of that. They were... but unfortunately (what they didn't have on that night) so are a few others that we do buy more regularly. Granted, they aren't given as bad of a rating... but still. One thing that did make me smile is that on every list I found... a brand of chocolate that I fell in love w/ soon after moving here is at the top of the good list. Endangered Species... The one that donates money...

If you're curious how it falls out, here's a good chart... but there are several more if you use google with all sorts of information on the sub.

But basically what I found was that if you don't want to give money to companies that get there stuff from slavery you have to go one of two ways. Fair Trade and/or Organic.

So one more reason to go organic!