10 March, 2009

Wow That Was Fast!

I promise there are pictures...


But first... I did it. Not only did I get started on combining the two blogs, I finished! I can't believe I managed to get it done so quickly... esp w/ everything else going on. Granted, there are a few more link things I need to do... (I'll get back to that in a minute) but that's going to be a continuous thing anyway. It was much easier than I thought it would be... would have been more so if I hadn't changed the background (lol) but I really liked this one and it was time for a change. I will be sticking w/ it for awhile though because a) I'd lose all my links if I change it again... and that's some work right there.. and b) I'd lose my blog list and that was the worst part of this whole thing!

Links... When I lost them the first time (changing backgrounds on the other blog) I never quite got some of them back. I know which ones they are... mostly the housework section (note it's non existant right now). I'd ask for help (and if you have a suggestion feel free) but Steph left me a comment w/ them when they first got lost that I must have either missed or got distracted from. Thanks for that btw!

Beyond that... I may play around w/ how they are organized a bit. I like the nice orderly way they are now (alphabetical), but... I don't like the first link in the NFP section being first. I really mean no offense to the owners of the site/program...I'm sure it's great. But I just don't trust using BBT only (which it promotes). I know it's one of the easier "methods" but it can't be used for TTA... So yeah... I guess I could look for sites that start a little earlier in the alphabet lol, I think I know of one that I lost from before (actually I'm pretty sure its missing and need to look). So that may solve itself.

Labels... I started to add them to this blog once, but it just didn't work. I hadn't been consistant w/ them and it was just bad. I need them w/ the extra posts though... So I added them back. Obviously will need to be cleaning them up a bit more, but is not as bad as I thought! I moved them around a bit and ended on putting them close to the posts so they're easy to get at.

Ok, blog fixing part of the post done.


I am starting to feel better... as is Kalila. Baba on the other hand is now miserable. I feel so bad for him!

I should be exhausted though. Kalila is not doing well w/ the time change... (I now have a whole new reason to hate the time changing) I'm sure it doesn't help that she was sick... but you'd think if it were that she would have had the same thing happening for a couple days before the change... but no. She was sleeping well! First night after she woke up every hour. Last night was very similar, not as bad but close. Didn't matter much though because my brain wouldn't turn off anyway.. I finally fell asleep around 5 this morning. Thankfully she let us sleep until 9:30.

On similar subject... I was thinking. You expect to be up every couple hours or so w/ a newborn... But I remember little 2 month old Kalila started sleeping through the night and I loved it. It continued until she started teething and we had grief for awhile... then periods of sleeping mixed throughout since then... But its really gotten bad lately. Almost a year and a half and she wakes up way more than she did as a (somewhat) newborn.

And of course she still wants to nurse when she wakes up... She doesn't always (or even usually) nurse herself to sleep, but if she wakes up it's "yummy yummy". I'm not cutting it off at night... I'm sorry, but I wake up hungry and thirsty too sometimes. But the other night when it was every hour I hit the point of I've gotta try something... So I filled up a sippy cup w/ water and tried that. Yeah, did not work! She screamed no and pushed it away... Multiple times. Makes me glad we still have quite awhile before we're gonna start thinking about weaning. I can just imagine what would happen if we did now lol.


We had a friend come over the other night...was nice (and I managed to get rid of those stupid Arizona Green Teas in the process)! Is one of the friends we've been trying to get together w/ more often, but schedules being what they are, doesn't happen nearly often enough.


Last night we got a random knock on our door. A couple of new neighbors happened to see the flag in our living room (blinds were open) and wanted to know if we speak Arabic lol.



Apparently my daughter has become a monkey. Her latest stunt is climbing onto the kitchen table. I'm having to pull her off of it at least 3 or 4 times a day now.


I've been meaning to mention this for awhile now... and am pretty sure I haven't yet (Sorry!) I have great friends. Seriously. One of them, randomly, sent us a Crockpot! (Thanks again!) It came in a few weeks ago (and you wouldn't believe the drama picking it up... rude lady at walmart) and we're still really excited about it. I've been trying to work in a meal with it in our menu... but hasn't happened yet. The one I did put we forgot to put something important in the groc list and it didn't happen. I'm really looking forward to using it though... keeping my eye open for good recipes too.


And now... what most of you are here for lol.

I've been trying to get some new good pics all day... and this is what most of them have looked like.

Little Miss just won't stop moving!

This one... I just love.

I don't know if you recognize it, but she's sitting on the little cat house thing. Somehow she squashed it into a chair and loves sitting on it. Usually it's what she runs to when she's in trouble, so has kinda turned into the "time out chair". I hadn't meant for it too, but its' working.

She was not in time out here btw... She just sat down and I thought I'd get a pic to mention it... and then she turned, grabbed the blind and it just turned into a great shot. Like I said.. I love it.

Dinner time.

Was leftover night and I kinda threw things together... She really enjoyed it, but the reason I pulled out the camera is because she was doing such a great job eating w/ her fork. More food is being picked up w/ it than ever.. and most of it made it to her mouth too!

These are a little older, I honestly thought I had them up here already!


Can you see the newest ones? So cute!

More apple pictures...

She really loves those things...

Not of Kalila...

But I thought this was an adorable shot of Kimosimi. Sorry it's slightly out of focus, Kalila was pulling on my arm!

I wish I could put up a couple of video's we got... but I can't right now. Maybe later, we'll see!


Oops, a couple things I forgot!

Still waiting to hear news about a friend who's pregnant (or maybe not lol.. She was "due" a couple weeks ago or so) right now. Please keep her in your prayers... and the others too.. I seem to have a lot of friends (there was 9 at one point) in various stages of that right now lol

Also... Hmmm... I forgot what else I forgot... I guess either it wasn't important or will make another entry at some point lol.


Steph said...

Good job on getting them combined! And np on the housework links. ;) I think I was late getting to them.

Glad ya'll are feeling better!

I didn't mind preventing the night nursings for this reason, it's a habit I didn't want to turn into a life time habit. When you're older, anything you eat at night turns straight to fat. It wasn't a habit that I wanted to begin that could carry on into childhood and beyond. So when I needed my nightimes back, I didn't feel bad insisting that he (Alex, b/c Kairi cut it out on her own) stop. That is, once I knew he was big enough and weighed enough to handle it.

My son is a monkey too. He climbs on EVERYTHING.

Cp recipes:

You'll love it. I have found sooo many yummy recipes there. Seriously. Yummy. :) Oh, and a REALLY easy meal w/ it is throw some chicken in the cp (boneless skinless, I prefer thighs, but breasts work just as well), add in a can of cream of mushroom and a package of cream cheese. Sprinkle w/ basil on top. Cook 3-4 hrs on high, or 6-8 on low. Serve w/ rice and a veggie. My family DEVOURS it, as does anyone that I've made it for or given the recipe to. I use the lowest fat options w/ the cream cheese and cream of mushroom that I can find.

Love the pictures! Kalila is as adorable as ever!

Steph said...

I'm just leaving all sorts of novella length comments tonight. ;)

Mama Kalila said...

LOL - I don't mind... I love comments of any length.

Dont worry about the cleaning links, I found em on the comments section of the other blog. I just need to copy them over to an actual link on here! Thanks for the crockpot one though.. is that the one linked to your blog? I saw it earlier and meant to go back...

I hadn't thought about the night eating thing going to fat. Is not something I've had to deal with since I'm both always trying to gain weight and need to keep my blood sugar up. If I feel hungry I need to eat...

Kalila's still so young though and I can't tell if she's wanting food or drink when she asks for it (because tech its both) and even with the whole night eating thing... thirsty is thirsty... and she was having none of the water lol. I prob will be trying that again though... not even probably. I think all night "feedings" I'm gonna offer water first... (not really push it, but try) but I need to wait until she's at least over her cold. I picked a bad time to try it and I knew that... was just frusterated.

Thanks for the recipe too btw.. That sounds great. Would it work the same w/ skin or dark meat or would the time need to be adjusted? I know skinless white is supposed to be healthier for us, but Kalila's still in the needs fat and extra iron from dark meat age and I just plain can't stand white meat lol. Is rare that we have it... That green bean pasta is about the only exception.

Steph said...

The only thing that might affect the cooking time would be if there is a bone in it. If there is, just temp it right next to the bone before serving it. I think that 175 is the fully cooked temperature for chicken. Like I said, we usually use thighs as well. I'm not a huge white meat fan either ... the thighs are always so much better. And yeah, Alex definitely needs the higher fat and extra of the dark meat instead of breasts.

The blog is the one linked to my blog. Right now she's posting a bunch of pork recipes b/c she has to in order to publish a cookbook. She didn't cook much pork during the year she did the blog b/c she's allergic to pork so she's adding it in there now and giving it to friends. But if you use the links on the left, you can find just about anything you're looking for. The chicken parmesan is really good. As is the chicken adobo. And the cheesecake. And the salsa chicken and blackbean soup. Ok, you probably get the idea. ;) I seriously use my cp at least 3 times a week. It just makes life so much easier.

If you need any ideas on recipes and are overwhelmed w/ the blog, just lemme know!

Steph said...

Oh! And one more thing about the cp. Chicken will retain a pink color when you cook it in the cp. That does NOT mean that it's undercooked. It just looks slightly pink. If you're ever worried about whether or not it's done, temp it. But as long as you cooked it the length of the recipe, you should be good.

Mama Kalila said...


I have a thermometer, am pretty paranoid about getting it cooked right w/ the baby lol. I'm def gonna have to try that recipe though... Sounds great!

And I'm going to have to look at the blog now. You said magic words... Chicken Adobo. I have a recipe I do of my own (mixed a couple recipes online and tweaked) in a skillet, but still. Curious.