31 March, 2009

When I Need a Laugh

Not going into it, but its been a rather rough week so far (not good since it's barely started right?)... But there have been several things that just made me smile or laugh.

First off... the really good news. Mumble is healed!!! Pictures to come later...

Baba... Ok. If you saw my menu, you know that we had chicken and rice today. One of his favourite foods... Is why I put it on the menu, I thought it'd make him happy. Well, Sunday I was making said menu and told him it was going to make him happy... He saw the chicken and rice on there and got all excited. What I didn't realize was that he thought I was making chicken and rice casserole... a meal we haven't had in awhile but have done quite a bit. We all like it (and its easy) but not something I would make special or expect him to have the reaction too. Then today, realizing we didn't have the fideo's we'd need... I asked him to pick some up from the store. He did no questions asked... so once agian I assumed he knew what they were for. He gets home... I start boiling the chicken (not something needed for the casserole) and he doesn't say anything. I've got one of the Middle Eastern cookbooks out... and no comments. So his exclamation of "That chicken and rice!!!!" when he turned off the heat for me really hit me as funny... How did he miss it? Seriously!

Kalila... Oh my she's been a ham today.

At one point she put her rubber duck on her kitchen stove. I probably would have put it in the oven... but she's the chef right?

Another... We let her air out quite a bit today... but I had a diaper out and ready for her... a prefold (wash day is coming soon). I looked down and there she was sitting on it and trying to wrap it around her. She got mad when I tried to help too lol.

There's this little game her Gido (and Baba too) plays with her... basically they act like they're pulling off toes, ears, nose etc and eating them... yesterday Baba "popped off" a toe and pretended to eat it and Kalila reached down and did the same. Then she started doing it to us back!

I've gotten tons of baby kisses today... She's been pretty happy overall. It really is nice. She's napping now though so I need to get back to work.

On that note, before I forget... I went to get sandwich bags from under the sink and everything was wet. Apparently our sink is leaking. Jas tried to get something out for me and it was covered in black. We freaked out thinking it was mold. Maintenance came... not mold but colour from the trashbags in the box (I didn't realize we had another box lol). So good news there. He's got to replace stuff and said I should have the kitchen back tonight. Hoping for the best there because I have dishes to finish.

Going now... Pics coming soon hopefully!

Almost forgot this one lol... She heard us... talking... loudly... on the phone yesterday and grabbed one of her toy phones and started mimicing us w/ baby talk. I remembered because after she woke up she grabbed it again lol. So cute. She's said hello into it before, but this is the first time we've seen her spend any real time "talking" on it.

Everything is done now (w/ the sink) thankfully so hopefully I can get more done now!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I hate it when I find a leak like that! It happens to us too. In fact, we saved almost half when we replaced our water heater and stuff around here.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah... I hope ours goes down some now lol... But I would feel bad too because they divide up the water bill between the 4 apartments by people inside each (makes no sense, infants count as an adult too) so a leak in one would effect the others.

Christy said...

Do you cook every night? I am way impressed. I can manage about 4 nights per week, but my husband does the rest. I am soooooo lazy.

Mama Kalila said...

Not every night.. Baba cooks when he can. Sunday's usually end up being my day off, we eat lunch w/ family and nights are a big night for him since he's off and loves to cook (but I'm stealing that one this week) and some Mondays (his second day off). The rest of the week... he has class in the mornings and works until midnight... so if I don't cook we don't eat. This week I tried my best to keep leftovers so I don't have to cook twice a day lol.