24 March, 2009

A Trip To Zanzibar...

If I'm going to tell stories about Afrika, I have to tell this one. I apologize ______ - you know who you are and I will be nice and not name you - but I just have to. And for those of you who know who he is, please be nice as well... I know he hates having this story told lol.. The least we can do is keep him anonymous!

So it was the third summer (and my second time going) and vacation week was approaching. I didn't think I had the money to go on one and had planned to spend the week at Mama Lynn's (Light in Africa) and around town. But one of the guys had just gotten engaged and decided to go to Zanzibar. From there one of the other guys in the group got invited... and then somehow so did I. I re-evaluated my budget and found that it was doable. Many jokes were made, since it had started out as his bachelor thing... I was teased about being the stripper (and btw no I did not).

Anyways... vacation week came. We got up very early one morning to get on a bus and head down to Dar es Salam. I remember getting my bags together and talking to one of the guys about passports. He said his girlfriend had told him that we didn't need them, seeing as Zanzibar is still part of Tanzania. I put mine back in the drawer for a moment and then decided no... I should probably take it! Soon the three of us headed out and walked, in the dark, to the bus stop. I still remember the way it felt walking that morning. Is a happy memory.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful. I don't remember getting sick... I probably did (seeing as I'm really bad w/ driving) but I don't remember it lol. It was nice going that way though because we got to see a lot of the country. Yes, it took a long time to get there, but it was enjoyable (not like the way home which is another story alltogether involving a crowded daladala and very annoyed people fighting around us and soured my view of Dar altogether).

We made it to Dar just fine. But here's where the trip gets interesting...

From the bustop we got a cab and went to the pier where we would take a nini (help.. I cant remember the name... basically a boat) to Zanzibar. We got to the pier.. and what did they ask for? That's right... passports. Fellow traveler A had his... So did I thankfully... But our poor friend did not.

No problem... for a small fee the guy decided to help us. He quickly figured out a plan... and we hear him say (while pointing to me) "she is your wife".

For the next few minutes, several jokes are made about the two of us... I can't speak for him, but I was slightly embarrassed (especially since he was my friends boyfriend at the time). But seriously... it was all worth it to see his ticket when it came....

Mine had my name. Friend A's had his name... and Friend B... Well... his ticket said "Mrs. ___ ____ on it. Yes, they had him as Friend A's wife! (and we thought that kind of thing was illegal there...)

Oh and to make things worse, the only room available the first night we were there... was the honeymoon suite! Thankfully they were able to move in another bed for me... and we got two new rooms the next day..

I still laugh when I think about it... That was a great week.


Christy said...

When did you do all of this traveling - during college? I am jealous.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah it was in college :-) I'm guessing you missed the post where I explained why we went, but basically it was mission work during the summers.

I really enjoy traveling and hope to again someday. We have plans for several places.. is just going to be awhile before its possible.