05 March, 2009

Seriously... What is going on here?

I have no energy lately... am absolutely exhausted and I don't know why! I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I count the minutes until Kalila's nap... have trouble staying awake until then... and then once she goes down I crash on the couch until she wakes up. Then I'm back to dragging myself up and trying to force myself to stay awake! I look forward to her nursing just so we can lay down.. Yawning all day long. I feel horrible when someone calls because I end up yawning on them the whole time. My brain is fuzzy. All I want to do is sleep... and of course I can't. Kalila needs attention... esp when she's trying to get into everything lol. Right now we're good because she's in the high chair eating (and I'm somewhat awake at this point)... but I'm constantly fighting sleep when I shouldn't be. Baba's been trying to help... yesterday he watched her while I slept and he took her out this morning for errands too... but he needed sleep when he got back and I barely remember him saying something about going to bed. I woke up to find Kalila trying to climb up on the kitchen table! Was only a few minutes later, but still... I feel horrible about it... I've got to stop falling asleep! She's too little... I don't want anything to happen to her... I've got to wake up.

I can't blaim it on Kalila either... because while she's not sleeping through the night, most nights she's not waking overly much either (most nights..). It's not any worse than a few weeks ago before this started anyway. I have no idea what's going on. I was joking w/ Baba yesterday that if I didn't know better I'd think I was pregnant (the last time I was this tired I was... kept falling asleep at work then lol). But I'm not. Granny mentioned iron, but I know I'm getting enough of that... I'm getting some excerise... not a lot, but we are walking again... I shouldn't be so tired... and at this point I'm only still going to keep myself awake. Any ideas? Please?


Christy said...

Hmmmm? You might want to have your iron checked just to be safe. My cousin had low iron, and she slept all the time.

Lelo and Stitch said...

I would say maybe its time for a doc visit.... just to see what it might be.... at least if it doesn't go away soon.

Mama Kalila said...

Christy - I prob should, esp since it's such a big prob in my family... but it doesn't make any sense. I've got iron in my vitamins, I eat a lot of iron rich foods and plenty (more than plenty) of vitamin c (helps body absorb iron). It just doesn't make sense.

Abby - I know... but our insurance doesn't kick in until May.

On top of all that I'm wondering if I need to get my blood sugar checked agian... I have had less problems since I had the baby, but back when I was first diagnosed I had the same problem. I remember my mom trying to blame it on anemia until the tests showed normal to high iron and almost coma levels of blood sugar.