26 March, 2009

My Lemony Green Beans

I have no idea how I came up w/ this... but it continues to be my favourite way of making green beans (although I do them plain when I'm being lazy or if they don't fit w/ a dish). I'll apologize ahead of time... I don't have measurments of any kind.

Basically I cut up an onion or part of an onion... (however much ya want). Large slices... I usually cut them in circles and then half those. Whatever that is called lol.

Heat skillet and add oil (mediumish) and cook onions... not too long. I usually don't even let them go clear yet. Add garlic at this point (I usually use minced garlic from our fridge) and cook a little longer. Open can of green beans or two and add to the mix. Salt. Pepper. Cook a few minutes longer (make sure to stir lol) and then add lemon (or lime) juice. Is nice to use fresh ones, but it works w/ the juice in containers too. Cook a bit longer until beans are a good temp.

Obviously my recipe changes a bit each time I make it, but that's the basis of it. I know the lemon thing sounds odd, but it really is good!


mistika said...

Oh I am so going to do this...I love things that have that lemon taste, thanks for the idea

Mama Kalila said...

No problem. I've actually been meaning to put this one up for awhile. They really do turn out pretty good. I kinda feel for my husband though because he likes plain green beans in butter w/ salt... (which is fine) and I get stuck in ruts of making this over and over lol.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

This sounds great! Thanks, I didn't even think of all this. :)

Lelo and Stitch said...

I cook asperagus this way :-) its really good...never thought of cooking green beans this way...thanks for sharing.