08 March, 2009

Hate Being Sick

Well... I don't know if the exhaustion thing was because I was about to get sick or if I got sick because I was so exhausted... but either way... guess what?

I woke up... I can't remember which day, but w/ a very sore throat. Later on my head started hurting. Not even a little hurt... but like something was squeezing it on all sides. Awful. Advil did help though... for awhile.

Throat is not sore anymore (whoo hoo) but I can't breath. I don't remember if it's today I woke up w/ that or yesterday (depends if the throat was yesterday or the day before... I think it was the day before). I'm coughing too. I'm starting to get some energy back but still dragging a little. I'm confused about the whole temp thing too... by anyway you look at it I do not have a fever (just over 98) but when you look at my chart... there is a drastic rise today. Random? From being sick? Who knows...

Kalila is coughing too... and has a runny nose. But she's doing a ton better than me. Thankfully.

Completely different note.

I'm a bit mad at myself... I remember talking to one of my cousins while I was pg about drinking green tea, you know to make sure it was safe. She didn't know of any reason not to drink it (other than too much can cause kidney stones). I asked my dr about herbs (because I love my herbal teas too) and he said that they are all safe... something I knew not to be true.. .so I figured better safe than sorry and avoided them all unless I knew it was good for while pg. But for some reason I didn't lump the Arizona Green Tea in there... I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'd talked to Las about it? Who knows... Anyways, point being I drank it while pg... and then afterwards.

So today I look at the bottle and see the word Ginseng on it. Curious... I look on Kelly Mom (a site I didn't know of while pg but love now) and found out that I should not be drinking this! 9 months of pg and 17 of breastfeeding later and I find out that it can be dangerous for my baby!

And of course, being that it's Lent, I have a whole stinking case of it sitting here...


Christy said...

I hope you guys are feeling better soon:)

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! We already are... not completely better, but better all the same lol