22 March, 2009

Gotta Love It

I know it's been awhile... and sorry! But I've got several video's and a pic or two to make it up...

I got this first video on accident...

I was trying to get this picture lol.

She just loves brushing her teeth. I feel so bad when I take it away from her... she cries "teeth teeth".

A little older... A few days ago I got these random shots of Kalila. Ignore the carseat on the floor (lol) we thought I might need it while Baba was at work. Oh and sorry about the lousy filming on my part. A couple of times I had trouble getting moved along with her lol.

I love this one... she shows off body parts (of sorts) and her new signing skills too. I didn't realize until I watched the video that she was pointing to her shoulders w/ her head the first few times lol. Plus it's just cute the way she was walking around and playing and stuff.

And here's the purple! You can also see how she fights me w/ the tv... I can't get it to stay off!

Onto my other babies...

Mumble climbed up on the top shelf of the closet the other day. Yes we have a laundry nini up there... for lack of better storage space right now. Apparently its a good napping place for kitties.

And Kimosimi's odd obsession w/ fighting our sheets. Ignore plate on bedside table... Someone got food after work and forgot to put it up the night before. Oddly enough this video is how I found it too lol... Thankfully I hadn't started them yet, was procrastinating by doing other housework, like changing the sheets lol.

Baba's gonna need the comp back soon so I'm off...