14 March, 2009

Africa... A Trip Through Memory Lane

Ok.. Since I have a bit of a break right now (between baby sleeping and housework doing itself at the moment) I think I'll go ahead and write the post that I can't stop thinking about lol. No seriously... if you saw today on my menu - you know why!

Anyways... Africa.

As long as I can remember I've wanted to go. I thought it started in the 5th grade... I remember looking at a map at school and saying I would go someday. But a few years ago I was telling my sister that and Babu said no... That he remembers me saying the same thing as a baby. Apparently there was some movie involving lions there (which one who knows) and I told him and Granny that I was going. I don't remember this lol.

Skip forward to college. I had one year under my belt and was back w/ Granny for the summer. I don't remember how I got the book, but somehow or another I got a new Lurlene McDaniel book (Angel of Hope) to read while I was there... I'd like'd her stuff as a kid, so it's not too surprising I picked it up when I saw it. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was a sequel... I ended up reading the first later, but that's completely beside the point. Basically the books are about a girls trip (first one sister then the other) to Africa on the Mercy Ship. While reading it I remembered how much I wanted to go and started looking into them... which was pretty easy since all the info was in the front of the book lol.

But soon it was time to go back to school and I got distracted by a number of things. But somehow in the mist of it things came together in a completely different way. I started dating a freshman who introduced me to this girl Amy... Now not going into too much detail (she's got a blog of her own lol), but Amy was born in Zambia (parents were missionaries) and had started going on a mission trip to Tanzania in the summers. I think she'd been twice already. Anyways, it was made up of students from a couple different colleges and she was organizing a group from our school to go w/ her too. I don't know how interested the guy I was dating really was (lol) but we both signed up to get more information and talked about going.

Then we broke up... Enter most of the years distractions... But meanwhile Amy and I stayed friends. Somewhere around Jan she came up to me in the caf and asked if I still wanted to go. Honestly I had completely forgotten at that point... or at least figured I couldn't go. I was so excited that it was still an option. I got busy getting things together to raise the money... and am still not quite sure how I managed it... Although I do have to mention a particular Novena to St. Francis Xavier, partly becasue a big chunk of the money came immediately afterwards and partly because on our layover in Amsterdam we went exploring random streets and ended up in front of a Church by that name.

Africa being in my heart the way it was, one trip just wasn't cutting it lol.. but the "second" year didn't happen. Things fell apart on me and I stayed here. As bad as it seemed at first it worked out for the best. I got everything together the next year and worked my tako off to get myself back there. Same w/ the year after...

So what were the trips about? We spent about 2 months or so there... Part of the time was spent teaching English in primary schools in Moshi, Tanzania. Another part was doing different community service type things around the area. The last couple years I was there this was focused on Light in Africa an orphanage that we grew really close to. We also had a vacation week where we could choose to do one of a couple different options (Zanzibar, climbing Kilimanjaro and going on safari were some of them). It was organized by a missionary working w/ the Moshi church of Christ... so we also had stuff to do w/ them and thier church. If I'm forgetting anything fellow Mission Moshi people, let me know!

So that is how I got to Africa... and why. Now I can look forward to sharing some of my stories :-) Word of warning... There's a ton of them!


sabiwabi said...

Love it so the stories are just priceless. Can't wait!

Mama Kalila said...

:-) Thanks!

GutsyWriter said...

I love adventure and seeing the world. I lived in Nigeria as a kid, and many other countries. Would love to work there or volunteer now. I have 3 sons, and the youngest is 14. We live in southern California, but need to move again soon. Love your blog and adventures. Keep writing.