31 March, 2009

When I Need a Laugh

Not going into it, but its been a rather rough week so far (not good since it's barely started right?)... But there have been several things that just made me smile or laugh.

First off... the really good news. Mumble is healed!!! Pictures to come later...

Baba... Ok. If you saw my menu, you know that we had chicken and rice today. One of his favourite foods... Is why I put it on the menu, I thought it'd make him happy. Well, Sunday I was making said menu and told him it was going to make him happy... He saw the chicken and rice on there and got all excited. What I didn't realize was that he thought I was making chicken and rice casserole... a meal we haven't had in awhile but have done quite a bit. We all like it (and its easy) but not something I would make special or expect him to have the reaction too. Then today, realizing we didn't have the fideo's we'd need... I asked him to pick some up from the store. He did no questions asked... so once agian I assumed he knew what they were for. He gets home... I start boiling the chicken (not something needed for the casserole) and he doesn't say anything. I've got one of the Middle Eastern cookbooks out... and no comments. So his exclamation of "That chicken and rice!!!!" when he turned off the heat for me really hit me as funny... How did he miss it? Seriously!

Kalila... Oh my she's been a ham today.

At one point she put her rubber duck on her kitchen stove. I probably would have put it in the oven... but she's the chef right?

Another... We let her air out quite a bit today... but I had a diaper out and ready for her... a prefold (wash day is coming soon). I looked down and there she was sitting on it and trying to wrap it around her. She got mad when I tried to help too lol.

There's this little game her Gido (and Baba too) plays with her... basically they act like they're pulling off toes, ears, nose etc and eating them... yesterday Baba "popped off" a toe and pretended to eat it and Kalila reached down and did the same. Then she started doing it to us back!

I've gotten tons of baby kisses today... She's been pretty happy overall. It really is nice. She's napping now though so I need to get back to work.

On that note, before I forget... I went to get sandwich bags from under the sink and everything was wet. Apparently our sink is leaking. Jas tried to get something out for me and it was covered in black. We freaked out thinking it was mold. Maintenance came... not mold but colour from the trashbags in the box (I didn't realize we had another box lol). So good news there. He's got to replace stuff and said I should have the kitchen back tonight. Hoping for the best there because I have dishes to finish.

Going now... Pics coming soon hopefully!

Almost forgot this one lol... She heard us... talking... loudly... on the phone yesterday and grabbed one of her toy phones and started mimicing us w/ baby talk. I remembered because after she woke up she grabbed it again lol. So cute. She's said hello into it before, but this is the first time we've seen her spend any real time "talking" on it.

Everything is done now (w/ the sink) thankfully so hopefully I can get more done now!

30 March, 2009

MPM - 30 March - 5 April

I'm not going to discuss my complete failer to stick to my menu last week... Lets just say I didn't feel well and things fell apart on that end (nowhere else really, just in sticking to the menu). I feel bad about... Really. But here I am trying again... and I've got a menu that I have to stick to or Baba will be very unhappy as he's already seen it and is very excited about it! And thankfully, for my sake, its full of leftovers...

So... Lent edition again...


Breakfast - Egg Sandwiches
Lunch - Bubble and Squeak
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Thin pancakes
Lunch - Chicken & Rice (CB - CMEC)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - French Toast (CB - MRG TM)
Lunch - Cheese Enchilada's, Beans & Rice
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Cabbage Rolls, Refried Beans & Rice (leftovers)
Dinner - Mac & Cheese plus Veggie to be named later


Breakfast - Egg & Avocado Breakfast Burrito (minus the katsup... blech)
Lunch - Salmon Croquettes (yes I'm trying again.. I miss these things damn it!)
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Maandazi (CB -MZC)
Lunch - Tanzanian Meat Stew
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Menudo (subbing lamb)

29 March, 2009

Birthing From Within

I was going to start here because it was the one mentioned at the Birthing Center... but apparently they no longer have classes for it there! I'm not really upset by this, as the two they now have are the ones I'm more interested in. However, this one does look interesting so going to still do this.

One thing I really like is that they have a great website about it, located here. There is all sorts of info... so I really recommend checking it out. I have to say, I just love the cake they have lol. (Completely off topic, but it is cute!)

From what I understand, and have gotten off the internet, they see birth as a journey and a rite of passage. They don't set on any set way of doing things, but prepare you for whatever happens. There's a lot of emphasis on self expression, support, and individualizing to specific parents needs.

All of which does sound good to me, so I'm not really sure why this one is not really speaking to me lol. Moot point now though.

27 March, 2009

Short & Sweet

I'm gonna try to keep this short lol.

Video I got the other day... yes I got another one!

Funny Kimosimi moment today... I was getting ready to vacuum, so I was sprinkleing baking soda over our carpet... nothing new. Anyways, I got towards the table (where he was laying under a chair) and I threw some down and he spazzed out and pounced after it. I thought it was cute anyway...

Everyone seems to have disappeared lately. Not just on here... but in general. I haven't heard from several friends in the longest time. A couple its been months even... To the point I'm starting to worry.

Kalila's hair is going curly... and I have proof. So happy, because I was hoping it would... just hope it stays! Normally its just one section or another (two at most), but today.. I caught this. It wasn't wet or anything btw...

26 March, 2009

My Lemony Green Beans

I have no idea how I came up w/ this... but it continues to be my favourite way of making green beans (although I do them plain when I'm being lazy or if they don't fit w/ a dish). I'll apologize ahead of time... I don't have measurments of any kind.

Basically I cut up an onion or part of an onion... (however much ya want). Large slices... I usually cut them in circles and then half those. Whatever that is called lol.

Heat skillet and add oil (mediumish) and cook onions... not too long. I usually don't even let them go clear yet. Add garlic at this point (I usually use minced garlic from our fridge) and cook a little longer. Open can of green beans or two and add to the mix. Salt. Pepper. Cook a few minutes longer (make sure to stir lol) and then add lemon (or lime) juice. Is nice to use fresh ones, but it works w/ the juice in containers too. Cook a bit longer until beans are a good temp.

Obviously my recipe changes a bit each time I make it, but that's the basis of it. I know the lemon thing sounds odd, but it really is good!

24 March, 2009

A Trip To Zanzibar...

If I'm going to tell stories about Afrika, I have to tell this one. I apologize ______ - you know who you are and I will be nice and not name you - but I just have to. And for those of you who know who he is, please be nice as well... I know he hates having this story told lol.. The least we can do is keep him anonymous!

So it was the third summer (and my second time going) and vacation week was approaching. I didn't think I had the money to go on one and had planned to spend the week at Mama Lynn's (Light in Africa) and around town. But one of the guys had just gotten engaged and decided to go to Zanzibar. From there one of the other guys in the group got invited... and then somehow so did I. I re-evaluated my budget and found that it was doable. Many jokes were made, since it had started out as his bachelor thing... I was teased about being the stripper (and btw no I did not).

Anyways... vacation week came. We got up very early one morning to get on a bus and head down to Dar es Salam. I remember getting my bags together and talking to one of the guys about passports. He said his girlfriend had told him that we didn't need them, seeing as Zanzibar is still part of Tanzania. I put mine back in the drawer for a moment and then decided no... I should probably take it! Soon the three of us headed out and walked, in the dark, to the bus stop. I still remember the way it felt walking that morning. Is a happy memory.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful. I don't remember getting sick... I probably did (seeing as I'm really bad w/ driving) but I don't remember it lol. It was nice going that way though because we got to see a lot of the country. Yes, it took a long time to get there, but it was enjoyable (not like the way home which is another story alltogether involving a crowded daladala and very annoyed people fighting around us and soured my view of Dar altogether).

We made it to Dar just fine. But here's where the trip gets interesting...

From the bustop we got a cab and went to the pier where we would take a nini (help.. I cant remember the name... basically a boat) to Zanzibar. We got to the pier.. and what did they ask for? That's right... passports. Fellow traveler A had his... So did I thankfully... But our poor friend did not.

No problem... for a small fee the guy decided to help us. He quickly figured out a plan... and we hear him say (while pointing to me) "she is your wife".

For the next few minutes, several jokes are made about the two of us... I can't speak for him, but I was slightly embarrassed (especially since he was my friends boyfriend at the time). But seriously... it was all worth it to see his ticket when it came....

Mine had my name. Friend A's had his name... and Friend B... Well... his ticket said "Mrs. ___ ____ on it. Yes, they had him as Friend A's wife! (and we thought that kind of thing was illegal there...)

Oh and to make things worse, the only room available the first night we were there... was the honeymoon suite! Thankfully they were able to move in another bed for me... and we got two new rooms the next day..

I still laugh when I think about it... That was a great week.

23 March, 2009

MPM - 23 March - 29 March

Since last week was... well last week... and I definately did something different/new I figured I probably should mention how it went lol. We did end up cutting out some meals due to leftovers... and I look forward to making them as soon as possible (three are actually on my menu this week). For the most part... the food was good! Two things have been added to our list. Corn Beef and Cabbage was one. It was so easy to make... and turned out great. The other, oddly enough, was the Bubble & Squeak. The soup on Friday has potential, but I think I used the wrong beer and we just didn't like it. Kalila did... but I think part of that was just that she liked picking out the bell peppers lol. Oh, and those Irish pancakes ended up being the second recipe on the link, the thin ones, due to not having buttermilk. They were really good and easy to make too.

Anyways... here's our new menu!

Lent edition...

Breakfast - Cereal,
Lunch - Fried Eggs and Turkey Bacon

Dinner - Baba's cooking! Steak, Salad & Potatoes
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs w/ Bell Peppers
Lunch - Sandwiches

Dinner - Chicken Shwarma & Arabic Bread (? If I have time lol)
Breakfast - Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch - Meatloaf & Corn
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Spaghetti w/ Garlic Bread & Green Beans

Dinner - Cream Cheese Chicken w/ Rice & Veggie?
Breakfast - Apple Muffins
Lunch - Salmon Croquettes
Dinner - Colcannon & Fish Pie

Breakfast - Egg & Cheese Biscuits
Lunch - Frito Pie
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Dublin Coddle

22 March, 2009

Gotta Love It

I know it's been awhile... and sorry! But I've got several video's and a pic or two to make it up...

I got this first video on accident...

I was trying to get this picture lol.

She just loves brushing her teeth. I feel so bad when I take it away from her... she cries "teeth teeth".

A little older... A few days ago I got these random shots of Kalila. Ignore the carseat on the floor (lol) we thought I might need it while Baba was at work. Oh and sorry about the lousy filming on my part. A couple of times I had trouble getting moved along with her lol.

I love this one... she shows off body parts (of sorts) and her new signing skills too. I didn't realize until I watched the video that she was pointing to her shoulders w/ her head the first few times lol. Plus it's just cute the way she was walking around and playing and stuff.

And here's the purple! You can also see how she fights me w/ the tv... I can't get it to stay off!

Onto my other babies...

Mumble climbed up on the top shelf of the closet the other day. Yes we have a laundry nini up there... for lack of better storage space right now. Apparently its a good napping place for kitties.

And Kimosimi's odd obsession w/ fighting our sheets. Ignore plate on bedside table... Someone got food after work and forgot to put it up the night before. Oddly enough this video is how I found it too lol... Thankfully I hadn't started them yet, was procrastinating by doing other housework, like changing the sheets lol.

Baba's gonna need the comp back soon so I'm off...

21 March, 2009

Ammendment To Last Post

I am way too tired to type up very much... but someone's reply got me looking. I'd heard that flushing kitty poo was the greener way to go... but apparently that may not be true. (rhyming completely unintentional).

Here is one article on how to better dispose of kitty litter...

Green Your Litter Disposal

And while this doesn't discount the toxoplasmosis bit... here is an interesting way to avoid cat litter in general!

Cat Toilet Training Program

20 March, 2009

Does This Apply?

I keep putting this in the cleaning category in my head but I'm not really sure if it applies lol.

Not too long ago I was being good and cleaning our our litter box. Kitty poo is not supposed to be thrown out because it can make people very very sick... So it needs to be flushed. I've never had a problem with it before, but for some reason it clogged our toilet pretty badly. To the point of I broke our plunger working on it!

So I searched online and found this little idea. Dawn. Yes... The dishsoap. You squirt some in the toilet and then add hot water.

The first time I did it nothing happened. Same issue as before. But Baba came home soon after and it was late, so I added it again and decided to let it sit overnight. And you know what? By the next morning the toilet was working perfectly again! No expensive decloggers or plumbers needed...

19 March, 2009

A Bit of Randomness

So I was watching a show on tv with women giving birth and Kalila decided she wanted some milk... Honestly I forgot it was on as we laid there on the couch. A little while later I noticed she was breathing funny and I started to worry. Then she started pushing on her little tummy. We had cabbage earlier, so I thought that she might have gas. Then it stopped. Then she started doing it again. Back to worrying. Then I saw her face... The little twinkle in her eye... She pushed on her tummy one more time, smiled and said "baby!"

Something bit me the other day... on the foot. It hurt like you wouldn't believe, but I couldn't see the bite. The next day I was getting ready for bed... and my foot was all red and swollen where it got me! Really really odd... Glad we have plenty of mustard around here...

I don't think I've mentioned this yet... but Kalila has learned to sign her second word. Ball. It's so cute... She's very proud of herself about it too.

Laughing at myself a little... When I was making the poll I added a couple at the end that I wanted to do posts on but didn't have one in mind. Just kinda threw them on there... and both got votes early on, but obviously didn't win. Now I wish one of them had because I have a post I really want to write lol. Oh well, I'll get the others knocked out soon I'm sure.

I'm royally annoyed w/ our bank. First off our card will not work if we don't have the money in there, its set up that way and we like it that way. Second... we check the account every time we go out for groc or anything, plus before we pay bills. Everything is also entered on my program on here. There should never be a problem right? No... I paid a bill the other day w/ more than enough money to cover it. It showed up that we had money to spare afterwards and we had a few errands to run so we did. There should have been no problem. Several days later something popped up in the middle of everything, bumped it all down and pushed us over. So our bill and both places we went (neither over 10 dollars) were charged fees.
I still can't figure out what it was either... I don't see anything different or that wasn't there before and/or for the amount it would have been. Granted we've been paid since then and things are back on track.. but it still ticks me off.

Kalila said nigh nigh the other day... as she laid down in the living room. Yes I got a pic.

And I guess that's it for now...

Edit to add... Baba called the bank and they refunded the money... and set up stuff so it can't happen again. All is well...

18 March, 2009

An In Depth Look

Wow, the poll is closed already? Is a good thing I got a couple posts ready just in case... I have to say I was a little surprised at the results (very different from how it started), but not unhappy with them since I've been asked about this by a few people anyway. Anyways, if you voted for one of the others.. I will get to them in time too! :-)

Don't worry, I'm not going to go into the religious aspects on this topic nor my own personal views. Not this time anyway. What I want to do is take a look at how exactly various forms of Hormonal Birth Control really work. Why? You'd be surprised how many people just don't know...

Before I go any further let me say that I will be linking all of my resources underneath.

All hormonal methods work in basically the same way... (some rely more on one of these "methods" than the others) So instead of repeating myself 10 times I'll start w/ what they have in common and then break into the different forms.

HBC's work in 3 ways...

1) They attempt to stop ovulation
2) They increase cervical mucus
3) They thin lining of the uterus

Obviously if you don't ovulate, there is no egg to be met and you can't get pregnant. So 1 is pretty self explanitory. However how often this actually works depends on which form you use.

Cervical Mucus is actually an important part of getting or avoiding pregnancy. 2 works by increasing it or changing it to where its hard (note hard, not impossible) for sperm to get past...

The last is a little trickier. This does not prevent a pregnancy in the least. What it does is attempt to keep a baby (or zygote if you want the technical term) from implanting in the uterus.

So individual HBC's?

The pill... There are two kinds. The combination pill and the mini pill. Obviously each kind is broken into many different brands and stuff, but essentially they fall in those two categories.

Combination Pill - Made of synthetic progesterone and estrogen. This type uses all 3 methods mentioned above to "prevent" pregnancy. 99% effective at "preventing" pregnancy, but at least once source says that w/ typical use they are 93 to 97% effective. Effectiveness can be affected by antibiotics, vomiting, diarrhea and of course forgetting pills. Risks include
blood clots, heart attack, stroke, headaches, nausua, irregular bleeding, tumors, yeast infections, mood changes, and weight gain.

Mini Pill - Synthetic progesterone only. Relies most heavily on 2, but can occasionally suppress ovulation. Some sources say it does thin uterine lining, some say it may thin lining. This pill is often called the nursing mothers pill (or something to that extent) because it's the least likely to affect milk supply. One big "drawback" is that it must not only be taken every day, but at the same exact time every day. It is not as effective as other forms of BC. Most sites say that they are 97 to 98 % effective, although one (the teen one) says it can be as low as 87% effective. Risks include ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, skin spots, irregular periods, headaches and nausea.

The Patch... Actually works the exact same way as the Combination Pill. They say it is 99% effective at "preventing" pregnancy. A few of the risks include skin irritation, headaches, breast irritation, irregular bleeding, nausua and bloating.

The Depro-Provera Shot... Also works in the same manner as the Combination Pill and Patch, but uses a synthetic progesterone like the Mini Pill. 99% effective when used correctly. Risks include headaches, dizzyness, nausea, depression, hair loss, stomache aches, blood clots, stroke, fatigue, weight gain and loss of appetite.

Ring... Also works in the same way as the Combination Pill. Is about 98% effective when used correctly. Risks include headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, weight gain, and bleeding.

Hormonal IUD... Synthetic Progesterone again... Uses methods 2 and 3. Mirena's website does say that it may stop ovulation, but does not do so in most cases. Every thing I have seen says that you must have had a baby for this to even be an option. Is 99% effective. Risks include pelvic inflamitory disease, sterility, increased cramping, acne, headaches, cysts, and weight gain.

Copper IUD... Same as above only uses copper instead of hormones. It does not stop ovulation, but does use the second two methods. Risks include pelvic inflamitory disease, sterility, pain, and heavy bleeding.

Morning After/Emergency Contraception... Also uses the same methods as a Combination Pill. It is made of high doses of various hormones mentioned above. It also has the same risks. Beyond that it's kinda hard to get more information on this one.

While I'm pretty sure there are other hormonal methods, those are the most common and/or ones I can get info on the easiest. If you'd like info on how any others work let me know and I can pull it up. Obviously I did not put every risk mentioned... tried to put some of the lesser known ones as some really surprised me and I've done this research before! Anyway if you'd like more information I've included the links below... obviously I couldn't put everything on here.

Sexual Health Resource
Teen Health
American Pregnancy - Pills
Net Dr UK - Mini Pills
Family Dr - Mini Pills
American Pregnancy - Patch
American Pregnancy - Depro-Provera

American Pregancy - Ring
American Pregnancy - IUD
American Pregnancy - Emergency

17 March, 2009

St Patricks Day - Take 2

Well... I really can't complain lol. My cakes came out just like I wanted them too. It was actually a littler easier than I expected. I can't wait for Baba to come home and see them!

That's right.. A Guinness Cake lol. If you're interested in the recipe, it's linked here (and actually may be below in the menu post too). I did not use the substitutions mentioned (ie I used regular butter and sour cream). And... it is possibly the easiest cake recipe I have made. Seriously. Fast too... Took almost no time at all!

I did not use the icing recipe mentioned though... I did a basic butter cream icing. The wilson one that I've made before (linked here) only I added a little bit of Guinness at the end for some colour!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Remember this little cutie?

What happened?

She's gotten so big! And where'd all the chub go?

Anyways... So far we've had a great St. Patrick's Day. The foods turned out well... I still need to make the icing for the cake and get it put together... (I'll make a post later w/ pics of it) Everyone's been in a good mood. Not too much baby/kitty fighting going on lol. I'm a little sad that I couldn't find the St. Patrick movie on EWTN... but there are some Irish movies on other channels (none on him though).

& yes I did get some more pics. Unfortunately Kalila had just woken up from her nap in these lol... Was pretty hard to get her to smile.

16 March, 2009

MPM - 16 March - 22 March

Lent & St. Patricks Day Edition :~D

I started out intending to find a good Irish meal for St Patricks day... and then I couldn't stop. One day turned into a whole weeks worth of Irish food! But... because I have no idea how much we'll have left over... I will not go on to the next days plan if we have leftovers left. So you may be seeing some of these again next week!

Breakfast - Cereal, Fried Eggs & Turkey Bacon w/ Toast (not quite full Irish breakfast)
Lunch - Mustard Chicken & Carrot and Parsnip Mash
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Irish Pancakes
Lunch -
Corned Beef and Cabbage & Champ
Dinner - Leftovers
*Desert - Chocolate Guinness Cake

Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Bubble and Squeak
Breakfast - Not so full Irish breakfast take 2
Lunch - Lamb Stew w/ Herb Dumplings
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Irish Omelette
Lunch - Cheddar Ale Soup
Dinner - Colcannon & Fish Pie

Breakfast - Potato Farls w/ Egg on top
Lunch - Irish Stew
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Dublin Coddle

14 March, 2009

Africa... A Trip Through Memory Lane

Ok.. Since I have a bit of a break right now (between baby sleeping and housework doing itself at the moment) I think I'll go ahead and write the post that I can't stop thinking about lol. No seriously... if you saw today on my menu - you know why!

Anyways... Africa.

As long as I can remember I've wanted to go. I thought it started in the 5th grade... I remember looking at a map at school and saying I would go someday. But a few years ago I was telling my sister that and Babu said no... That he remembers me saying the same thing as a baby. Apparently there was some movie involving lions there (which one who knows) and I told him and Granny that I was going. I don't remember this lol.

Skip forward to college. I had one year under my belt and was back w/ Granny for the summer. I don't remember how I got the book, but somehow or another I got a new Lurlene McDaniel book (Angel of Hope) to read while I was there... I'd like'd her stuff as a kid, so it's not too surprising I picked it up when I saw it. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was a sequel... I ended up reading the first later, but that's completely beside the point. Basically the books are about a girls trip (first one sister then the other) to Africa on the Mercy Ship. While reading it I remembered how much I wanted to go and started looking into them... which was pretty easy since all the info was in the front of the book lol.

But soon it was time to go back to school and I got distracted by a number of things. But somehow in the mist of it things came together in a completely different way. I started dating a freshman who introduced me to this girl Amy... Now not going into too much detail (she's got a blog of her own lol), but Amy was born in Zambia (parents were missionaries) and had started going on a mission trip to Tanzania in the summers. I think she'd been twice already. Anyways, it was made up of students from a couple different colleges and she was organizing a group from our school to go w/ her too. I don't know how interested the guy I was dating really was (lol) but we both signed up to get more information and talked about going.

Then we broke up... Enter most of the years distractions... But meanwhile Amy and I stayed friends. Somewhere around Jan she came up to me in the caf and asked if I still wanted to go. Honestly I had completely forgotten at that point... or at least figured I couldn't go. I was so excited that it was still an option. I got busy getting things together to raise the money... and am still not quite sure how I managed it... Although I do have to mention a particular Novena to St. Francis Xavier, partly becasue a big chunk of the money came immediately afterwards and partly because on our layover in Amsterdam we went exploring random streets and ended up in front of a Church by that name.

Africa being in my heart the way it was, one trip just wasn't cutting it lol.. but the "second" year didn't happen. Things fell apart on me and I stayed here. As bad as it seemed at first it worked out for the best. I got everything together the next year and worked my tako off to get myself back there. Same w/ the year after...

So what were the trips about? We spent about 2 months or so there... Part of the time was spent teaching English in primary schools in Moshi, Tanzania. Another part was doing different community service type things around the area. The last couple years I was there this was focused on Light in Africa an orphanage that we grew really close to. We also had a vacation week where we could choose to do one of a couple different options (Zanzibar, climbing Kilimanjaro and going on safari were some of them). It was organized by a missionary working w/ the Moshi church of Christ... so we also had stuff to do w/ them and thier church. If I'm forgetting anything fellow Mission Moshi people, let me know!

So that is how I got to Africa... and why. Now I can look forward to sharing some of my stories :-) Word of warning... There's a ton of them!

12 March, 2009

Two Streamish Blogs Almost In A Row...

Hadn't expected to do another stream style post quite so soon... but I finally remembered what I forgot before and I have a couple other things since... So here we go!


I wish I had a picture... I really do. Kalila played Mario Kart the other day! Not even joking. Baba was playing (obviously it was Sunday) and she went up and grabbed the controller like she likes to do when we're playing a video game lol. I look up a few minutes later and the two of them are sitting together playing the game. The next time I look up, Baba had gotten up and Kalila was still sitting there on the couch playing! Mostly running him into a wall of course... but still! Cute... She was actually distracted by that for long enough (ten minutes or so) for me to get a few things done too...


If you're wondering about the poll and haven't seen my last post... It's explained in the post below. Since I wrote it yesterday I don't want it to get lost lol.


Similar to last subject... I was just asked to write about my trips to Africa. I'm not sure exactly how I will do it... I could break it down in 3 posts (one for each trip) but they could still be pretty long...

I take that back. I know what I'm going to do. I'll put up a general post, explaining the trips... and then go back and do smaller posts w/ some of my favourite stories and a few pictures. I'm not sure when any of them will be... will probably be spread out between everything else even. I'm looking forward to it though! Memories...


I have got to start setting my alarm again. Kalila is not waking me up in the mornings anymore. If we're sleeping she will contentedly play in her crib until we go get her... Nice? Yes... But... Seeing as she needs a diaper change and breakfast a little sooner, not so good... I'd meant to be waking up an hour before her anyway, so hopefully this will get me back on track w/ that...


So excited... We used to go back and forth between buying halal hotdogs (whichever brand was easiest to get at lol) and Hebrew National ones... but the other day while groc shopping we saw some organic turkey ones... No preservatives, nitrates or anything! And the best part? They were cheaper than the ones we normally buy... and unlike HN's there are 8 in a package so you don't lose a bun lol.


I have got to take a break and upload some pictures. Kalila was being just too cute yesterday.

First off... After we got up she ran back into her room and closed the door on us. A few min later we walked in to find this.

Then... at dinner time I had her in the high chair like normal. She ate quite a bit and wanted down. Ok. Then she walked over and tried to grab her plate to take w/ her... not happening, we eat at the table. So I move the plate after she wouldn't go back in the high chair. (hadn't put it up yet.. yes, bad me but ended up being a good thing) Then I see her walk around the table, climb up into a regular chair, pull her plate to her and start eating agian...

Such a big girl!


Just found out that a friend had a new baby 3 weeks ago (ok, tech. his wife did lol). A little boy. So excited for them...

Is funny though because I didn't know about them... so tech still just as many in the list (huge list too... watch out I think there's something in the water!) to go as there was before I talked to him!


Cute Baba story... It's been raining here.. Like crazy. And last night he was being all sweet and saying something about how nice it was just the two of us here together and the rain in the background... and seconds afterwards he jumped up and added "and rootbeer in the freezer!" Is kinda hard to describe, but was stinking halarious at the time... I couldn't stop laughing...


Not so funny rain story... I hate storms. Flat out don't like them. And obviously we had one... and lightning struck fairly close to us last night. Huge flash followed by huge boom. I jumped, screamed, etc... and then we hear silence (other than random car alarms going off). Baby not crying.... Both of us freaked out and went to check on her. Yeah, she slept through it cuddled up w/ Grover!


And now I should get off here and get to work... Fun fun...

11 March, 2009

First NHHM Style Post?

I'd say this is my first poll on here, but I can't lol. I did put that one up about those Bday pics.

Anyways, I have several post ideas floating in my head... They've been in there for awhile (obviously before I moved all over) but I just hadn't had a chance to get going on them. But now that things are situated I want to get going on that.

But since I waited so long I have to choose which to do lol. And since it's the first (new) one of that style on here I'm having trouble choosing! So... Here's where I need help! Let me know which one(s) you'd like to see first. I put the poll up a sec ago - look just to your right. I did make it to where you can choose more than one option (not sure if that was the best idea, but we'll see).

The Poll closes 18 March... So don't worry for those of you just here for my pics, there prob will be several of those posts between now and then lol. MK style posts are not going to disappear on ya...

Oh and while I do enjoy comments (who doesn't) please don't use them to do the voting... it throws off the poll lol.. and as bad as I am at Math... please don't put me through figuring it out on my own! :~D

10 March, 2009

Wow That Was Fast!

I promise there are pictures...


But first... I did it. Not only did I get started on combining the two blogs, I finished! I can't believe I managed to get it done so quickly... esp w/ everything else going on. Granted, there are a few more link things I need to do... (I'll get back to that in a minute) but that's going to be a continuous thing anyway. It was much easier than I thought it would be... would have been more so if I hadn't changed the background (lol) but I really liked this one and it was time for a change. I will be sticking w/ it for awhile though because a) I'd lose all my links if I change it again... and that's some work right there.. and b) I'd lose my blog list and that was the worst part of this whole thing!

Links... When I lost them the first time (changing backgrounds on the other blog) I never quite got some of them back. I know which ones they are... mostly the housework section (note it's non existant right now). I'd ask for help (and if you have a suggestion feel free) but Steph left me a comment w/ them when they first got lost that I must have either missed or got distracted from. Thanks for that btw!

Beyond that... I may play around w/ how they are organized a bit. I like the nice orderly way they are now (alphabetical), but... I don't like the first link in the NFP section being first. I really mean no offense to the owners of the site/program...I'm sure it's great. But I just don't trust using BBT only (which it promotes). I know it's one of the easier "methods" but it can't be used for TTA... So yeah... I guess I could look for sites that start a little earlier in the alphabet lol, I think I know of one that I lost from before (actually I'm pretty sure its missing and need to look). So that may solve itself.

Labels... I started to add them to this blog once, but it just didn't work. I hadn't been consistant w/ them and it was just bad. I need them w/ the extra posts though... So I added them back. Obviously will need to be cleaning them up a bit more, but is not as bad as I thought! I moved them around a bit and ended on putting them close to the posts so they're easy to get at.

Ok, blog fixing part of the post done.


I am starting to feel better... as is Kalila. Baba on the other hand is now miserable. I feel so bad for him!

I should be exhausted though. Kalila is not doing well w/ the time change... (I now have a whole new reason to hate the time changing) I'm sure it doesn't help that she was sick... but you'd think if it were that she would have had the same thing happening for a couple days before the change... but no. She was sleeping well! First night after she woke up every hour. Last night was very similar, not as bad but close. Didn't matter much though because my brain wouldn't turn off anyway.. I finally fell asleep around 5 this morning. Thankfully she let us sleep until 9:30.

On similar subject... I was thinking. You expect to be up every couple hours or so w/ a newborn... But I remember little 2 month old Kalila started sleeping through the night and I loved it. It continued until she started teething and we had grief for awhile... then periods of sleeping mixed throughout since then... But its really gotten bad lately. Almost a year and a half and she wakes up way more than she did as a (somewhat) newborn.

And of course she still wants to nurse when she wakes up... She doesn't always (or even usually) nurse herself to sleep, but if she wakes up it's "yummy yummy". I'm not cutting it off at night... I'm sorry, but I wake up hungry and thirsty too sometimes. But the other night when it was every hour I hit the point of I've gotta try something... So I filled up a sippy cup w/ water and tried that. Yeah, did not work! She screamed no and pushed it away... Multiple times. Makes me glad we still have quite awhile before we're gonna start thinking about weaning. I can just imagine what would happen if we did now lol.


We had a friend come over the other night...was nice (and I managed to get rid of those stupid Arizona Green Teas in the process)! Is one of the friends we've been trying to get together w/ more often, but schedules being what they are, doesn't happen nearly often enough.


Last night we got a random knock on our door. A couple of new neighbors happened to see the flag in our living room (blinds were open) and wanted to know if we speak Arabic lol.



Apparently my daughter has become a monkey. Her latest stunt is climbing onto the kitchen table. I'm having to pull her off of it at least 3 or 4 times a day now.


I've been meaning to mention this for awhile now... and am pretty sure I haven't yet (Sorry!) I have great friends. Seriously. One of them, randomly, sent us a Crockpot! (Thanks again!) It came in a few weeks ago (and you wouldn't believe the drama picking it up... rude lady at walmart) and we're still really excited about it. I've been trying to work in a meal with it in our menu... but hasn't happened yet. The one I did put we forgot to put something important in the groc list and it didn't happen. I'm really looking forward to using it though... keeping my eye open for good recipes too.


And now... what most of you are here for lol.

I've been trying to get some new good pics all day... and this is what most of them have looked like.

Little Miss just won't stop moving!

This one... I just love.

I don't know if you recognize it, but she's sitting on the little cat house thing. Somehow she squashed it into a chair and loves sitting on it. Usually it's what she runs to when she's in trouble, so has kinda turned into the "time out chair". I hadn't meant for it too, but its' working.

She was not in time out here btw... She just sat down and I thought I'd get a pic to mention it... and then she turned, grabbed the blind and it just turned into a great shot. Like I said.. I love it.

Dinner time.

Was leftover night and I kinda threw things together... She really enjoyed it, but the reason I pulled out the camera is because she was doing such a great job eating w/ her fork. More food is being picked up w/ it than ever.. and most of it made it to her mouth too!

These are a little older, I honestly thought I had them up here already!


Can you see the newest ones? So cute!

More apple pictures...

She really loves those things...

Not of Kalila...

But I thought this was an adorable shot of Kimosimi. Sorry it's slightly out of focus, Kalila was pulling on my arm!

I wish I could put up a couple of video's we got... but I can't right now. Maybe later, we'll see!


Oops, a couple things I forgot!

Still waiting to hear news about a friend who's pregnant (or maybe not lol.. She was "due" a couple weeks ago or so) right now. Please keep her in your prayers... and the others too.. I seem to have a lot of friends (there was 9 at one point) in various stages of that right now lol

Also... Hmmm... I forgot what else I forgot... I guess either it wasn't important or will make another entry at some point lol.

09 March, 2009

So I Was Thinking...

Probably a scary thing I know...

But lately all I've been putting on my second blog is the MPM's. I have ideas for a few other posts I'd like to write but never know when I'll get around to it. I like the info on there so don't want to get rid of all that stuff and posts... but think it might be easier if it was on here.

So I'm going to combine my blogs. It'll probably take awhile and will be in steps. But we'll see how it goes!

08 March, 2009

MPM - 9 March - 15 March

Lent Edition :~D

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Chicken Adobo, Rice & Green Beans
Breakfast - Fruit and Cereal
Lunch - Potatoes Stroganoff
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Boiled Eggs, Toast and Jelly
Lunch - Alphabet Soup (Onion Soup for Adults?)
Dinner - Steak and Veggies w/ Cheese
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Barbecue Chicken & Corn

Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Orange Oatmeal Muffins
Lunch - Salmon Croquettes
Dinner - Rebecca's No Measure Pasta (will have to scroll a bit lol)

Breakfast - Eggs and Biscuit Sandwiches
Lunch - Hotdogs
Dinner - Roasted Chicken & Sukuma Wiki (whoo hoo! Collard Greens)
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - To be decided... (may be out)

Hate Being Sick

Well... I don't know if the exhaustion thing was because I was about to get sick or if I got sick because I was so exhausted... but either way... guess what?

I woke up... I can't remember which day, but w/ a very sore throat. Later on my head started hurting. Not even a little hurt... but like something was squeezing it on all sides. Awful. Advil did help though... for awhile.

Throat is not sore anymore (whoo hoo) but I can't breath. I don't remember if it's today I woke up w/ that or yesterday (depends if the throat was yesterday or the day before... I think it was the day before). I'm coughing too. I'm starting to get some energy back but still dragging a little. I'm confused about the whole temp thing too... by anyway you look at it I do not have a fever (just over 98) but when you look at my chart... there is a drastic rise today. Random? From being sick? Who knows...

Kalila is coughing too... and has a runny nose. But she's doing a ton better than me. Thankfully.

Completely different note.

I'm a bit mad at myself... I remember talking to one of my cousins while I was pg about drinking green tea, you know to make sure it was safe. She didn't know of any reason not to drink it (other than too much can cause kidney stones). I asked my dr about herbs (because I love my herbal teas too) and he said that they are all safe... something I knew not to be true.. .so I figured better safe than sorry and avoided them all unless I knew it was good for while pg. But for some reason I didn't lump the Arizona Green Tea in there... I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'd talked to Las about it? Who knows... Anyways, point being I drank it while pg... and then afterwards.

So today I look at the bottle and see the word Ginseng on it. Curious... I look on Kelly Mom (a site I didn't know of while pg but love now) and found out that I should not be drinking this! 9 months of pg and 17 of breastfeeding later and I find out that it can be dangerous for my baby!

And of course, being that it's Lent, I have a whole stinking case of it sitting here...

06 March, 2009

Charting Sites Anyone?

I'm so stressed right now it's not even funny... if it's not bad enough being sick... They seemed to have revamped hormonal forecaster, resulting in multiple problems on my end.

I couldn't log in... So I had my password sent. After several failed attempts got it. Everything is gone... All of my old data just gone. Granted I'm just starting a cycle so it's not a huge deal... but still is agrivating because I regularly go back and compare what's going on w/ previous months! Then something else started going wrong w/ it so I logged into my section of the comp (was on Baba's) and now I can't get back into it. Won't let me at all... and when I ask it to send me the password it says my email does not exist. So not happy.

So I'm looking at other sites and very open to suggestions. I've done the FF thing before and am not comfortable with it as I'm TTA still... it's meant for TTC only. I've found a couple others, but they're either TTC only or a Billings method only or whatever.

I managed to get most of my info for today into HF and think I can remember the rest until tomorrow at least... but still. Anyone?

05 March, 2009

Seriously... What is going on here?

I have no energy lately... am absolutely exhausted and I don't know why! I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I count the minutes until Kalila's nap... have trouble staying awake until then... and then once she goes down I crash on the couch until she wakes up. Then I'm back to dragging myself up and trying to force myself to stay awake! I look forward to her nursing just so we can lay down.. Yawning all day long. I feel horrible when someone calls because I end up yawning on them the whole time. My brain is fuzzy. All I want to do is sleep... and of course I can't. Kalila needs attention... esp when she's trying to get into everything lol. Right now we're good because she's in the high chair eating (and I'm somewhat awake at this point)... but I'm constantly fighting sleep when I shouldn't be. Baba's been trying to help... yesterday he watched her while I slept and he took her out this morning for errands too... but he needed sleep when he got back and I barely remember him saying something about going to bed. I woke up to find Kalila trying to climb up on the kitchen table! Was only a few minutes later, but still... I feel horrible about it... I've got to stop falling asleep! She's too little... I don't want anything to happen to her... I've got to wake up.

I can't blaim it on Kalila either... because while she's not sleeping through the night, most nights she's not waking overly much either (most nights..). It's not any worse than a few weeks ago before this started anyway. I have no idea what's going on. I was joking w/ Baba yesterday that if I didn't know better I'd think I was pregnant (the last time I was this tired I was... kept falling asleep at work then lol). But I'm not. Granny mentioned iron, but I know I'm getting enough of that... I'm getting some excerise... not a lot, but we are walking again... I shouldn't be so tired... and at this point I'm only still going to keep myself awake. Any ideas? Please?

03 March, 2009

Trips to the Park

First off... Mumble is doing a ton better. Apparently they told Baba on Monday that it looks like she'll only need to go in for another couple weeks. Very good news. Poor thing is so sick of going that she's starting to hide on Mondays and Thursdays lol.

Now... the park.

I put off going for the longest time because I thought it would be a horrible walk. I had this idea of the three of us getting in the truck and driving down there... but we just haven't had the time. So last week I finally decided to do it.

Weds I was exhausted from something else... I can't remember what I had going, but I just couldn't stand the thought of walking so far. Thurs we had errands. So Friday... I decided to do it. To make it easier on myself, I packed up some food for her and we left just after Baba went to class... and decided to stay until he got out and could pick us up. A couple hours, not too bad right?

The walk really wasn't so bad at all lol. Seriously I can do it and back no problem... Walked much (much) farther than that before... up until I was 6 months pg actually. Is kinda nice to be walking again too...

Anyways. The park. We had a ton of fun there. Kalila was everywhere. She played w/ a couple little boys in the sandbox for awhile. The interesting thing there was that their dad asked if we use cloth diapers... had noticed the padded butt lol. Apparently they do too! I've never met anyone else in person that does (other that you Steph and haven't seen ya since either of us have had kids). Later on another lady asked too, she did until her washer broke...

But Kalila... played in the sand (tried to eat the sand). Climbed up on the equipment. Threw herself down the biggest slide first! Tried to climb this wall thing that surprised the living daylights out of me... and almost got to the top! She's not so big on the swings, but she did swing a little too. I think my heart was in my throat half the time she was up on all the stuff lol... but she had a blast.

I ended up taking her back yesterday. We walked both ways, and wasn't so bad either... Looks like we're going to be doing this at least once or twice a week. Is good to get out... and she's having fun. Plus it's getting a lot of energy out... I've actually managed to keep the living room a lot cleaner in the past few days because she's not tearing through it quite like she normally does lol.

Beyond that...

Her newest word is purple! :-D

And she's started stretching along w/ the baby gym at home... by herself! It's so cute to watch... I'm gonna have to get a video of it.

She saw her first train (I think) the other day... was so excited and started waving at it like crazy!

We got her a night light the other night and since then she seems to be doing better. Waiting to say for sure though...

I'd better get going now... I need to mop the kitchen floor... slight accident earlier (I got it cleaned up but should mop still). Kalila and I were in the fridge finding dinner... I grabbed the leftovers and the lid came off and food went everywhere, including all down her legs. Was kinda funny actually... She had the oddest look on her face.

02 March, 2009

MPM - 2 March - 8 March

Lent Edition :~D

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Buffalo Goulash and Okra
Breakfast - Fruit and Cereal
Lunch - Chicken Adobo, Rice & Peas
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Boiled Eggs, Toast and Jelly
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - T-bone Steak and Squash
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Chicken & Green Bean Alfredo

Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Orange Oatmeal Muffins
Lunch - Felix's Fried Tilapia and Mashed Potatoes
Dinner - Cheese Pizza
Breakfast - Biscuits and Gravy
Lunch - Hamburger Helper
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - New York Strip and Salad