05 February, 2009

Time For Another Well Visit..

I'm gonna keep this pretty short, or try lol, I do have some pictures to go along w/ this... but they're on Baba's phone so hopefully I'll have them in the next day or two!

Kalila had her 15 month checkup today... Yes, I know it's a month late lol.. That was not on purpose. Thankfully they didn't complain about that.

She had fun waiting for the dr... There were some kids in the waiting room and she played w/ one little 3 year old boy in particular. They were so cute lol.

Anyways... as of today Kalila weighs 21 lbs. She's about 1/2 lb less than the dr "wanted her to be" but she said she wasn't worried about it (said something about how she may take after me there). The big surprise was her height... 32 in tall now! Ok, not too big a surprise since we knew she'd grown quite a bit... but still... 3 in since our last visit!

After talking to my mom the other day, we decided we probably should mention some family history to the dr while we were there... The whole anemia thing (basically we have more than one kind running in the family). She wrote it down in her file, checked her birth records (the testing done then, we guessed right - she doesn't have that kind, but more importantly is not a carrier either - very good news), and had a test done for the second kind. That was kinda funny because Kalila didn't react a bit to being pricked, but when the nurse started milking her finger she yelled "Ow!" It was cute... But yeah, that test came back just fine. She is definately not anemic. Whoo hoo. I feel kinda bad putting her through the test, but... better safe than sorry right?

More good news.. She only had one vax this time! Poor dear fell asleep just before (the visit was around her naptime) and had a rude awakening... actually cried for a few moments. She did pretty good though. We don't have to take her back in until she's 19 months (18 month really, but needs to be in 3 months) and she's only going to have one vax that time too... makes me happy. I don't like the marathon runs of them.

Anyways, sounds like I've got to go restart the washer... I'll get those pics up asap!


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