26 February, 2009

Blah Blah... Blah Blah Blah

I know I've been missing lately. Combination of things... We've had a lot going on. It's been a really bad week. I just haven't felt like writing period... any of those will explain it. Don't worry, not getting into what has happened this week. There's no point and I don't want to get into it right now anyway.

But... some of the highlights from the week... (and/or random things that come to mind as I'm sitting here lol)

Not too long ago I looked up how much Kalila should be eating for her age... because like all toddlers she's really weird about it and I was worried if she was getting enough. One day she stuffs herself beyond imagine, one day she seems to hardly eat anything. It was a relief looking it up really because it showed me how little she really needs lol. Basically about 1 tbsp and a half is a whole serving of something for her age... So yeah... she eats more than enough on a bad day...

Anyways, point of that being... sometimes she seriously scarfs down way more than that... Like when we go to Sams. Our big Sams trip is kind of a treat for us... We stop at the food court and get beef hotdogs... Kalila can eat (and will eat) just about the whole thing. She didn't eat as much today (left off a couple inches), but the last trip we made there was hardly any left. Those things are a pound of meat! I have no idea how she does it... (of course at the same time once she's full she refuses more no matter what, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much right?)

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that after that she hardly touched the meat at dinner... went mostly for veggies lol. I made peas tonight and if I'd had the camera out I would have gotten it on video... she was shoveling them in! The girl loves her peas...

The other thing today was apples. This I did get a pic of lol... Ok several pics of. We went shopping right? Well the whole time Baba was getting his apples she was saying "apple apple apple apple". Then we went to get hers and she did it all over again... and then tried to steal one off the shelf (yes I stopped her). So we got home and of course that's gonna be a snack today. But instead of slicing them like I normally do... I cleaned it up and let her have a whole one. Here's what happened.

Note: After awhile i had to take it away and cut it... She was getting too far inside and I didn't want her getting the seeds. Stubborn miss that she is wouldn't turn it around lol.

On a different note. She's terrorizing our cats. Poor Mumble was pushed around all over the place yesterday (between the vet today and our errands she was lucky today). One minute Kalila will be loving on her, giving hugs and kisses... and the next she's hitting her and shoving her off a chair! I'm about ready to pull my hair out...

So yesterday I was doing something (I forget what) and heard growling and spitting coming from the baby's room... So I ran in there... and found Kalila had climbed up into her stroller to get at Mumble (who likes to lay on top). Mumble was not happy, but Kalila was very proud of herself. Mommy was not to pleased of course...

Speaking of climbing. The little monkey got in her play pen today. I'd just given her a bath and was letting her air out a bit before putting her diaper back on... Walked over to the play pen to say hi to Mumble (another place she likes to curl up) and Kalila walked over there too... I was squatting down at the time and she grabbed on, put her foot on my leg and boosted herself up and over! You should have seen the grin... Thankfully she didn't flip out when I pulled her out to get her ready for bed lol. I'm thinking pulling Mumble out first was a good idea. Instead of screaming to get back in, she helped me pull herself out (tried to climb again).

She's also gotten too good at getting on and off our bed. It took awhile for that to happen because it's so high off the ground. But she's figured out the rail under the mattress.

Now what's scary about this? The other morning Baba brought her in just like he always does... I fed her and we all fell asleep like normal. A little while later she woke us up playing with a toy truck, was running it up and down us lol. Cute yes? Except that truck was not in the bed! When I got up... clothes I'd put on the couch to fold the next day were on the floor too! So little miss got herself up and played for awhile while were were asleep... not good! I've had one eye open ever since (maybe that's why I'm so tired right now). The past few mornings I've seen her get out of bed... and followed her out.

I couldn't help it... I had to get a picture of her on Ash Monday. If you look closely, her cross is not quite a cross but more like a circle lol. I think she moved...

Oh, that puppy dog she's holding. Valentines Day sale... We went to Walgreens for sale candy and she attached herself to it. Wouldn't even let the cashier ring it up, I had to pull the tag off! Thankfully he laughed. She seriously had a death grip going on though.

And one more cute picture before I go... Kalila seems to have this facination w/ thermometers now. Sometimes she tries to stick them in her mouth... (from watching me) and sometimes she tries to stick it in her diaper. Earlier today (or was it yesterday) she tried to take Baba's temp. I wish I'd had that one in a pic lol...
Normally it's just mine, because it's sitting on the window sill where I can get it in the morning... But today she found hers (I'd taken her temp the night before and thought I'd put it out of reach) and I found this...

Oh yeah... One of the things I'd meant to write... Two more times now Kalila has had that thing happen at night where she wakes up calling for Baba and not wanting me. Thankfully neither has been as bad, but she wasn't fooled by his picture either... She seems to like me rubbing her back, so I'm going w/ that until she decides to let me pick her up... thankfully hasn't taken as long as the first either time. There was a good break after the first though, and these two have been the past two days. I hope we get past it soon...

23 February, 2009

MPM - 23 Feb - 1 March

Lent Edition :~D

Ash Monday
Kalila's Breakfast - Oatmeal and Banana
Lunch (after noon) - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Dinner - Salmon and Spinach Pasta Marinara
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Lunch - Chicken Adobo, Rice & Green Beans
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Fruit and Cereal
Lunch - Tanzanian Meat Stew (Goat)
Dinner -Leftovers
Breakfast - Eggs and Turkey Bacon
Lunch - Leftovers

Dinner - Sloppy Joe's
Breakfast - Orange Oatmeal Muffins
Lunch - Tuna Helper
Dinner - Veggie Curry (TM) and Rice
Breakfast - Breakfast Biscuits
Lunch - Khligh & still need a veggie (Africa Cb)
Dinner - Sandwiches
Breakfast - Bagels w/ Cream Cheese
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Buffalo Goulash & Okra

As you can see I didn't manage to make the Khligh today... and I don't want the meat to stay in the freezer for too long so have to make it this next week. Oh well, gives me time to find that veggie!

20 February, 2009

She's Breaking My Heart

So our dryer went off... woke Kalila up and scared her pretty badly. She's crying now... I went in to check on her and told her to come to me... and she laid there and said no... I rubbed her back, told her goodnight and walked out here.. but she's still crying. Poor baby... Sounds like she's falling back asleep though.

No she isn't... I went back in and she still won't let me pick her... Screaming no and mine... and won't come near me. I finally walked out again and now she's calling for Baba and he's still at work...

Went in again... Grabbed her before she could run away. She screamed for me to put her down... and ran back to her crib and acted like she was going to climb in. I put her back and more screaming. Picked her up again... Over and over... Tried putting her on the floor, she flung every toy I tried... Tried to push me over... Finally I thought to pull up a pic of Baba on here (the Valentines Post) and she calmed down enough to nurse. I hope I can get her back down, but at least she's calm again.

17 February, 2009

Valentines Day

Sorry this is a little late lol... But we celebrated it late too. Baba had to work on Saturday, so we ended up going on on Sunday. Things didn't quite go as planned (for one we overslept lol) but we still had a great time.

Gido came and picked up Kalila around 10:30. From what I hear she had a blast w/ him. Doesn't surprise me one bit though because she got excited as soon as we told her that morning lol. After they left we finished getting ready and took off.

Before I go any further... we took a couple pics before we left....

Doesn't Baba look good? :-D

I on the other hand... Lets just say I struggled with my hair all day. You can't really tell in the pic (thankfully) but it look like I had a bad straightening job done lol. I'm not sure if it was the weather or the fact that Kalila got ahold of it before I started working on it or what... but uggh!

Anyways.. we went straight to the movies to see New in Town. It was a really cute movie... I'm glad we went. From there we went to Borders... where I did not find the book I wanted, but that's ok. I did get a really cute dvd instead (yes, he let me pick out my Valentines gift lol). I guess I should point out at this point, that Baba got his gifts the day before (a box of cookies and a really odd book that I knew he'd love). From there we went to eat... had a great lunch.. and then back here... It was around 4:30 or so when we got home lol... and Kalila got here a little while later, sound asleep lol.

Like I said, it was a good day!

MPM 16 Feb - 22 Feb

This is lazy week... I am completely serious, not joking here! Doesn't mean I was lazy about writing it out (although getting it up online was a diff matter lol) because I put a lot of thought into what was going on it... but it's the week before Lent starts. I have a ton to do around the house. I want it all done before Lent, esp in the kitchen area. So... I wanted fast, easy, no mess meals as much as possible. So here's my lazy week!

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Toasted Sandwiches
Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - Hotdogs
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Frito Pie
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch -
Chicken Fried Rice
Dinner - Spaghetti w/ Garlic Bread and Green Beans
Breakfast - Biscuits & Eggs
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Potato Stroganoff w/ Corn
Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Tuna Helper
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Bagels w/ Cream Cheese
Lunch - Denny's Nurse-In
Dinner - Khligh, Rice and Veggie?

13 February, 2009

Pretty Self Explanitory

I'm not going to write much... because... well I really don't need too lol.

Sunbutter & Banana sandwiches are messy business...

Having some fun w/ the colours

More colouring, in video this time... I got a good shot of her saying "love you" though! :-D

Remember me telling you about that diaper pail? Here's my proof... (yes the wetbag doesn't fit.. we bought the wrong size pail lol)

Reason Kimosimi got in trouble the other day... Luckily I was able to fix it...


Too tired to think... but here's a good link. The rhyming was unintentional btw...

11 February, 2009

Things That Put A Smile On My Face...

I caught Kalila putting her dirty clothes into the diaper pail yesterday...

I'm almost through rewashing my dishes (long ugly story about me spending a ton of time on them and then the dishwasher spitting them out dirty... I'm still bitter about it)

Mumble is healing faster than expected

Baba and I can talk online while he's at work... just short emails, but it's nice!

Kalila went to bed fairly easy tonight...

Kalila trying to say clock yesterday morning... (I'll leave that one to your imagination)

Finding my old Mission Moshi Website...

Reading through the first journal on said website... There were some great memories recorded there... Like this and this - that make me laugh. (I have that song stuck in my head now!) Makes me wish I'd finished putting up the one from the last summer (04). I'm gonna have to do that when I have time!

Kalila trying to stuff a basketball in the cat carrier...

Finding random other chafu stuffed in the cat carrier lol

Kimosimi playing w/ a random cat toy... He was going nuts over it!

Having great friends... I don't know what I'd do w/out yall

Baba and I having similar dreams at the same time the other night. (It really did hit me as funny)

Finding out how healthy curry is... A whole new reason to use it as much as possible!

Hearing Kalila tell me her oatmeal was too hot...

Kalila changing her mind about not wanting said oatmeal when she heard it had bananas in it ("na-na!")

Getting mail from Baba's school saying he made the Deans List last semester

Kalila and her backwards potty training...

Finding new recipes that I can't wait to try.

I could go on... but I've got to get a few more things done lol...

09 February, 2009

MPM - 9 Feb - 15 Feb

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Subway
Dinner - Roast w/ Potatoes, Carrots & Onion (Baba's cooking!)
Breakfast - Blueberry Muffins
Lunch -
Chicken & Green Bean Alfredo
Dinner -
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Frito Pie
Dinner - Creamy Veggie Curry (TM) w/ Rice
Breakfast - Turkey Bacon and Eggs
Lunch -
Tuna Helper
Dinner - Sandwiches
Breakfast - Bagels & Cream Cheese
Lunch - Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch - Chicken Fried Rice
Dinner - Cheesy Tomato Basil Bagel (TM)
Breakfast - Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch - with family
Dinner - Khligh &
Beignets de Choufleur (from The Africa Cookbook)

07 February, 2009

St. Maron's Day

Seriously there will be more picture than description here because I am flat out exhausted. I'm trying to stay awake until Baba gets off work though... one reason I'm writing this now anyway lol.

Today was St. Maron's Day... Poor Baba had to work so we assumed we weren't going to the hafli... but my FIL was nice and took us anyway lol. I'm really glad we went though.

And see.. I'm already drawing a blank on what to say lol.

No... Thankfully it wasn't long after we got there that we were able to get our food (really because Kalila was itching to run around and kept trying to lose us in a maze of people before we got it). Ahh.. I need to put up the food just a sec! Sorry we brought Baba food home and I almost forgot... Anyways, Kalila just stuffed herself silly. It was so cute... esp since she went right for Baba's fav thing (the chicken and rice).

Then the dancers came on and Kalila started dancing in my lap. I wanted to get a video of it, but she wouldn't let me... So her Gido took over the camera and we got this...

I think you can see my new hair cut in there lol... Ignore me though.. I look awful.

Then a bit later everyone went to dance and I got this first...

Then these...

One more video of Kalila dancing...

And before we left I had to get some video's/pictures of the dancers too. Obviously Baba was not here to dance this time, but I swear I'm going to get a good video next time he does and post it on here...

I'm gonna post the pics on here first since they're easiest lol... So obviously this is slightly out of order her.

Video 1 - Look closely and you can see my BIL.

Video 2 - I'm surprised I got this one... the camera was acting up. (which is why all those pics above were taken lol)

Video 3 - As I'm shaking my head here... I'm glad I got this one really ( it's gonna make Baba smile I know) but still... You see the guy that flips at the beginning of the dance? That'd be my BIL...

And this is taking way too long to put up... I have a feeling Baba will be home by the time it is. (Yup I was right)

05 February, 2009

Time For Another Well Visit..

I'm gonna keep this pretty short, or try lol, I do have some pictures to go along w/ this... but they're on Baba's phone so hopefully I'll have them in the next day or two!

Kalila had her 15 month checkup today... Yes, I know it's a month late lol.. That was not on purpose. Thankfully they didn't complain about that.

She had fun waiting for the dr... There were some kids in the waiting room and she played w/ one little 3 year old boy in particular. They were so cute lol.

Anyways... as of today Kalila weighs 21 lbs. She's about 1/2 lb less than the dr "wanted her to be" but she said she wasn't worried about it (said something about how she may take after me there). The big surprise was her height... 32 in tall now! Ok, not too big a surprise since we knew she'd grown quite a bit... but still... 3 in since our last visit!

After talking to my mom the other day, we decided we probably should mention some family history to the dr while we were there... The whole anemia thing (basically we have more than one kind running in the family). She wrote it down in her file, checked her birth records (the testing done then, we guessed right - she doesn't have that kind, but more importantly is not a carrier either - very good news), and had a test done for the second kind. That was kinda funny because Kalila didn't react a bit to being pricked, but when the nurse started milking her finger she yelled "Ow!" It was cute... But yeah, that test came back just fine. She is definately not anemic. Whoo hoo. I feel kinda bad putting her through the test, but... better safe than sorry right?

More good news.. She only had one vax this time! Poor dear fell asleep just before (the visit was around her naptime) and had a rude awakening... actually cried for a few moments. She did pretty good though. We don't have to take her back in until she's 19 months (18 month really, but needs to be in 3 months) and she's only going to have one vax that time too... makes me happy. I don't like the marathon runs of them.

Anyways, sounds like I've got to go restart the washer... I'll get those pics up asap!

03 February, 2009

The Day We Forgot Mumble

That's right... and I still feel horrible about it. Let me back up though...

Baba got home from school around 12:30 or so to find Kalila still awake. For some reason she did not want to go down yesterday... He had errands to run though and since she was up figured we'd all just go.

First we had to pack Mumble up and take her to the vet... Thankfully that went pretty smoothly...

Next on to get the tires fixed. We figured since we were both hungry and I hadn't been able to get lunch ready beforehand (my own fault, weekly menu wasn't planned until 5 minutes ago lol) we'd just drop the truck off and walk over to get some food. Good thing considering the tires weren't in yet and we had awhile to wait.

Right when we got there we realized that Kalila was very wet... and while we had diapers, we did not have an extra set of clothes... and her pants were a little wet. Thankfully there was a "nearly new" store right next to the restraunt... So we ran in there and found an adorable set of overalls.

We ended up going to eat Mexican food... and I finally got the menudo that I've been craving for weeks! (and thankfully no I did not have a repeat of the infamous pig foot incident) I let Kalila get her first taste of it too... I'm not really sure what she thought though lol... She didn't want any part of the soup, but ate the rest. Then towards the end I tried to give her some more and she picked up the hominy, threw it on another plate and said 'no'. Anyways, not sure if it was a I don't think I like it thing, or just that she wanted her beans and rice (which she ate a ton of btw).

Well... obviously we finished eating at some point... and Baba needed a haircut... one of the errands we really needed to do. So we headed across the street to do that. I hadn't really decided if I wanted to get mine cut too... Part of me wants to grow it out agian, and part was itching to do something different again lol. So I went ahead and got a haircut too... I'm still getting used to it, but Baba likes it lol. Kalila had fun while we were there too... They had a little bench for kids and a toy thing. She loved it.

From there we decided to go next door to HEB to waste some time... Really that's all we did. There was nothing we needed.

Then we headed back to check on the truck... just as it was being finished! Note this was about 3 hours later lol.

But we weren't done yet... We had to run to my FIL's house to pick up his computer (needs fixing). My BIL was home so we ended up staying awhile...

Finally we made it out and headed to Wal-Mart for a couple of things we needed there... We've been trying to go for weeks now and just haven't been able to. Unfortunately I did not have our list so I'm sure we forgot something...

We got back to the truck about 6. I remember thinking that it was dinner time and that I'd have to rush to make dinner. Kalila was already hungry and letting us know so Baba suggested I nurse her before we go. So we're sitting in the truck... she's just starting to fall asleep on me (remember she didn't nap) and the phone rings.

That's right. We forgot Mumble!!!! The vet closes at 7 and it was already 6:45 or so... So we rushed to put Kalila in the carseat and took off. We got to the vet's at 7:10 (literally) and got Mumble. I felt so bad about it... We both did.

I don't remember what time we got home.. I was exhausted and still had stuff to do. Kalila was out, so we just laid her down in the crib and let her sleep. I got stuff washed and dinner made while Baba took a couple tests he had... and then woke up the baby for dinner. I felt so bad about that lol, but she really needed it. She did pretty good considering. I was afraid she'd be hard to get back to sleep but she really wasn't.

So yeah, that was my crazy day yesterday lol.

02 February, 2009

MPM - 2 Feb - 8 Feb

I know... I know.. I'm late! Last week I was half asleep when I typed it up and ended up w/ so many issues it's not even funny (thinking we had groc we didn't) so I didn't force myself to stay up Sun night this week and then yesterday was just crazy... I also forgot (until this evening) that this is the week I'm supposed to start flipping our meals, so things are prob gonna be crazy for a bit. Oh well...

Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Mexican Restaurant
Dinner - Tuna Helper & Corn
Breakfast - Cheesy Scrambled Eggs & Crescent Rolls
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Drumsticks, Garlic Butter Rice and Brussel Sprouts
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Beef Stroganoff & Green Beans
Dinner - Creamy Veggie Curry (TM)
Breakfast - Turkey Bacon and Eggs
Lunch -
Chicken & Rice w/ Broccoli
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Tanzanian Stew
Dinner - Spaghetti
Breakfast - Bagels & Cream Cheese
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Cheesy Tomato Basil Bagel (TM)
Breakfast - Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch - with family
Dinner - with family