06 January, 2009

Mumble Update

Remember Mumble having an abscess on her leg from Kimosimi biting her? The whole trip to the vet last week? Well... We had another.

Almost right away, within a day or two of taking her in the first time we noticed that her paw was starting to look worse. (and I could kick myself for not insisting we take her back right then) At first it just looked grotesquely swollen and we assumed it was from being drained.

When it first started looking worse we were worried, but unsure if it just looked worse than it was because she was picking at it. We thought it might just be from having patches of fur missing. We knew we had to take her back in though.

At the same time she was starting to walk on it again... She was eating again... She stopped vomiting. So we were hoping it wasn't as bad as it looked.

So yesterday I was meaning to call the vet's and schedule an appointment. They beat me to it lol. I have no idea if they were just calling to check up on her or if they wanted to schedule the next one because I took over and said we needed an appointment before they had a chance to say a word. After hearing what was going on they wanted to see her right away. When I got her up from a nap to put in the carrier I noticed she was limping again... That was not happening an hour before.

They took one look at it and commented that it hadn't looked like that before. Apparently they misdiagnosed what happened. Poor Kimosimi was blamed for something he didn't do. Their first guess was snake bite... but Mumbles an indoor kitty to begin with and it's an odd time for that even if she wasn't. It had to be something poisonous though... They settled on it being from a brown recluse.

Skipping over the very obvious fears that come along with that (hello baby in the house!!! Soon to be two since I start babysitting next week)... I'll get back to that later.

Poor Mumble... She's going to be ok. They said they've seen much worse turn out ok. But... they had to remove dead tissue. She was sedated again and as much was cut off as possible. They couldn't get it all so they had to do a wet wrap (wet bandages covered w/ dry that will be pulled off to remove the rest...). They said that her tendons weren't affected and her toes were warm/pink so there should be no problems there. She'll have scars, but that should be the extent of it. They did also say that there is a small possibility that she'll lose a couple toes and an even smaller one that she'll lose her foot.

We have to take her in every day now for awhile... Thankfully they're being very nice and making it as easy on us as possible. We're still pretty worried about Mumble.

And of course ourselves... We went straight to the office when we got back. Unfortunately Baba got the women in the office because she tried to say something along the lines of oh it happens... I get stung by scorpions all the time. Ummm... how does that even compare? Besides, for some reason we haven't gotten our apt sprayed since we moved in... they're supposed to take care of that! Luckily I got ahold of the manager when I went to ask about something else and after we talked he realized how serious it was (she'd given him some bs story and he thought that the vet had no way of knowing what bit her and that she was just in pain) and called the exterminator right away. They should be here today.

Btw... Miss Mumble is really hanging in there... She didn't have the goofy look coming off the drugs this time, but did shake. She immediate tried to walk when she got out of her carrier here. We're keeping her in the bathroom but letting her out for little stretches. She's out right now in fact lol. I'm amazed at how well she can do it w/ that bandage... and she's even jumping short distances although I'm trying to discourage that. I saw her get up on the couch though. Tough little kitty. She's being really sweet too. Didn't fight her meds this morning. Is letting me pet her and even licked my hand last night... Part of me loves it, but part is sad because all her fiestiness seems to be gone.


Steph said...

Oh poor baby!!! I feel so terrible for her! I hope that she heals quickly and that they get the apt sprayed asap!

Lelo and Stitch said...

OMG! that is so scary. and poor mumble.. not to mention I know how expensive vet bills can get. Thanks for the update.

Mama Kalila said...

Steph - Thanks and I hope so too!

Abby - Yup... Thankfully our vet is great. They aren't charging any sedation fees, for keeping her part of the day, adjusting things to keep the cost low and letting us schedule payments at the end.

Lelo and Stitch said...

Its so nice of them that they are letting you make payments.... our vet wouldn't do that so we had to finance ... basically we had to put it on a lower interest credit card specifically meant for health care for family and pets. Anyway, it is very nice they are working with you... we are still struggling to meet payments and pay off the bill :-(

Christy said...

Oh no! Poor kitty cat. I am glad you guys got it figured out before something really bad happened.