24 January, 2009

Lots of Video's

I'm not even sure I know where to start lol..

Mumble is doing a ton better... At her last checkup we found out that in a couple weeks we'll be down to going in every two weeks instead of twice a week. Nothing was lost. Everything is either healed or on its way to being there... and the cost so far is a ton better than either one of imagined. We're very greatful for all of this.

I haven't updated in awhile, so here you can see how its progressed since my last update... As you can see her bandage slimmed down in the first one and then bulked back up. That was just because they cut down how often she was going in and wanted it to last longer lol.

These two are the latest, just taken a few min ago... In the second one you can see the bandage is lower now... She's very disturbed by her shaved leg lol. Other than that... she's getting back to normal, even fighting with Kimosimi! But... she's still being nicer than she was too. I even caught her rubbing agianst Kalila and purring the other day!

We have a nudist in the family. That's right, Kalila figured out how to take off her pj's. Baba got a very naked surprise when he went to get her this morning lol. Was adorable... The funny part was when I went in there later though... she didn't just take her diaper off, she unstuffed it! I'm so glad it was just wet!

We have the Baby First Tv again! I was so upset when they took it away... We have to pay for it now... but... backing up, our box has been acting up for awhile and yesterday was the last straw. Baba called the cable lol. We'd talked about dropping some channels that we never use, so he decided to take care of that then... We're not really saving any money (paying the exact same amount) because we added on a few things (like the baby channel) but they're things we'll use as opposed to what we had. No complaints. And Kalila's already loving it...

I found a new recipe that we just love... We were gonna have it on Weds, but we couldn't... so I ended up moving it to last night... I'm so glad I decided to try it, was easy too. Definately making agian...

And yes I have a ton of video's to share...

Kalila and I were talking at breakfast... She tried to say snowman (I had a Christmas plate lol) just before I grabbed the camera.

I was trying to catch her cleaning the table... but she stopped. The whole thing afterwards was so cute though that I really don't mind!

Here you can see her rearranged room... and of course Kalila playing up a storm.

I have one other cute video but unfortunately it's got two kids in it that aren't mine...

I know I had more to say but I really can't remember... my own fault for doing this so late! We're all doing well though... As you can see Kalila is just growing like crazy and doing too many new things. Oh... yesterday she started dragging a stepstool around and climbing on it. She's fascinated with light switches and figured out she can get to one that way! It scares me half to death, but still... Little goose.

Anyways, I'm off as soon as the video's let me lol.