17 January, 2009

Has It Really Been A Week?

Seriously time is flying by... I asked Baba about something last night and he said it had been 2 weeks ago.. ??? Now I look at my blog and it's been a week since I posted... Where is it going?

Thinking though... I've been busy, partly with housework, partly with the baby. Baba started school again so I have less time w/ the computer until we get the other one back (no complaints though)... and when I'm on I'm usually either researching stuff or debating on facebook or both lol.

Kalila is doing great. Right now she's watching Seseme Street on Demand and so excited. She's dancing and smiling and everything. Yesterday she tried to help me clean up again... so I decided to have her put away her toys before bedtime and she didn't do too bad lol. She also decided she wanted to try the potty again (if you remember we let her 'use' it when she shows interest) and we ended up putting her on it every change yesterday. Nothing happened, but she was proud to sit there... Well... one funny thing happened lol. After one episode of this she grabbed the toilet paper and tore off a peice and went running (knowing I'd take it away from her)... as I caught up to her she reached down & wiped herself with it! Such a big girl.... I got a couple video's and pictures that I'll have to upload at some point soon (no potty involved I promise!).

Mumble is doing much better. We're down to taking her to the vet only twice a week now. Her bandage is a bit bigger again because of it (so it'll last), but she's doing well. She's still loving on me, which is a nice change lol.

Baba seems to like his classes... and is excited about the new job. I'm doing good too... just tired lol. I've been getting to bed earlier, to attempt to get up earlier... so far the first part is working but the second isn't. Oops.

I need to get going though so I'll try and write more later!


Lelo and Stitch said...

wow.... :-) didn't know what to say but wanted to leave a note any heres your not.