30 January, 2009

Such Cute Legs

I know the dress is completely weather inappropriate lol... but Kalila really wanted to wear it the other day and since we weren't going anywhere (and our heater is on) I let her... I'm glad too because I'm not really sure how well it will fit this summer.. And... Look at those legs! Too cute! I had to get pics...

Beyond that...

Kalila said circle earlier today... or tried to lol. She was watching Seseme Street and the letter of the day was C... So they were saying C Circle over and over and then I hear "Kircle" "Kircle". I couldn't help but laugh, it was adorable...
She also tried to put on her diaper... I was folding them this morning (knowing she was going to need a change soon) and she grabbed one and opened it up and sat down on it... Looked pretty funny considering she still had her pj's on and all!
I also got a little annoyed this morning. I decided to make us bagles for breakfast (despite it not being on the menu for today... I just didn't feel up to cooking this morning, will get back to that later). As I was heating them up I decided to pick up Baba's bagles (yes, we have 3 different kinds... Kalila and I share ours though) and look at the package... and find that they are made with HFCS! I look at mine... and they are too. Luckily Kalila's (which were the ones I was heating) aren't... Not too surprising since we got her some good wheat ones and ours are store brand. Forget trying to go a day w/out the stuff... I'm wondering if we can make a meal w/out it... (well, obviously we made it through one today)

Ignoring the fact that the stuff is so unhealthy it's not funny (despite what the commercials might tell you... I have a really funny story about that btw) but have you heard the latest news? The stuff has mercury in it! Supposedly Obama is trying to get it out by 2012, but that's still 3 years away... and HFCS is in almost everything! Sure we're trying to cut down on boxed dinners (so that cuts out some of it) but breads? Cereals? Come on... I'm not making em from scratch!!!! And buying the expesive ones (at least exclusively) is out of the question too... Baba's soda's are fine since he gets Mexican Cokes (made with cane sugar) but I'm addicted to Dr. Peppers... Luckily Lent is coming up so those will go out the window, but my replacement drink has usually been Arizona Green Tea... and guess what? It's in there too!

Sorry I'm just frustrated... We worry about how much tuna and fish to eat.. Make sure we're not getting too much mercury... Worry about which vaccines have it in there... and it turns out it doesn't matter, it's in half the food in our pantry. Granted we were already starting to watch for the HFCS before this for other reasons, but this really ticks me off.
I had the worst headache last night... I'm not really sure why, although going a day w/out soda might have done it... Doesn't really make sense though considering I've gone much longer than that. Anyways, it was rather annoying. I laid down after Baba got home and was pretty much curled in a ball for several hours.
I meant to mention in one of my last posts and forgot lol... We decided to get Kalila some Sunbutter... it's like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds. Obviously peanut butter is just out of the question right now, but she's also still a little too young to eat it in the first place (we're waiting until 18 months provided this whole thing has blown over and it's safe again). But at the same time it's a great snack so I wanted to do something... Baba won't do Soybutter so we thought this was a good compramise... I am so glad we got it. Not only did she love it... but I tried some and it was great! If you can find it, I definately recommend the stuff!
I love that when I tell Kalila to put something back she does it... She just pulled an apron out of the drawer on me. Is kinda funny, I tell her to come to me and she's as stubborn as can be... getting her to pick stuff up is hit or miss, keeping her away from tv buttons isn't happening, but putting aprons, dishrags, and pj's back in the drawer and closing it back up... those she listens to every time! (but now that I've said something... lol)
Has anyone seen diapers at Target lately? We've been looking at every one we've been too (any time we're near one that is) and not a single blessed BumGenius in stock... I'm not sure if it has to do with that stupid new law (since I know they put a ton on sale in prep for it) or what.. but it's aggrivating.
I just realized what yesterday was... It was the 29th... Betsys anniversary. I started to do a scrapblog a couple weeks ago and got distracted, I need to finish it... How did I miss that? I remember the day before I was thinking about it... half dreading it. How... On the other hand I'm not sure I could have handled it either... Sorry, subject change fast...
I can't find this stupid book anywhere.. The latest one in a series my cousin and I are both reading. She's already gotten it, but I haven't been able to... and I really want to read it. I can't remember the name.. Night Huntress I think...
Kalila is telling me (quite emphatically) that there's a cat behind our couch. And now she's throwing a fit because I won't let her back there...
I need to get stuff ready for dinner... I'm not sure what to do though because Baba wants tonights meal tomorrow. I think I'll prob do the stew I meant to do earlier this week but couldn't.. Silly me did our menu while half asleep so we didn't have everything we needed lol. Baba is on his way home now though so I prob should get started... oh he's here.. oops lol. Gotta run!

29 January, 2009


These were posted on cafemom today and I just had to share...

The first is just funny, to me at least... in a very sad way...

The second is a commercial in Scotland... too bad we don't have any like this here huh?

27 January, 2009

Product Safety

In the past year and a half I have come to realize that my child's safety is not top priority to stores and/or manufacturers. I'm having to step up and question is this safe or not, do research, etc. Someone mentioned, recently, that we can't keep our kids locked in a padded room for 5 years... which is entirely true. But at the same time it is our responcibility to keep them safe while they can't do it themselves...

We all know about recalls (esp over lead issues), and contamination issues (like BPA and melamine). They're all over the news... I'm constantly getting email updates over something or another. The good news is that they are being recalled (or made public at least) and it's easy to find out about... even as worrying as it becomes. LOL - My mom is afraid to buy toys for fear it'll be recalled...

But some of the ones to surprise me...

Wipe Warmers... I remember thinking that sounded kinda cool... Not something we needed, but if someone gave one to us that'd be great... No... They grow bacteria! That may not be as much of issue for some people, but where we live we fight mold constantly... That could get bad really fast.

Carseat Products... Aftermarket things... We were given some cushions for Kalila's infant seat and used them until she switched to the convertable one... Yeah, they interfere w/ the harness (and looking back I can see how they do) and make the seat unsafe in an accident. Other products are considered unsafe for a variety of reasons... all boil down to not being tested w/ the carseat itself and causing injury. Any of these products (other than the little head rests or rolled up blankets around the head and neck) will void the warranty on your seat! I looked it up on our seat manual the other day and 100% true. I'd heard it from a carseat safety technician, but I wanted to see for myself of course...

I'm not even going near the bottle propper stuff... Everyone knows that's unsafe, I have no idea how they are getting away with that one lol.

Regular crib bumpers are still sold with sets and are a suffication/sids hazard... everything/one says not to use them... but they're everywhere. They do make nice breathable ones, but they don't come w/ the cute sets lol. We put our bumper around the bottom of the crib to fix that... I honestly didn't know when I put the set on the registry though... I've always seen the pics of the nurserys set up with them! Of course on the other side of this, I've heard mom's say they use them while the baby's small enough to not move and take them off when they start rolling... Kalila's always snuggled up to the bars though (after we moved her to the crib that is) so that wouldn't have worked for us lol.

A friend clued me in on the Hylands teething tablets early on (thankfully). Several kids have overdosed on those pretty badly... On one hand it's a medicine (even if natural) and there's always a chance of something going wrong when they produce it... but w/ belladona involved I decided to err on the side of caution lol.

What's sad is I'm sure there's more that I don't know about... and on one hand I try not to worry about it too much because I know Im a paranoid first time mama lol... but on the other, if it's something big (like the carseat stuff) I really want to know.

Feel free to add any other should be avoided products....

26 January, 2009

MPM - 26 Jan - 1 Feb

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Lunch - Spaghetti
Dinner - Chicken Adobo & Green Beans w/ Onions, Garlic & Lemon
Breakfast - Bagels & Cream Cheese
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Tanzanian Meat Stew (w/ Goat)
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Pepper and Olive Casserole (vegetarian; Toddler Menu's - bumped from last week)
Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Chicken & Rice w/ Corn

Breakfast - Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Steak & Salad
Breakfast - Pancakes
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Hamburger Helper & Beets
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - with family
Dinner - with family


The other day I was discussing car-seat issues and the topic of Boosters came up. Granted that is quite a ways away for me... Kalila is nowhere near needing one lol. She's not even forward facing yet (thankfully!)

First off though... I'm a little worried about when it does happen because the car-seat we have turns into a booster at 40lbs... only 5 lbs after she turns FF. I was hoping to keep her harnessed for a bit longer than that.

Then... while discussing it the whole age thing popped up. I was told they can go in a booster as young as 3, but one government site online says 4. To me it's a moot point because every car-seat or booster I've seen has a weight limit on them. I had a comparison page already up and scrolled down to look at that section... and not one of them is made for a child under 30lbs (most are 40 and up). I would assume that it'd be like the FF minimum (where the child has to be at least a year old and, not or, 20lbs) it'd be a combination thing. I guess I could be wrong though lol.

How did, or will, you decide?

24 January, 2009

Lots of Video's

I'm not even sure I know where to start lol..

Mumble is doing a ton better... At her last checkup we found out that in a couple weeks we'll be down to going in every two weeks instead of twice a week. Nothing was lost. Everything is either healed or on its way to being there... and the cost so far is a ton better than either one of imagined. We're very greatful for all of this.

I haven't updated in awhile, so here you can see how its progressed since my last update... As you can see her bandage slimmed down in the first one and then bulked back up. That was just because they cut down how often she was going in and wanted it to last longer lol.

These two are the latest, just taken a few min ago... In the second one you can see the bandage is lower now... She's very disturbed by her shaved leg lol. Other than that... she's getting back to normal, even fighting with Kimosimi! But... she's still being nicer than she was too. I even caught her rubbing agianst Kalila and purring the other day!

We have a nudist in the family. That's right, Kalila figured out how to take off her pj's. Baba got a very naked surprise when he went to get her this morning lol. Was adorable... The funny part was when I went in there later though... she didn't just take her diaper off, she unstuffed it! I'm so glad it was just wet!

We have the Baby First Tv again! I was so upset when they took it away... We have to pay for it now... but... backing up, our box has been acting up for awhile and yesterday was the last straw. Baba called the cable lol. We'd talked about dropping some channels that we never use, so he decided to take care of that then... We're not really saving any money (paying the exact same amount) because we added on a few things (like the baby channel) but they're things we'll use as opposed to what we had. No complaints. And Kalila's already loving it...

I found a new recipe that we just love... We were gonna have it on Weds, but we couldn't... so I ended up moving it to last night... I'm so glad I decided to try it, was easy too. Definately making agian...

And yes I have a ton of video's to share...

Kalila and I were talking at breakfast... She tried to say snowman (I had a Christmas plate lol) just before I grabbed the camera.

I was trying to catch her cleaning the table... but she stopped. The whole thing afterwards was so cute though that I really don't mind!

Here you can see her rearranged room... and of course Kalila playing up a storm.

I have one other cute video but unfortunately it's got two kids in it that aren't mine...

I know I had more to say but I really can't remember... my own fault for doing this so late! We're all doing well though... As you can see Kalila is just growing like crazy and doing too many new things. Oh... yesterday she started dragging a stepstool around and climbing on it. She's fascinated with light switches and figured out she can get to one that way! It scares me half to death, but still... Little goose.

Anyways, I'm off as soon as the video's let me lol.

22 January, 2009


She finally said her name!!! And it was halarious... I was talking to my mom on the phone and I put the baby on to talk to her. Mom said something or another (I forget) and then said "Kaliya" - because for some reason she can't say Kalila's name right... Now.. I stopped trying to correct her a long time ago... but apparently Kalila felt the need to try, because that's when she said it! It was great...

21 January, 2009


I've been thinking about how to handle recipes on MPM. It's easy if it's from online, I just link it... and if it's a family recipe I can post it if I want too... but cookbooks? I've got a lot of them and will use them from time to time lol. What I finally decided to do is mention which one I'm using and link to Amazon's page for that particular book. I won't put the recipe because I'm sure that'd violate some copyright thing. If you really want a particular recipe though, let me know and I might tell you lol... or you can check out the book itself. I've got some really great cookbooks...

Btw.. I went back and linked this weeks stuff.

20 January, 2009

Looking Back

I know I promised em to you... The pics from Christmas night!

19 January, 2009

MPM - 19 Jan - 25 Jan

Slight adjustment here once again... I'm gonna have to start adding in lunches. As much as I'd like to keep them to leftovers, not ever dinner leaves enough. The way I've been doing it I end up rushing to figure out something simple and it's just not working for me. In addition to that... in a couple weeks when Baba goes to his new work schedule (is in training now) we'll be doing lunches together instead of dinner, so it's gonna be the 'main' meal. I think this will be a good adjustment for that lol.

So here we go...

Breakfast - Fried Eggs, Turkey Bacon & Biscuits
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Beef Casserole (linked to original recipe... but we have adjusted it... sub cream of mushroom for tomato soup and cut celery)
Breakfast - Bagels & Cream Cheese
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Chicken & Dumplings and Green Beans (Dumplings from The Art of American Indian Cooking)
Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Spinach Pasta
Dinner - Khligh & Beignets de Choufleur (from The Africa Cookbook; basically Khligh is Beef Shanks cooked in a dutch oven w/ olive oil, salt, water and parsley... the other is cauliflower fritters... both are from Morocco)
Breakfast - Cereal & Fruit
Lunch - Sandwiches ("Crunchy" for baby from Toddler Menu's cookbook, is easy to make and she loves it... is grated carrot, grated cheese and mayo on wheat)
Dinner - Pepper & Olive Casserole (vegetarian, from the TM book as well)

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Pepperoni Pizza
Breakfast - Pancakes
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Tuna Helper and Green Beans
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - with family
Dinner - with family

Kitties and Bad Words

A few months ago Kalila got a kitty book for her bday. You remember the one? It was torn up in days lol... She recently found it again, I'm not sure how it's holding together but she does treat her books better now!

Anyways, a few days ago she walked in with said kitty book.. I saw her walking around with it... pointing to the kitty and saying Mumble (the one on the cover is Siamese, it makes sense...) and all. A little later I looked up just in time to see her put her kitty book into the cat carrier. She opened the door, stuck the book in, and closed it back up. We got a good laugh about it... and I meant to mention it on here... but forgot until yesterday when I saw her go over and pull the book out.

Another funny thing that happened yesterday...

Kalila's been 'talking' more lately. She's got quite a few real words, but there's a lot of babbling going on too. And of course she's very emphatic about it... She flings her hands around, shakes her head and everything. Well yesterday we were at Church... in the cryroom again... and she let loose a string of something or another. We wouldn't have thought a thing of it, but another little girl turned and said, "I think she said a bad word!" The poor mom was embarrassed and the rest of us were laughing. It was great. Of course Baba turned to me and said if she was it was my fault... Silly Baba... I have no idea where he gets that idea! (apparently I'm bad about it when I'm cooking... I am trying not to though)

17 January, 2009

Classes/Technique (poll to the side)

With Kalila I didn't go to any classes... It wasn't intentional lol... I just couldn't get in. Well, I could have mid October... but I figured since she was due in Sept it wasn't worth it! In a way it hurt me (ill prepared) and in another I'm glad because they only offered Lamaze and everything I've heard/read since then tells me that I would not have liked that.

After talking to a few people, and reading what is taught at the BC (Birthing from within), I've started looking into the different styles and everything. It's pretty interesting.

So... what kind(s) did you use? Like/dislike? Anything?

Has It Really Been A Week?

Seriously time is flying by... I asked Baba about something last night and he said it had been 2 weeks ago.. ??? Now I look at my blog and it's been a week since I posted... Where is it going?

Thinking though... I've been busy, partly with housework, partly with the baby. Baba started school again so I have less time w/ the computer until we get the other one back (no complaints though)... and when I'm on I'm usually either researching stuff or debating on facebook or both lol.

Kalila is doing great. Right now she's watching Seseme Street on Demand and so excited. She's dancing and smiling and everything. Yesterday she tried to help me clean up again... so I decided to have her put away her toys before bedtime and she didn't do too bad lol. She also decided she wanted to try the potty again (if you remember we let her 'use' it when she shows interest) and we ended up putting her on it every change yesterday. Nothing happened, but she was proud to sit there... Well... one funny thing happened lol. After one episode of this she grabbed the toilet paper and tore off a peice and went running (knowing I'd take it away from her)... as I caught up to her she reached down & wiped herself with it! Such a big girl.... I got a couple video's and pictures that I'll have to upload at some point soon (no potty involved I promise!).

Mumble is doing much better. We're down to taking her to the vet only twice a week now. Her bandage is a bit bigger again because of it (so it'll last), but she's doing well. She's still loving on me, which is a nice change lol.

Baba seems to like his classes... and is excited about the new job. I'm doing good too... just tired lol. I've been getting to bed earlier, to attempt to get up earlier... so far the first part is working but the second isn't. Oops.

I need to get going though so I'll try and write more later!

13 January, 2009

Birthing Center Questions

Now... I know everyone's got questions about the whole birthing center/midwife thing. (or at least everyone not on my mom's side of the family lol). I guess I just assumed I would have covered everything (or a good bit) in my post on the tour, but looking back I really didn't lol. I'd planned on emailing more questions to the midwife at some point, but wanted to wait until I had more lol. Instead I ended up doing that last night. Oh well... I probably will be sending another round at some point though, so if you have any not addressed here, please either email them to me or add them in the comments section of this post (best option in case someone else has the same question... just make sure you click the box to receive responses to your comment... I always reply that way). If I can answer it w/out emailing the midwife I'll do so right away, if not then I'll get to it asap.

Ok... First off someone asked about the cost involved if I ended up transferring to a hospital. I'm going to copy paste both my question and her responce first.
1) If something happened & I ended up needing to have a hospital birth instead of using the birthing center, would we still have to pay the same amount as we would if I used the center (in addition to the extra hospital bill)? In the contract it states that after 36 weeks your balance is due to be paid in full, and it will not be refunded. The reason is because you are hiring a midwife to assist you in prenatal care and the birth of your baby, not necessarilyl to "deliver" the baby.
So basically if I transferred out of her care before 36 weeks (just under 9months along) we would not be responcible for the full cost... after 36 weeks we would. That being said.. I looked up the cost of prenatal care (not including hospital/labour costs). If we used an Ob/Gyn instead of a midwife we would pay around the same amount for the prenatal care alone. So if I did transfer, the total cost we'd have paid the birthing center and the hospital would be the same as the total cost we'd pay for a doctor and hospital.

We've also been questioned about the safety of using a birthing center if there are complications...
2.) I know you mentioned the medications available if I had a hemorrhage... but what exactly would happen if I had a major complication. Same if there was one w/ the baby. That depends on what the "major complication" is. If necessary you (and/or baby) will be transported to the nearest hospital, which is located 4 minutes away.
I already knew this answer, but had to ask it anyway lol. Basically she is qualified and able to handle many things that can happen... They have medications and equipment there to deal with them... If it's serious enough yes they will transport me (and him or her) the whole 4 minutes to the hospital. If you are wondering about the hospital costs, those would still not be the same as if I delivered there, they'd be for the procedures they perform due to the complications (and would have had added on to the bill if I'd delivered there as well).

Also, while doing research I found that statistically only 12% of women transfer to a hospital and only about 2 % are emergency transfers. That info is from the AABC, which is linked on the Birthing Centers link page, and now on mine as well.

Completely random question here, but it was asked lol.
3.) Is hypnobirthing an option/offered? You are able to do hypno birthing if you choose. We encourage our moms to do some form of birth techniques/classes.
I'm not sure I would want to go this route, but I'm glad to know it's an option.

I added this one to the end of the email...
Do you have any brochures that we could pick up that might ease their minds about the center and safety issues. We recommend that you show them our website: You will find links to other websites that will have helpful information for you and your family. Also, we recommend the book "The Thinking Women's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer. As far as there "not being a doctor" we view pregnancy and birth as a healthy, natural process, but we also understand that there are times when a doctor becomes necessary. We are here for mom and baby and we do what we can to be sure the process is a safe one. :)
So there ya go lol. I know I've emailed that link to a couple people already, and posted it on that other entry though... I looked up that book on Amazon earlier and it is available, I'm not sure if I really want to go out and get it though. I'm about to head to Half Priced Books though, so I may see if it's in stock there.

There are a lot of other sites w/ good info on the subject. I'm slowly adding some to my links on the left side of my page. Like I said before, if you have any more questions.. please send them my way. I'd rather deal with it now than when I really need too lol.

12 January, 2009

MPM - 12 Jan - 18 Jan

Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Leftover Beef Casserole
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast w/ Cheese
Dinner - Chicken & Rice and Cheesy Vegitables
Breakfast - French Toast
Dinner - Tanzanian Meat Stew (Goat)
Breakfast - Fruit
Dinner - Tilapia w/ Wine & Tomatoes (new and altering similarly to second comment) and potatoes?

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Dinner - Veggie Pizza
Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - Spaghetti & Meatballs
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Dinner w/ Gran

10 January, 2009

Keeping It Short

So much to write and so little time lol.

I guess I'll start w/ Mumble... She's still doing better, although after we picked her up after my last entry we were told that not all of the dead tissue was gone like we hoped and that she may still lose a toe. We couldn't move on to the 2 or 3 day bandage either... So we had to take her in yesterday. She's improved again though... they did not mention her toe this time and said that they were able to put sutures in between her toes. She is no longer growling at us, and is instead very lovey. I got rubbed on like crazy, licked, and everything.

As you can see below, her bandages are steadily getting smaller (the last two are the same day though). I need to get one this weekend, but have awhile to do it since she doesn't have to go back until Monday!!!

Kalila's room...

The only room I have pretty much like I want it... I do have a few things left to do like the top of her changing table... part of that is just that I need to get diapers out of the diaper and fold them lol. (that's where I keep them)

I don't know if you remember from other pics, but it was way too crowded in there... Unfortunately there's not that much room to work with, but it hit me (now that the closet doors are white) that we do have another wall to work with that I hadn't considered. Obviously the crib can't go right up next to it, but I put it a ways away to where we can still get in the closet easily. The corner where it used to be is still a little crowded but it works out for the best since we have to put computer stuff under her changing table. I put them on the bottom shelf towards the very back corner and they're blocked from her a lot better than they were before. Ignore the baby blankets on the window btw... The blinds fell off last week and we're waiting for maintenence to come fix them lol.

Kalila is just growing up too fast. The other day I was on the phone and looked up just in time to see her putting her foot in one of my shoes! I tried to get a pic but didn't make it in time. The next day she put her hand in the oven mitt... same thing happened with the camera. She's also tried to put on her own pants and shoes...

And... She finally has enough hair for pigtails!!!

Ok, that's it for now... :-D

08 January, 2009


Another week of menu's falling apart... with all the drama over the cat Monday we ended up eating out (bad us.. bad us..). Tuesday we still had leftovers from that... and last night we were just getting around to the chicken adobo. Things really need to settle down here. That's actually not the only resolution that hasn't even gotten started either. But I'm determined... I will get them back... Somehow...


I could put pics up... but I don't feel like messing with it just yet. I have too much to do and don't want to waste the time (it takes forever to get them to load on here lately).

But I do have good news.

Mumble is apparently doing very well... She did so well after the first days treatment (after the cutting and then the wet wrap) that they were able to switch gears and use an enzyme instead of the wet wrap... which means a much smaller bandage. So the day before yesterday she didn't look quite as goofey and yesterdays was even smaller.

They told us yesterday that it looked like she's even to the point that today they'd put on a 2 or 3 day bandage instead of needing it changed daily. Which is great...

She doesn't go in today until 2 (just because of Baba's work schedule), but we just got a sign that she's doing even better. She's started kicking the leg and growling, which the vet said (I called) that it's prob starting to hurt and showing that they're hitting live tissue now. A good thing...

I'm so relieved that she is doing so well.

In other news... the exterminator came. Twice. The first one was really nice, said we needed to move furniture before he could spray and to schedule it for the next day. Also said the cats would have to leave and so would we for a couple hours afterwards (and while spraying obviously). The next day (yesterday) a diff guy came and was awful. He argued that we didn't need to leave, even after I said I had a baby. I finally just flat out told him that I'm not chancing it. He wouldn't let us completley leave though because he had no key (the apt does) and though he said we could wait outside, he started spraying my room while we were still getting Kalila's jacket!!! He took all of five minutes to do the place and left. We did too and actually met Baba when he got off work before coming home.

OH... and the night before I found the damned spider!!!!! I was moving Kalila's dresser (yup it was in her room!!!) and it was back there. Scared me half to death... Yes.. it died.

Anyways, things are good w/ that now. No more spiders. And I'm using the moving furniture thing to help me clean... I'd planned on taking the week and getting everything major done anyway, and this pushed it into overdrive lol. I don't have much left, but... do have work to do. So I should go get to it shouldn't I?

06 January, 2009

Mumble Update

Remember Mumble having an abscess on her leg from Kimosimi biting her? The whole trip to the vet last week? Well... We had another.

Almost right away, within a day or two of taking her in the first time we noticed that her paw was starting to look worse. (and I could kick myself for not insisting we take her back right then) At first it just looked grotesquely swollen and we assumed it was from being drained.

When it first started looking worse we were worried, but unsure if it just looked worse than it was because she was picking at it. We thought it might just be from having patches of fur missing. We knew we had to take her back in though.

At the same time she was starting to walk on it again... She was eating again... She stopped vomiting. So we were hoping it wasn't as bad as it looked.

So yesterday I was meaning to call the vet's and schedule an appointment. They beat me to it lol. I have no idea if they were just calling to check up on her or if they wanted to schedule the next one because I took over and said we needed an appointment before they had a chance to say a word. After hearing what was going on they wanted to see her right away. When I got her up from a nap to put in the carrier I noticed she was limping again... That was not happening an hour before.

They took one look at it and commented that it hadn't looked like that before. Apparently they misdiagnosed what happened. Poor Kimosimi was blamed for something he didn't do. Their first guess was snake bite... but Mumbles an indoor kitty to begin with and it's an odd time for that even if she wasn't. It had to be something poisonous though... They settled on it being from a brown recluse.

Skipping over the very obvious fears that come along with that (hello baby in the house!!! Soon to be two since I start babysitting next week)... I'll get back to that later.

Poor Mumble... She's going to be ok. They said they've seen much worse turn out ok. But... they had to remove dead tissue. She was sedated again and as much was cut off as possible. They couldn't get it all so they had to do a wet wrap (wet bandages covered w/ dry that will be pulled off to remove the rest...). They said that her tendons weren't affected and her toes were warm/pink so there should be no problems there. She'll have scars, but that should be the extent of it. They did also say that there is a small possibility that she'll lose a couple toes and an even smaller one that she'll lose her foot.

We have to take her in every day now for awhile... Thankfully they're being very nice and making it as easy on us as possible. We're still pretty worried about Mumble.

And of course ourselves... We went straight to the office when we got back. Unfortunately Baba got the women in the office because she tried to say something along the lines of oh it happens... I get stung by scorpions all the time. Ummm... how does that even compare? Besides, for some reason we haven't gotten our apt sprayed since we moved in... they're supposed to take care of that! Luckily I got ahold of the manager when I went to ask about something else and after we talked he realized how serious it was (she'd given him some bs story and he thought that the vet had no way of knowing what bit her and that she was just in pain) and called the exterminator right away. They should be here today.

Btw... Miss Mumble is really hanging in there... She didn't have the goofy look coming off the drugs this time, but did shake. She immediate tried to walk when she got out of her carrier here. We're keeping her in the bathroom but letting her out for little stretches. She's out right now in fact lol. I'm amazed at how well she can do it w/ that bandage... and she's even jumping short distances although I'm trying to discourage that. I saw her get up on the couch though. Tough little kitty. She's being really sweet too. Didn't fight her meds this morning. Is letting me pet her and even licked my hand last night... Part of me loves it, but part is sad because all her fiestiness seems to be gone.

05 January, 2009

MPM - 5 Jan - 11 Jan

If you're wondering about the crazy MPM picture I used for this week... it's because that's how I feel lol. I did not get off to a good start w/ my sticking to MPM resolution last week... Most of it was unavoidable. I wasn't told about stuff going on, stuff happened that we couldn't cook unless we wanted to eat dinner at 3am.... Etc. And I completely forgot to do my menu last night. I'm determined though...

Breakfast - Cereal and Fruit
Dinner - Chicken Adobo, Rice and Green Beans w/ Lemon, Onions & Garlic
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast w/ Cheese
Dinner - Spaghetti & Meatballs
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Cheese Enchilada's, Rice & Beans
Breakfast - French Toast
Dinner - Tilapia w/ Wine & Tomatoes (new and altering similarly to second comment) and potatoes?

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Dinner - Veggie Pizza
Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - Beef HotDogs
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Menudo

03 January, 2009

Kalila's Birth Story

I'm actually going to start back a bit before I got anywhere near the hospital because there were several things that factored into what happened there.

I knew long before she was thought of that I wanted to use a midwife and a birthing center. My cousin Las had had a home birth (well two really lol) and I researched it all when she first told me out of concern for her. I ended up loving the idea, but didn't want to actually go through it at home either lol. So the birthing center option sounded great to me.

Skip forward to us finding out we were pregnant. It was much earlier than we'd planned, and we weren't ready. We both had decent jobs, but Baba's insurance wouldn't kick in until June (we found out in January) and my boss didn't believe in giving her empoyees benefits. I'm not joking about that either lol... she really didn't. Was fine w/ charity, would pay for a dr's visit if you needed help or get others to chip in when you're down (which really is nice) but insurance? Not happening... Because of that we thought we wouldn't be able to use a birthing center.
Instead we figured that I would need to use University Hospital. We also figured, because of that, that we'd need to get a reg Ob. I'm not sure why I didn't look farther into it and find out for sure, but I didn't. I could have found out that the center was an option.. and I also could have found out that the hospitals here (including University) have midwives too.

But no... some search for dr's using that hospital sent us to a clinic where we ended up w/ Dr. Paine. Once again... Not joking. And his name fits too... The first few visits weren't too bad though. Typical dr rushed us out and I never really felt too comfortable with him, but because of our situation I didn't want to be bouncing around between dr's either so I stuck with him.

Edit: I'm an idiot I forgot something big lol.

We scheduled our first appointment w/ Dr Paine to be on Thursday 3 weeks after we found out. The Sunday before that Betsy, my best friend, passed away (Muscular Dystrophy). The funeral was going to be the next Monday (a week from then) in West Texas, but everyone told me not to go because there was a virus floating around and my grandmother had it, they were afraid of me getting it to. Thursday we had that appointment, we thought I was 9 weeks along. It went well but we couldn't hear a heartbeat yet. He said it was ok... We had dinner w/ my FIL that night and told him about the baby. The next day we had dinner w/ my MIL and her now husband (were dating at that point). We got home to find I was bleeding. First off, I have never been so scared in my life.

We rushed to the closest hospital, not University btw... and ended up waiting in the waiting room (w/ very sick people) for over an hour. In the end we spent more than 3 hours waiting. The upside was that I found out 2 things. 1 - I'm Rh neg and had to get a shot. If I hadn't gone in bad things could have happened. 2 - They did a sonogram and I was only 7 weeks along. (note my dr didn't believe this even until his people did an ultrasound at 20 weeks)

They said that I had a 50% chance of miscarrying at this point and I completely freaked out. I was convinced I'd lose the baby... At one point I swear I saw tissue...

Sunday I started coughing. That night I ended up back at the hospital (we were smart and went to University this time and were seen right away) w/ bronchitis. I was in there for 2 days... but they did another sonogram and there was her little heart beating away.

For several months I was on pins and needles w/ every twinge and cramp. I had morning sickness all day which didn't help either lol. I was so relieved when I got to 5 months and my risk of miscarriage went back down to the same as if that hadn't happened, and as an added bonus my "morning" sickness went away that same month (the day of our wedding actually lol).

end of edit lol.

During the pregnancy I kept doing my research, a good part of that was due to Las lol. (which I'm greatful for btw) So I knew what I wanted and didn't want. I knew things happen, and sometimes plans change. I knew that some of the things I wanted just weren't an option in the hospital. So I should have been prepared.

One thing I wasn't prepared for was my dr being an ass. Sorry there's no other way to put it. When I made my birth plan (once agian knowing that it may not be followed and that sometimes it just plain can't be followed) and sat down to talk to him about it he was just plain rude. I asked if there was a way to do water births at the hospital (some do have the option though I doubted this one did, and even if it didn't there might be a tub I could labour in to help with pain for a time). I figured he'd say no... which he did. What I didn't expect was for him to laugh at me. He went on to say that it's a bunch of crap and spout off about how baby's have to hit the air at some point. Now.. I know that. I've heard the arguments for it being easier on them and the arguments against that he was referencing and both make sense... and honestly I don't give a flying flip about that part. Yes it's nice if it is easier on the baby, but... it helps with pain!!!! I wanted a natural birth... and I know that sitting in a warm bath helps with cramps, so the idea of a water birth makes perfect sense to me. I'm going to step off my soapbox now before I go off on a tangent. Anyways, it boils down to me being upset at that point. I literally didn't know what to say, was in shock.

One other thing I mentioned at this point was the fact that I did not want an IV. They aren't necessary unless you're getting drugs or need a c-section. They also can cause problems.... including causing the baby to be born hypoglycemic. This bothers me because I am hypoglycemic... it runs in my family. Starting a child off that way when they are already at risk for developing it (granted I know it's a temporary thing after birth) is not something I think is something to chance. He said this would not be an issue.

A few days later I thought I went into labour lol. We got to the hospital and I was checked of course. Dialated to a 2 or 3 (I don't really remember) and completely effaced (if I remember correctly). They kept me for an hour to see how far I'd progress and said if I didn't make it to a 4 they wouldn't keep me. As soon as I got there they tried to give me an IV. I told them I didn't want it and they said I had to. We argued over it for several minutes... ending with they wouldn't for now but that I'd need it if I stayed. I was also told I couldn't eat (oh yeah he said I could do that too). Then the... I'll be nice... ladies went over to the desk across from us and started talking about us in Spanish. Ok I may be blonde, but I'm not stupid... We understood every word. Obviously I did not progress and I got sent home.

At this point I was so upset that I got online and found the birthing center that we want to use next time.

I also didn't expect to be given bad information. It's a good thing I had done my research because if I'd listened to him... I just hope he hasn't passed any of it on to other mothers really. Backing up lol... My last visit I was 40 weeks along and miserable. Not only was it not time to start talking induction, I don't believe in doing it unless there's a real reason and there wasn't. But I did want to talk to him about some natural methods of hurrying things along that had to be discussed with a dr/midwife. You can have all the sex you want, go for a jog, eat spicy food, etc... but if you want to try herbs (cohash's) or have your membranes stripped you have to talk to them about it. So I did... and he told me that not only will the cohash's not start labour but that they're safe to take at any point in pregnancy!!! ??????? You've got to be kidding me!!!! I shouldn't have been surprised because earlier in the pregnancy I asked about herbal teas (which would be ok) and he said they were all fine for pregnant women.... He did strip my membranes though.. which did exactly what it was supposed to and sent me into labour :-)

It was 4 in the afternoon when I had that appointment. From there we had to go to the Church because Baba had dance practice for Magic is the Night, which was that Saturday night (this was Thursday btw). I had contractions the entire time we were there and one of his aunts (who is a nurse practitioner in the maternity section of another hospital) said that I'd have her that night. We went home and went to bed... still having contractions. About an hour later (1 in the morning at this point) I got up to go to the restroom and was doubled over. I yelled for Baba lol and we headed off to the hospital.

This time around I was dialated to 4 when we got there so I got to stay lol. I was so out of it that I didn't put up a fight over the IV (although Baba was prepared too lol) and said yes when they asked if I wanted an epidural. I'd gone through the pregnancy not wanting one, but knowing there's nothing wrong with doing it if needed (even Las stressed that lol)... So I wasn't too upset about that.

So I went to get the epidural... and what should have only taken 15 minutes took 45. Why? Because I have scolosis... They couldn't find the middle of my spine! I was poked 5 times w/ that damn needle.... (sorry I'm still bitter about that) Finally it was done though and I got to my room, all was good.

My BIL showed up next about 2am.... bringing all sorts of food and drink for himself and my husband. Yeah... I got to lie there and watch them eat. (and despite having stuffed myself en route to the hospital I was not happy about that... you don't keep food away from me, makes me very unhappy) Anyways, it really was nice having him there. My MIL came next at 4am. Was nice having her there too actually. We talked, laughed, etc. At one point I drifted off.

They say you can get up and walk a bit during labour, but my legs were non-exsistant, they had me strapped up to the monitor and I have trouble moving period w/ a needle in my arm (have always had that problem... my arm just won't move) so I could barely even turn. It was a big production for that to even happen lol.

About 45 min to an hour before she was born I started pushing. I really have no complaints about this part.. I had to have help holding my legs lol... Poor Baba was way more involved than he wanted to be lol. My dr was not there btw.. (and as you can imagine I was happy about that) I had a med student and two nurses. It wasn't that bad. Somewhere in there they switched my IV bag and said that they were giving me more saline. I don't remember if that was before or after she was born though lol. Another thing that we thought was slightly funny was while I was pushing Baba told me that she had black hair (which she did)... and as her head was delivered, one of the nurses said "Oh look! Another blonde baby!" Blonde??? My daughter has never been blonde (although she's now turning into a little redhead!). Right about the same time though they saw that her cord was loosely around her neck. As they were telling me this though, they assured me that it was ok and got it off w/ no problems.

Anyways, here's where our real problems started. Kalila was born at 8:56 that morning (not the problem of course lol)... I saw this beautiful purple bundled being passed by... They asked Baba if he wanted to cut the cord, which he didn't lol and did it themselves w/out letting it pulse - which I'd asked for... and they took her over to a table to clean her up - another thing I did not want done right then. Baba went over there while they were doing so... and a nurse and the med student went on to pull out the placenta. Didn't deliver it... pulled it out. Which caused me to bleed... scaring everyone of course. They reassured us, but they were worried at first themselves. By the time that was all done and they handed Kalila over to me she was a whole hour old! Poor thing was so hungry she latched on right away and ate really good that first time lol. No probs at all there...

I'm not sure at what point I realized that I was lied to. We were in the other room for awhile though. I remember getting up to use the restroom and when they moved my IV line I saw the word pitocin on it. I asked the nurse what was going on because I wasn't supposed to be given that. She told me that it's standard procedure to do so. Now.. a - I told them not to give it to me!!!! and b - They told me that they were giving me saline!!!! I'm still pissed over this... I have no idea at what point it was given either. After we noticed it I told the nurse to take it out and she said she'd get someone in to do it... and they didn't show up for another hour.

Now Kalila was supposed to stay with me in the room... and Baba was supposed to be with her if she went in the nursery. Well, she did stay with me overnight... but they did keep taking her for tests in the nursery (understandable) and leaving her there for hours and wouldn't let him near her. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we called the stupid nursery. And she'd come back with a pacifier of course... which we told them not to give her.

I was lucky and it is a very pro-breastfeeding hospital. A nurse came in to help me with it several times. Unfortunately the lady had me so scared it's not even funny. We had to log in every time she ate and every diaper change for one... And she insisted that I feed Kalila every two hours (even though I said I was feeding on demand and she replied good that's for the best) to the point of waking her up if she was sleeping. Problem with that is that if Kalila's sleeping there's no waking her up if she doesn't want to. Even then! So I was afraid she wasn't getting enough. Plus... the lady insisted that I nurse on one side for 15 minutes and then switch to the other every single feeding. Now I knew that you don't have to do that and tht its' best to drain the first side and then offer the other, but she kept insisting on it so I tried... and it didn't work. Kalila would fuss like crazy when I'd try to switch sides and she'd refuse to latch on again. We fought that every feeding, but I stopped asking advice after awhile lol. I figured Kalila would eat when she's hungry and I'd just keep trying... I wish I'd stuck to my guns and let her finish off one side first, would have saved me a lot of worry and we never would have had the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance issues that we did from it. As soon as we realized why her diapers looked like they did I switched to one side per feeding (or one side per two if she didn't drain me in one) and it completely went away. And of course they still sent me home w/ formula despite the fact that I said I would be exclusively breastfeeding...

In the midst of all this... Baba still had to dance Sat night and I was in the hospital. Not as bad as it could have been lol. We'd been joking about him getting the call that I was in labour when he's on stage!

We were released Sunday afternoon. Too late to make it to Church, but honestly I'm not sure if I'd really have been up to it lol. I'm not going to get into all the drama that happened after we got home (isn't really necessary) but I will skip ahead another month because it's related to this.

Obviously I was going to be sore afterwards. It's a given lol. I knew my back would hurt from the epi for instance... that didn't surprise me at all. But it continued.... I felt like someone had punched me in the back. I had bruises from the needle (not to mention 5 hole marks in my back). Then it started to feel like something was pulling when I'd bend over. Finally a month later I got so sick it's not even funny. My fever was up to 103 or 104 (something like that) and we rushed to the med clinic. It's kind of a funny story because we thought Kalila had a fever too and there was a huge mixup about who was who because the receptionist thought I was 13, Baba's daughter and Kalila's sister! But that's beside the point.. I had a kidney infection that had gone way too long because I hadn't noticed the pain because I already was in pain.

Like I said earlier, I'm not disappointed that I had the epi... and a good part of that is because I now know that I never want another. Between being overpoked, the pain of it afterwards and the creepy feeling of not having any feeling in my legs (which lasted way too long)... I just don't... but at least I know that now lol

In the end, despite all the aggrivation and things not going the way I wanted... I have a healthy baby girl and that's what's important. But I want better for next time if that makes any sense.

Such a Good Little Mama

02 January, 2009

Taking a Tour

Good news!

We toured the Birthing Center today (and yes I just linked the website) and it went really well. First off the people there are very nice. Always a good thing lol.

Before we even took the tour we sat down and talked to one of the midwifes. I told her about Kalila's birth... from her cord being wrapped (loosly) around her neck - which is common and not an issue - I was told that at the hospital when it happened too, to them giving me pitocin and lying about it (they said it was a saline drip) and pulling out the placenta instead of delivering it - which caused me to bleed. She said that wasn't an issue either and happens a lot in hospitals, I didn't think it would be, but wanted to be safe and mention it. I also mentioned the whole Ab screen thing I found in my paperwork... and like I was hoping - it's not an issue either! They do screening throughout the pregnancy just like an Ob would. So it's still a viable option.

The tour went well too.... Obviously, like most other mom's that go there, I like the bigger room better lol... but both are nice. This actually took the least amount of time because other than offices and the prenatal section there are just the two rooms. During this time she also told me about the meds/equipment they have in case of complications and we discussed insurance info.

Like I said, it went really well.

Thankfully it's not an issue yet though because I still have family to reassure and all that lol. My side will be easy since Las did the midwife thing (at home no less) and everyone's already been through this. Baba's side will be starting from scratch with the concept though. Which is fine, I understand because I remember being there...

Opening Doors

I can't believe it... My 15 month old is opening door knobs! I'm not even joking...

I knew it was coming. This morning Baba brought her in here while I slept in a little (sweet husband that he is, does that on most of his days off) and I heard her jiggling it pretty good... and I've seen her try more lately (in the past few days too).

But a few minutes ago I was on here posting a new entry on the other blog while she played. I can see the living room very well (and into her room too) and w/ the other door closed it's ok for her to go in the hall too so I wasn't worried when she headed that way for a second. And then I heard a crash and went running to find the closet door wide open, Kalila climbing inside and pulling stuff out.

This child is running me ragged. I love it... but still...

01 January, 2009


Happy New Years btw!

Talked to another CafeMom mama and it may not be as bad as it sounds. First off the screen could be referring to her blood type. Plus it does say Coomb test was neg which refers to the same thing. Plus I found my card saying that I got my Rhogam shot... and as was brought to my attention (and I was wondering this anyway) the Rhogam shot could have caused a false positive if it was referring to me. We'll see... Still hoping/praying for the best here.

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2009 already... last year went just too fast! I'm sure this one will too. Sorry this is gonna be kinda short, I'm still a little drained from last night (if you read my other blog you understand why). Plus sounds like the baby is waking up. I'm kinda dreading today too because it's New Years Day and that means I'll have to deal with the crap that goes along with that. It's better now that I'm here, but I can guarantee you someone will call and bug me about if I'm doing this or that knowing full well that I do not believe in stupidsticions. (at least it's not literally being shoved down my throat anymore, but still is annoying) Anyways, hope yall have a wonderful New Year!