31 December, 2009

Rh Factor

I still have about 2 weeks until my next prenatal visit... I was confused at first at why it seemed to be dragging this month, but I realized that I had to go in half way between my 2 visits for something random last time and that made it go by faster I'm sure. Its ok, I'm not anxious about the next one or anything... I'm sure if I thought about it too much I'd be glad I still have so long because I know I'm gonna have blood drawn at this next visit! 

Btw this is another CafeMom inspired post... I keep seeing women ask questions about Rh factor and see so many misconceptions its not even funny. Well, sometimes it is... But still. I saw another tonight and between shaking my head at replies and thinking about my next visit I thought I would do this.

Ok, so I knew my Rhogam shot would be coming up soon. I'm 24 weeks pg now. Rhogam is given around 28 weeks. Not fun, but gotta do it. That's fine. What I didn't know was that I would be tested for antibodies again in my pregnancy. Remember I had to have that done early on? It makes sense to check that I haven't made any in the last few months (not something that's likely since I haven't had any bleeding)... but I just didn't think about it. Gotta love having things be kept on top of. 

I'd ask if you remember last time, but I know most of you don't... I didn't have my blog then lol. But the Dr we had was not on top of this at all... is why I was so worried at the beginning of this pg. I found out I was Rh neg in the hospital and they gave me my first shot... Then when I mentioned it to him he waved it off. I wasn't tested again in my pg... and then when I got close to 28 weeks I had to fight to have that dose of it given. I seriously had to get in their faces about it at the clinic there. Not something I'm good at btw, but the thought of what could happen scared me enough that I did lol.  Then I had to push for it at the hospital after she was born. It was crazy. 

But yeah... I get tested at my next visit and from there should get my Rhogam shot. No worries about that. 

Now... for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about... I'm not going to try and explain it in detail here when there's a ton of good sites I can link instead. 

Basic info -

Kids Health 
American Pregnancy  

How Rh typing works/is passed down/whatever (main issue I see online)

Blood types tutorial from the University of Arizona
Rh Blood types

29 December, 2009

My Baby's Growing Up

Completely off topic, but look who got into my lip liner this morning...


We've been talking about getting her first haircut for awhile now. Its been so unmanagable... Kinda cute in that wild kinda way, but  We meant to do it on Sunday but time got away from us... So we decided to today...

Here's a before shot... sitting in her carseat lol.

And after... running all over the place while Baba got his done.

Oh and here's  a before shot of Baba too... Kalila insisted and I'm glad cause I like this pic lol.

28 December, 2009

After Christmas Update

This should be short because I'm really busy right now... but needed a break lol. I'm still pretty blurry from the last few days... Christmas was great, as was the weekend... but still. Wow.

It was really nice having Baba home for 3 days in a row... A little strange, threw our days off a bit lol, but still so nice to have that time. We got to relax and hang out awhile.. Got errands done. And of course all the Christmas stuff. Kinda sad that he's back at work now lol, but its ok. 

Kalila's potty training is moving along. Not going to lie and say that she's using it full time or even close yet lol... or that she's not having accidents (because she is, I'm washing the evidence of one right now). But... She's using her potty a lot more often now. We've stopped using diapers at night the last few nights and have not had a night accident at all... Yesterday (I think.. maybe was the day before) I went into her room and found that she'd used her potty at night w/ out telling us! Progress right? I'll take it... 

The whole night time thing I started Christmas Eve is still going... and seems to be working. I'm keeping in mind that I've said that one before lol... but we're starting to figure out what may have been the problem lately. Basically she's been going down great w/ this new routine... but still waking up in the middle of the night/early morning & screaming until we come get her. By that point she's usually pretty unconsolable and it's really rough to get her calmed down and back to sleep... same as before. Well yesterday both of us seperately (lol) started thinking that maybe she's freaking out because of the closed door... We've been closing it after she goes to sleep. Before we used to close it immediately after she went to bed & she'd end up either flipping then too or laying down by the door or both. We talked about it and decided to leave her door open last night. She did wake up still... and crawled into our bed with us at one point, but no crying at all.  She just snuggled in next to me and went back to sleep.  We do really want her to be staying in her bed, but once again this is a big improvement & hopefully it'll continue and we can build off it. If not... we'll figure something else out I suppose lol. 

On the other hand naps are still a fight... She's not ready to go w/out them though. I almost wish she was (as much as I enjoy having the time to get things done), but she's just not. 

I need to get back to laundry though. I'm washing Christmas gift clothes right now (well with the one break to do my sheets since we were sitting on my bed a sec ago when someone had that accident lol) and then moving on to all the backup we have from not doing a load in several days. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to make more detergent tonight, but not too worried about that. Is easy... and while I need to go back and see when I made it to see how long one batch lasted... as many loads a day as I do it really didn't go that fast I'm sure.

26 December, 2009

Merry Christmas

Ok is it sad that I keep mispelling merry in that phrase? LOL 

Today was a great day here... We got to sleep in, especially nice since I was up pretty late. Even Kalila slept in a little later than normal. We finally got up around 10 or so and came to open gifts. I got more pics than I got last night, but had to get video's too because it was just so cute. 

As you can see, Kalila had a blast. 

Silly me forgot to pull out the camera when we went to Gran's right after that. We had a nice time there too though. They gave Kalila a Mr. Potato Head, something we thought about getting & didn't, and she really likes it. 

From there we went to see Gido's side of the family... which is always a ton of fun & this year was no different. 

I got a couple pics of Kalila while we were there since I didn't have any others in her dress... The second one makes me laugh.. So goofey! 

And of course video's of her opening gifts.

I wish I'd gotten one of the white elephant thing, was a lot of fun... and some of the non-gift giving parts, but I didn't. Oh well. 

As you can see it was a pretty busy day. We didn't end up getting to make that cake :-(  I feel kinda bad about that. Hopefully I can get things together and do that next year... it sounds like a cute idea. 

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas too!

25 December, 2009

Our Christmas Card

Lots of pics/video's to share later, but for now here's our Christmas Card I made... Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Eve Part 2

LOL as always, plans change... 

Baba got off work early & we were able to make it to Midnight Mass. I was so excited when he called to tell me... I just love Midnight Mass... 

Our neighbor asked to go w/ us, which was pretty cool... always nice to bring along a friend.

And of course there's Kalila... Oh good grief she was cute. We took her in her PJ's... She was pretty sound asleep when I went to get her ready, but she would have had to wake up anyway because she was sleeping on the floor right by the door! Is not a new thing actually and its driving me insane. I don't like it, esp in the winter. Even more so since she's had this cold that won't go away... Part of me has to wonder if that's aggrivating it. Comp off topic though. I got her up and ready to go pretty quickly (she just needed socks, shoes & jacket lol). 

By the time we made it to the Church Kalila was wide awake. Once agian not surprising because she wakes up like that most nights & we end up fighting to get her down... Unfortunately she was a little rowdy in the cry room... Nowhere near as much as normal and most of it was cute (like we had to stop ourselves from laughing and try & calm her down) but still. No we were proud of her for being as good as she was. 

After Mass we went to the small hall for food and stuff. Mostly to talk to people. I had to laugh on the way remembering my first Christmas here... I'd already met Baba and we were friends, but not dating just yet (that happened a few months later). We sat together with other friends that night & he got up to get something and w/out thinking told me he loved me. He pretends he doesn't remember it, but... yeah. I got teased for awhile about that one so of course I have to tease him too lol.  

This year nothing that crazy happened, but it was nice seeing everyone & talking to friends... esp a few that we haven't seen in quite awhile. Kalila ended up making friends w/ a friend of our's brother and they played for quite awhile. It was soooo cute. 

By the time we got home it was around 2 I think. Once again had a time getting Kalila down... nothing new. I'm trying something different tonight though & so far it seems like its working. Not counting chickens here... it might just be tonight. I got her to sit on her bed though and told her to stay there and let me know when she's ready to sleep, that she didn't have to yet... and that I had to do stuff outside her room... and walked out leaving her door open. Each time I walked by she's drooping a little more lol, this last time she was almost asleep. I think she is now, but we'll see. I think I'm gonna try this again though... She really listened about not moving this time, took me very seriously and even said she promised. We'll see how it goes. 

Well, hopefully my shirt for tomorrow will be clean soon & I can finish hiding Baba's clues around the house & go to bed... So I'm off!

24 December, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well this year is gonna be a little different, but that's ok. Poor Baba has to work though... I feel bad for him (although we have been able to chat on facebook most of the evening lol), but he's off tomorrow so that's gonna be great.  Unfortunately it means no Midnight Mass this year... We'll go tomorrow morning instead. 

The one thing we couldn't put off though is the Christmas Eve gift. We started a tradition last year (ok, so we did it last year & wanted to make it one lol) of buying PJ's for Kalila and opening them on Christmas Eve.  At some point as a kid I'd started opening one gift the night before & liked it, wanted to do the same & this seemed the perfect twist on it. This way Kalila (and future little ones lol) can wear them that night. We thought it was cute anyway. 

And since Baba couldn't be here this year... I got it on video, so yall get to see her reaction too! I wish I'd had the camera ready when she saw the tree lit up for the first time, I just hadn't plugged it in yet this year... She got so excited. Here's one I got of the tree as soon as I could though lol.

The video of her finding and opening her gift is probably enough though. I really don't even need words here... I love it! 

And a few pics I got afterwards...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! 

Decisions - Bag Edition - Part 2

I realized I hadn't mentioned this earlier when I was doing the bottle post... 

I have officially found the diaper bag that I want. Its even bigger than that one that I linked, cuter too... and despite the original price being ridiculous (in my opinion anyway) its on sale for about what you'd spend at Wal-Mart or Target for one! 

It is online, but... The store is in Houston. Not too far away... And since I've been craving African food again, I've been hinting at a trip over there (since they have 6098367 African restraunts there and we have none).... Hgmm hmmm.. Baba? 

No we're not planning to get the bag just yet anyway, but maybe I can convince him by the time we do plan on it lol. 

23 December, 2009

Decisions - Bottle Edition

Well this wasn't a post I expected to do lol. 

Long story short, we used the Vent Air Bottles w/ Kalila when we needed them. They did have some advantages, like being very easy to clean and good on gassy tummies (which she did have). They also had some very big downsides. Because of the way they fit together we had a few accidents where the bottoms came off, spilling milk everywhere (and anyone who's had to pump knows how awful a feeling it is to see all your work wasted). More parts to get lost. And the biggest issue at the time, they hadn't made those BPA free yet... We thought they were (because the drop ins were, we assumed these would be too since they're the same brand). As soon as we found that out they were in the trash.  

By the time that happened Kalila was around 7 months old and had been given a sippy, so we just started sending her milk in those when she was away from us. She didn't quite have the hang of it yet, but wasn't that hard to do. At the time we planned to just use sippies for those occasions w/ our next too.... Which is why I didn't think I'd be doing this one.

But Baba & I talked about it the other day & decided it might be best to have a few bottles for sitters. Honestly I'd just rather have them where we can pick them out than have someone decide they'll buy their own (or use ones they already have). 

So we're looking into bottles.

We could get more Vent Air ones since they are BPA free now... but I'm not really sure I want to go that route again for reasons mentioned above. 

There's also the glass bottles. And stainless steel bottles. And a whole slew of BPA free plastic ones... 

One of those in the last group caught my attention earlier too... The First Years Breastflow Bottle. It sounds nice and has some pretty good reviews. But has anyone tried these? Any input here? 

Or any others that you've liked/disliked/etc?

An Early Christmas Gift

For awhile now Baba & I have been wracking our brains trying to figure out what to do for each other for Christmas... and having pretty much no luck. We ended up figuring it out yesterday pretty much by accident. 

The day before was horrible. Not gonna get into details, because that would make a whole post of its own, but pretty much every thing that could happen did... Like to the point of a few minutes before midnight the toilet even overflowed.  I was so stressed and upset it wasn't even funny...

Baba had to go do something early yesterday morning so he planned to take Kalila with him... I'd have a chance to sleep in a little bit & get up to do some of what I needed to do. But as soon as he finished, instead of taking Kalila to hang out like planned he came back and told me to come outside and lets go. 

He was trying to cheer me up... was really sweet. We went walking around several places, just looking at stuff.  One of them was the mall, and that was interesting all on its own because as soon as we got in we knew we needed to change Kalila. The only family restrooms are in Saks & Pennies. We started to head to Pennies but realized the other was closer, so we did that... Only to walk in and find some kind of pills thrown all over everywhere. Mostly on the floor but some were on the changing table too, as was crumbs of food. Not cool.  The trip was nice, but I was still feeling blah & we came back for a break... planned to do the same that evening though.

Well when we got up from naps we decided to go downtown instead... See all the lights and all that. Kalila fell asleep on the way, but woke up while we were walking down the river walk. She got so excited about it all... Kept talking about the water, lights & boats lol.

Somewhere in there is what we decided to give each other for Christmas... a little early but that's ok lol. We went out to eat at Joes Crab Shack. I can't even remember the last time I ate there... and is one of my favourite places. Was kinda funny though... We ordered Calamari for an appetizer and Kalila ate more of it than we did! Not sure why either of us were surprised though. Was definately a great Christmas gift though :-)

After we ate we walked back a ways and then went up to the street and headed towards the Alamo. Kalila got a chance to run around a little bit and see the horses while we were over there. She's told us (multiple times) that they were her favourite part. She was just lit up the whole night... was so cute. 

But... before heading home we ran by Wal-Mart to pick up a few last minute things we haven't had a chance to get to before... Kalila, the little night owl that she is, was still doing really good. But we ran into the restrooms when we got there and I finished changing her before Baba finished so we were waiting outside when she saw the toy horse & wanted to ride it. Not surprised because she'd asked to ride of the ones downtown lol... So I put her on it and we waited... Baba came out & got her down & the fit started. She did not want off that horse, she wanted to play.  So we were dealing with that and some employee walks by & makes a snide comment about how late it was (was about 10:30 at this point) and that she's tired and should be in bed. Ok... For one its none of her business... And beyond that, yes it was later than we normally put her to bed now, but like I said night owl, she doesn't do bad when we stay out a little later than normal from time to time. And... She was obviously throwing a real fit and not a tired one. They don't look the same. We wouldn't be dealing with it the same way if she had been tired. Now I know she doesn't know all of that (although seriously the kid did not look tired, its pretty obvious when one is having that issue) but all the more reason to keep your freaking mouth shut over stuff you know nothing about! Sorry stepping off soapbox now.  We'd had such a great day though & that just pissed both of us off. I'm not sure how we both managed to walk away w/out letting her have it. We were nice though. 

By that point Baba & I were getting tired lol, so we got out of there as fast as we could...  

And that was the end to my really good day lol. I thought today was gonna be another one, seemed to start that way... but looks like its gonna be more like Monday instead. Oh well...

21 December, 2009

Traveling, Parties & Putting Kalila To Work...

Yesterday was one of those days... It was great... but so busy, so much happened that I pretty much fell in bed exhausted when we came home. I probably could have done so immediately (despite it being like 9 lol) had to wait a little longer... 10:30 or 11 is still really early for me though. 

So what happened?

Well, yesterday was really the start of all the Christmas "stuff" for us. We had two major things planned. 1. Going out of town to visit Baba's Grandmom & Granddad. 2. MYA Christmas party. 

I felt kinda bad about how the day got started lol... As usual we were rushing, but did get out around the time we wanted. It wouldn't have been too bad except things fell apart about when we left. 

First off we're in Ammo Trevor's car... They traded for the week so he could move his stuff. Which is fine... Except his car is really small, none of us fit in it quite right. Seriously none of us... Even Kalila is squished. I think she'd be fine if she was still RF, but her legs were squished by our seats instead. Added to that, I tend to have a lot of problems with motion sickness... isn't so bad in the truck... The car.... uggh. I started feeling sick as soon as we left.

Then we went to get gas & the card nini said we didn't have enough in our account. This made no sense to either of us... We finished getting gas, then rushed back here (wasting time of course) to see what the issue was. Must have been there machine because there was exactly what we thought in the account. Scared us pretty good though. 

So we got a late start... and I was still feeling ill. We thought picking up something to in my stomach would help, so we were headed to swing by and do that on the way out... and I couldn't even make it to where we were going w/out getting sick. It was awful. Thankfully the little bit of food I did eat and a stick of gum did help though and I managed the rest of the trip. 

But yeah... that put us about an hour late. Not cool.

The visit went great though. Kalila did so well during the meal... better than she usually does (other than restraunts, she's usually really good at those). She did get a little antsy at the end and started making a mess w/ her desert, but I'm just impressed she did as good as she did. They gave her a little pull toy puppy too and she had a blast pulling him around everywhere. She even insisted that he was hungry at one point and pretended to feed him lol. I wish I'd got more pics, but we did get some of her outside climbing a tree w/ Papa. She was very proud of herself for that one lol.

But yeah, despite the way it started, the trip went very well. I'm glad we were finally able to make it up there. 

Didn't feel like it was much time at all before we had to leave... We knew we'd be late to the party, but thankfully we did make it. Kalila went w/ Gran & Papa to spend some time with them. Apparently she slept on the way home... Not surprising at all. 

The party was a lot of fun too. We made it in time for Pictionary lol. Unfortunately we were exhausted by the time we made it there... and me being a bit shy to begin with that made that a little worse. I'm still glad we went though. It was fun... and nice to get to talk to friends/family, esp ones around our own ages lol. Once agian it seemed like we had to rush out though because we had to pick Kalila up. 

That was the end of yesterday pretty much... So what's the putting Kalila to work bit? LOL Not really but she took it upon herself to clean the bathroom this morning. I walked in to find a layer of baking soda covering the entire room! Poor Mumble was even covered in it.. 

Anyways, Kalila's being a little clingy right now so I'm gonna head off.

19 December, 2009

Gotta Love Em...

Is kinda funny... When we first bought "good" diaper covers (you know not just Gerber vinyl ones) I picked 3 diff kinds to try and the Thirsties... well they only made the cut because they were the least expensive. Not that the others I chose were a lot more, but still... I really didn't think I'd like the Thirsties as much... but as you all know from past posts, they are my absolute favourite covers.

Today was one of those days that reinforced that... 

I knew we were gonna be going out today. We had plans, some of them changed, but still plans. As always we ended up rushing and a good chunk of that because Kalila was dragging her feet... So I grabbed a diaper to get her ready & went w/ a prefold & Thirstie cover. 

Note: at this point we have two size of covers... The larges are my fav's because they really fit her. The mediums kind of fit, but... They prob should be put away. The cover I grabbed was a medium... Not the one from that very first batch, but just a few months newer than it. So well used and prob not the best choice size wise...

But that's the one I grabbed & I got it on her and got her dressed as quickly as possible. I put a bit more thought into which cover to take as backup... almost grabbed a Bummi, but thought better of it since we were going out (and they flat out don't fit anymore... that's a leak waiting to happen). I grabbed a second Thirstie. 

Not going to go into a lot of detail here, but when we got where we were going (weekly meal w/ Gido, since he's doing the Beauty & the Beast thing we've been having them on Sat instead of Sun) Gido noticed a dirty diaper... So I went to change it & had a feeling we'd be changing it again before we left the restraunt. I was right...

Just about the time we were finishing Baba picked her up and decided to check... I'll be nice and leave the rest to your imagination. This had to have been the worst diaper either of us have ever seen... and that's saying something. We went running. He had ahold of her, so into the mens room we went... I quickly bowed out since there was another man in there lol. Thankfully they do have a changing table in there (lol so Baba can't use that excuse anymore) so I dropped the bag & ran... 

I really felt for Baba... LOL. He had a dazed look on his face when he came back. But... one of the first things he told me was that somehow, amazingly, nothing had gotten out. No leaks... 

Which of course brought up the fact that we are gonna have to get some more at some point soon... both diapers & covers. Covers are gonna have to wait a little longer of course, but.... We'd been planning to pick up a package or two of prefolds (Gerbers mostly) here and there throughout the pregnancy & haven't really been doing that... So we decided to get another on our Target run today. So I feel pretty good about that. I may not like them quite as much as Indian prefolds, but... they do the job & as many as we'll need for a newborn... 

Anyways, had to share. & now I'm off.

16 December, 2009

To Stream or Not To Stream

I think I'll do a short one lol. So much in my head right now though... and even more to do so not much time. 

A little aggravated right now. Just a little because I know she was trying to help, but seriously? I picked up a card for the HypnoBirthing classes yesterday. My plan was to get ahold of this instructor to find out how much her cost is, and then compare it to the maternity store nearby that offers classes. Like I mentioned yesterday, it looks like insurance will help out, but I'd still like to get the best deal right? No problems so far on that end... I sent out an email and waiting patiently. But the classes are not mentioned on this months schedule for the maternity store so I thought I would call and see how often they're held. Long story short, because of how few people choose it and the cost, the lady who does them there doesn't do it every month & they don't find out until last minute. That's fine... makes it a bit harder on me (well may make my decision easier lol) but still. But the part that got to me was after me explaining why I was asking she recommended a hospital downtown, said they had them there. Really? Start to get excited about a third option right... But as I was typing in the name of the hospital into Google (because I've never heard of it before) I said something like "they really have HypnoBirthing classes at a hospital?" and her response was "Well I don't know if they're HypnoBirthing, but they have some kind of birthing class!"  ???? You're kidding me right? 


My last Avon order came in... Baba was surprised at how quickly it did lol, but I'm not... They always do.  I was able to get a couple of our Christmas gifts on there (they have some really cute stuff) so I have some wrapping to do now lol. What did surprise me was that some gift sets I'd ordered (to sell, not for myself) came in... I was thinking they wouldn't be here until Campaign 1 when they were due. But Campaign 1 was moved up... Joy. They do look really nice though, is the Reese In Bloom gift set with a bag, perfume, shower gel & lotion. Am hoping I can sell them though because as nice as they are, I can't wear perfume lol. 


Kalila used the potty this morning... all on her own! 


Apparently our water issue wasn't the heater, but the cartridge in the tub. It got fixed today... Whoo hoo warm showers/baths again! While the maintenance guy was here he checked our smoke alarm and put in two more, one in each bedroom. Was a nice surprise that didn't really surprise me because I'd seen something on the news the other day about how they were pushing for more apt complexes to do that.


Kimosimi has been adorable lately. More than normal. He's cuddeling up to my belly and purring a lot. The other day I was laying on my side and he climbed on top and started kneading me. So sweet! 

I'm not looking forward to when we have to start shutting them out at night again... I'm not too worried about it this time because I know both cats will handle it. I'm just not sure when to do it.... Before Kalila was born, I think we started a few months before... But we're moving right around the guess date this time and well, for one I really am hoping Zavier is not here before we're out of the apartment lol.. and secondly the move's gonna be a pretty big adjustment on the cats anyway. Eh I have time to figure that out. 


Good news... My sewing machine cord came in!!! I'm so excited... So much to get done... Of course I have other things that need to get done first. Uggh. Back to that whole issue I brought up yesterday. :-P


I did take my iron this morning... Unfortunately because we haven't picked up the sweetner I need (and we're about out of honey and the coffee machine is not set up) I ended up having to put it in the one thing I've been able to handle it in so far... Orange juice. Which as you may remember is not something that likes me at the moment. I stuffed myself with pistachios immediately after drinking it though and I haven't really been having any problems thankfully. 


That's it.. I need to stop procrastinating. I've got a lot to do... and both kids seem to be sleeping (Zavier has been kicking most of the day) so prob a good time to do it.

15 December, 2009

Pictures & Appointments

Baba got done much faster than we expected this morning, so we ended up going to do the Santa pictures first. I'm very excited because it was the same setup again this year & I'm pretty sure the same Santa. 

Looking back a bit... 

Kalila's first Christmas - 3 mo's old. 

Second Christmas - 1 year 

And of course this year - 2 years old.

As you can see... She's still afraid of Santa & wanted nothing to do with him. I really hoped she would cause I did not want to be in the pic... hadn't finished my make up and my hair was a mess... although it looks worse than it was because there's an ornament behind my head the same colour lol. Oh well, Kalila looks adorable! 

We ate lunch after that, changed Kalila, and off to see the midwife. 

Good news first... My sugar was not up this time! Very excited about that... I do get have the glucose test next month, but not nearly as stressed about it as I was. I also get to get my iron levels and antibody tests done again at the same time... So that's gonna be "fun". That brings me to the not so great part... It looks like I've gone from borderline anemic to anemic. My own fault because I've been having a hard time taking the iron supplement. I was hoping the meat aversion going away would make up for it... but apparently not. 

I did also get in a little bit of trouble over soda's... We're pretty sure I haven't turned diabetic obviously but they're still full of sugar & I do seem to be sensative to it lately... not to mention the caffeine. Is something I want to get away from but having a really rough time about (although I did cut down a lot) and I'm not surprised she wasn't thrilled about it... But I did get some really good advice about how to deal with it, going from soda to coffee (less sugar involved) and then weaning from caffeinated to decaf. Was also recommended another sweetner to try, not just for that but to help with the iron supplement. 

Remember me mentioning the anatomy scan & how they didn't tell me anything? Well apparently they couldn't. We had a tech this time & because of lawsuits they aren't allowed to talk while doing it anymore lol. The dr that went over the info there did send the info to the BC and we went over it today, plus we got a copy for the baby book. Basically he's looking good. Nothing wrong. Is still consistantly measuring ahead by about 4 days (same as the first scan). Not enough to even consider moving due dates, but we'll see what happens lol. Oh and he was 11 ounces when they did it... which was at 19 weeks & I'm 22 now. 

The actual checkup part went well... I already mentioned the sugar part of the tests, but everything there looked good. I've gained 8 lbs in the pregnancy (not counting what I had to gain back after I lost some in the beginning). Measurements were good. Blood pressure was good. No swelling. Zavier started moving while they were doing the measurements and everything... and of course we heard his heartbeat...

Oh I forgot to mention... Poor Kalila slept through the whole thing. LOL It was really cute. Everyone (except us) was surprised because she was sleeping on Baba and we were all being loud, laughing & moving a lot and she slept through it all. 

I think that was it... I've got a diaper to get too now, so I'm off.. Hopefully I didn't forget anything lol. 

Edit - I knew I did... We also talked about the trying to get more rest thing. I've been so bad about that lately. Baba's been great about helping out when he can... but I have so much to do still. Anyways, was told that getting rest & taking care of us = more important than getting everything done... which I know in my head, but... still.  

Also talked to them about excersize... Something I also need to do more often but have been getting back into. And classes. Looks like insurance may cover our childbirth classes, so we talked about getting a signed letter to help with that. Very excited. Ok going now!

Save Your Egg Shells!

Sorry this has taken so long for me to post... hadn't gotten to my whites yet. But I promised, so here we go...

Awhile back a friend of mine mentioned this little laundry whitening tip... Sounded absolutely crazy. I googled it and found a few other references to it... Would have tried it out of curiousity anyway, but still... 

Uncle Bud's tip? Save your egg shells & fill a sock with them to throw in with your whites! 

Google mentions putting them in cheesecloth... 

My first time trying this I made a slight mistake... Baba's socks are pretty thick & I wasn't sure how well they would do at letting whatever it is that whitens get out, so I used an old pair of panty hose. Good idea in theory... If they hadn't had an unseen hole. That's right, egg shell all over the washer! Not fun to clean out lol. 

I did notice whiter socks... but I didn't want to post on that time alone because I also used oxi clean in with everything else... They were that bad at the time lol. 

This time I put them in one of Kalila's socks... I turned it inside out because I don't want any pieces to accidently scratch her if left in there... The shells get really soft after washing, but still. Not a chance I wanted to take.

For the record I did use a few drops of TTO along w/ my tbsp of detergent and put vinegar in the rinse. Neither of those is a whitening thing though.  

And yes it does work. Our whites were a lot whiter... Most of them were nice and bright. But... it did not "cure" the dingiest ones. They definitely look better though. I'm kind of curious to see if they continue to do so as we keep doing this. We'll see.

14 December, 2009

Little Things

Just had to share a few little stories from here or there than have made me smile lately...

Kalila's smile while helping polish off a full box of strawberries in one sitting.

Baba telling me (multiple times) how much he enjoyed dinner.

Zavier kicking around... and being able to see the kicks now :-)

Kalila sassing me... Telling me that I said a bad word & that she's gonna spank my butt. I know it shouldn't make me smile or laugh (and I did get on to her lol) but still... it does. 

Baba being home for the weekend... I'm still not completely used to it yet and its so nice...

Seeing Kalila choose who she wanted to tuck her in to bed... and picking Baba. I think she likes his nights best :-). 

Baba cooking dinner... 

Kalila saying her prayers

Kimosimi curling up on my tummy and purring

Baba doing his goofey little dances randomly

Kalila asking me for more strawberries after we bought more... and then putting them up in the fridge for me all by herself.

I could prob go on but I'd never get this published lol

Deep Breath

Oh good grief... I guess I should expect it since its the end of the semester for Baba & Christmas is coming up so quickly, but... Life has been even crazier than normal! 

Last week I rescheduled my Avon meeting for today... You know the one I missed because noone was there. Turns out the lady I was supposed to meet had a major emergency (friend died or dad in hospital... I've heard both things, so I guess it depends on which lady it was I was supposed to meet) and couldn't be there at the last minute. We ended up having a big day that day anyway, so I'm not complaining...  Unfortunately when I scheduled my meeting for today I didn't know that Baba had a final. I asked if today at 10 would work & he'd said yes... I'm guessing he forgot lol. 

So I'm sure you can imagine how much we were rushing this morning... Good thing we decided for him to just drop me off and head to school instead of waiting around while I hurried things along like we originally planned because it did take awhile... Since we figured he would be awhile, we decided Kalila & I would head from the meeting to the mall (where I could look for Baba's Christmas gift, one of the very few left to do). Sounds like fun right?

Well the meeting went well, beyond the fact that I was there an hour early (was 11 not 10.. .I could have sworn it was 10). Kalila drew while we went over the stuff. The meeting was supposed to have been done before my first order went in, but obviously it wasn't... Is really ok though because things have been really slow w/ my first two and I'm trying to look at Campaign 1 as a start. Most of the stuff we went over, I either already knew or had gone over on the online training lol... but I did get some good tips. Am going to look into the online event thing today... So if anyone wants to host one (doesn't cost anything & you get a free gift) please feel free to let me know... 

We got interrupted a few times, so I think the meeting took a little longer than planned... So I guess was good I was early right? We headed on over to the mall afterwards & Kalila got so excited, was yelling "the mall! the mall!" over and over... 

Unfortunately I entered the mall on a diff side than I ever have at that particular mall. We went in through Dillards... I circled the entire store twice before asking someone (I thought I'd missed a sign... but there are none) how to get to the mall. You have to go upstairs... Ok, that's fine. We went to the elevator & at that point I started getting antsy. I normally am fine with them, but we were alone, no phone & the thought of what if it gets stuck popped in my head... Of course there's the button & it never did, but it creeped me out. 

Into the mall... I started off and saw a sign saying the food court was on the next floor. So I asked how to get up there and a lady told me the elevator was in Saks. So I went to go in there and got stuck, had to walk around the area again to get to the ramp because Kalila didn't want me to take her stroller down the 3 stairs. Tired, hungry & sore legs I wasn't too happy. Into Saks, found the elevator... same creepy thoughts, made it out... and realized that the second floor there DOES NOT CONNECT TO THE REST OF THE MALL!!!! We had walked out of the store, down a walk way past others... found more stairs, walked around to get to those ramps that lead past other stores and more stairs that all go nowhere! Back to Saks... more than slightly irritated. Downstairs and back in the mall. 

I went farther past the lady who gave me bad directions (not feeling all that generous towards her at that point) and finally found a sign... We had to walk all the way around the mall to another set of stairs/escalators & elevator... Got on again... more creepyness.  Found the food. 

Very hungry & long lines not fun... but we got our food and sat down. At that point it starts hitting me that I have no way to know what time it is. Baba & I had not made plans on how to meet up... and once agian, no phone.  A man came to clean up the floor & I asked him what time it was... and he didn't speak English. Ok, that's fine... my Spanish isn't great but I can handle that... Normally. My brain froze for a second & I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot. Thankfully it came to me pretty quickly & I found out it was 12:15. We were still eating, I hadn't done my shopping & Baba has to be at work around 1.  Getting worried.

About 10 to 15 min later Baba showed up & thankfully found us very quickly. Kalila had to make a side trip by the santa clad cow before we rushed out... Thankfully that didn't take long and we were in the truck soon after. 

Baba on the other hand had had a great day. He'd been really worried about this final... and somehow he got incredibly lucky. Because of my meeting, he was late to his final... Doesn't sound lucky right? Well his teacher didn't make enough copies so he and his friend (who he'd picked up on the way) got the short version of the test which happened to be on the book/movie that they both knew the most about.  

Made it back here and he headed off to work. Kalila needs a nap so badly its not even funny... She's fighting it a bit though. Honestly I feel like I need a nap too, but I have a few things I want/need to do first. 

And... I'm incredibly confused by a comment I got on here... I don't know if you are dealing with this, but I've been getting a ton of spam comments lately. I know I could put the word verification thing on here to stop that, but I really don't like those. I've seen some of them on other blogs I've commented on too (copies end up in my email) so I know I'm not the only one. Its a little aggrivating... but I got one today that I really don't know if its spam or someone being sarcastic, rude or what.  Back on my post about the Hypnobirthing book, I got an anonymous comment asking where they can find a unicorn?  ????  All the rest of the spam I've gotten is either a generic comment about how they loved the post (written 3 or 4 times in a comment, 3 or 4 different ways) or is a bunch of jumbled up words, often including some disturbing things that are inappropriate to really mention. This looked like a real comment, but makes no sense.  :-/  

Anyways, its time to get someone ready for that nap (she's been here showing me books while I'm typing this lol) and myself up and going again lol. 

13 December, 2009

Another Fun Day...

Until Kalila busted me over the head w/ her broom that is... Huge headache now. 

Anyways... Mass went well today. We were "almost" on time. Kalila was much better behaved in the cry room. It might have been because Baba was with us most of the time, but she was behaving before he came in there... So who knows. And my fav part... She stuck her hand in the holy water font on the way in and tried to make the sign of the cross all by herself! Too cute!

After Mass we met Grandma for lunch... She's on the way back from Houston and stopped by to see us. It was really nice... We felt a little bad because we had to rush, plans soon after... but I'm still glad we got to see her. 

Then we headed down to see Gido in Beauty & the Beast... We got invited last week, but already had plans... Was cool that we went this week though because several other family members were there too. Kalila did pretty good in there too... Got fussy at the end, but made it through a good chunk. She loved it. 

Btw (completely off topic here, but came home to several comments & thought I'd address it while its on my mind lol). When I posted that post earlier I wasn't complaining about food cost at all. Sorry if anyone took it that way. That is nowhere near what I was thinking... I have fun shopping around, getting deals and all that stuff even when we don't need too.. I don't see that changing at any point. Now figuring out how to keep little miss from finishing off the food between groc trips and/or how to store more food in this apt is another story lol.

A Scary Thought...

I woke up this morning with a story my mom used to tell running through my head. I don't know how accurate it was... She could have been exaggerating.... but she used to tell me about how her brothers would eat all the food in the house and leave the fridge bare. 

And it hit me...

Baba & I joke alot about what its gonna be like down the road... esp if we're blessed with more kids. It comes up almost every time we go to Sams... Yesterday was no different... I think part of that is because we already have to get eggs there about every 2 weeks. No complaints, we just find it funny that 3 of us go through that many. So the most common "joke" is that down the road we'll move up from the big carton to the box and eventually we'll have to have our own chickens. Not that I'd really mind that, because I prefer them fresh anyway lol... Really is something we'd like to do when we're able. But that's beside the point... No, every time it comes up we're talking about way down the road... both with a larger family and, well, us all older. 

But this morning it hit me that in just under a year we'll be cooking for a family of 4 instead of a family of 3. And the second child is gonna be a boy. 

Now granted I am keeping in mind that Zavier is not going to eat all that much at first... I remember starting Kalila on solids, it did about nothing to the amounts of food we bought. I think the only difference was we bought a few veggies that we normally wouldn't (and I am so looking forward to Zavier reaching that point for that reason lol), but still... It was nothing. 

But Kalila is only 2 years old now... and I'm amazed by the amounts of food she puts away. Like the story I told yesterday about Denny's... That's a normal thing. She will (and does regularly) eat 3 peanut butter sandwiches in a sitting... We can't keep tomatoes in the house because they disappear in days... I've already mentioned eggs. The girl can eat. Part of me wonders if maybe that will slow down a little as she gets older... but then I remember me as a kid and all the comments my family made about me having a hollow leg & a bottomless pit. I was in high school (at least) before that stopped. 

And I know that it wont be long before Zavier's her age... It just goes by too fast. I wonder how he's gonna be. He's a boy. Could it be worse? Maybe not... But its a little bit daunting to think about, at least this morning.

Is kinda funny I guess because lately I've been so wrapped up in pregnancy stuff and childbirth stuff... I think the latest I've really thought about is when he first starts solids, when & what that will be. We've only really thought about it because we decided it a long time ago (almost right after starting Kalila lol) because we wanted to do things slightly diff the next time. But yeah... I just hadn't really thought of what its gonna be like beyond that...

I'm not worried or anything... Just a little dazed at the thought of a 4th person and not just a new baby.

12 December, 2009

A Productive Day Or So...

Ok, I have to tell you about today... even if only because I have to share a story from lunch! 

Going back a little bit... Yesterday Campaign 26 was due... I'm feeling a little silly for 2 reasons... one I was thinking it was due at midnight instead of in the afternoon because I got AM & PM mixed up... but I did get it done, so... yeah. Plus I forgot that I'd be billed for some gift sets that I signed up to sell when I first signed up. I really hope that works out & that I get some more sales this next campaign. I'm seeing some cute stuff in the new catalogs so am hopeful lol. 

Then today... Kalila snuck off while we were sleeping and got ahold of Baba's sweet tarts. Ate a quarter of a box.... Can you say sugared? Part of me wants to be upset because she doesn't need that much sweets, but... hard to stay mad when she's being that cute & she was... All sorts of smiles and stuff. 

Well then Gido called and asked us to lunch... We ended up going to Denny's, which I love because they have new options on their grandslam that include whole wheat pancakes, turkey bacon & chicken sausage... Seriously it is soooo good. And they'll do it on the Jr one too. So we went & our food came... I remember seeing Kalila grab a bite of her scrambled eggs, but we were talking and a minute later (literally wasn't more than a minute) we saw her go for Gido's eggs... So imagine 3 people getting onto her to stop at once lol... and then we realized that her eggs were gone. Not on the floor, not on her, flat out gone. She scarfed those eggs... Finished off her turkey bacon and most of the sausage too, and a good part of the pancakes. Still in a bit of awe over that... I shouldn't be, I see her eat like that everyday... but still. 

After that we had a Sams run... Between eggs & vinegar we usually have to go about every two weeks, but this was one of our big trips. We have them once a month or two... but came out spending a bit less than we thought we would, which is always nice. Esp when its including a couple Christmas gifts that you normally wouldn't be getting lol. Plus Gido went and walked around with us, so we got a chance to talk to him a little more while we were doing that...  

Said goodbye to Gido then and headed to HEB... For some reason our big trips always seem to be on the same week and we had a lot to get there too... so when we got to the register & it was $25 we were both shocked. I don't know if its the time of year or what, but they had a ton of sales going... I noticed it while I was shopping, but didn't realize it would make that much of a difference. On top of that, were were starting to get hungry so we stopped by the sushi sampler a couple times lol... Kalila started yelling for more at the checkout and then told me that I need to learn how to make it. I agree.

Then on to Ali Baba's for meat... Kalila fell asleep in the truck though so I stayed outside this time. I prob wouldn't mention this at all, but Baba... I have such a wonderful husband... When he walked in, instead of heading straight to the meat he went to see if they had Rubicon first. They haven't in awhile, I'd thought of asking him to look and changed my mind... wasn't expecting it to be there.. But he looked & there was. Seriously, that alone would have made my day lol.

At that point we wanted nothing more than to come home and rest... but Kalila needed vitamins & I needed some stuff for my heartburn, so on to Sun Harvest.  I went ahead and got her the vitamins she'd picked out when we were trying to decide still... They're gummy, which I don't really care for... but that seems about the only option right now. They're also sour gummies lol... so part of me was worried she wouldn't actually eat them, but she's had her first & loved it. So I guess she knew what she was choosing! My heartburn stuff... I have to say I'm glad I went ahead and got it. The midwife had recommended it (basically its a chewable papaya enzime type nini) but we hadn't decided if we were gonna get it. We had Tums and they usually work... but its gotten so bad that I was eating too many Tums... So wanted to try this... and they work. Its great. And they don't taste horrible either... I don't care for papaya normally so I was a little skeptical about the taste lol. 

From there we did come home... Baba decided to take a nap & Kalila keeps going in there and telling him not to let the bed bugs bite lol. Too cute... 

Me on the other hand... I'm cooking dinner. Making Cream Cheese Chicken w/ rice & broccoli. I can't wait for it to get done... Is funny because the first time I made it I apologized to Baba thinking he wouldn't like it... but he loved it & has begged me to make it again ever since. Had to wait until today because we ran out of cream of mushroom... Need to get to cleaning out the fridge & pantry so I prob should get off here lol... But just had to share.. Has been a really good day.

More Cute

If you're wondering about all the pics in very summery dresses... No it is not that warm here... unless you're in our apartment lol. Kalila got a heat rash on the inside of her thighs last week & we're trying to air her out a bit, so lots of dresses and big girl panties. She loves it... Of course means no going outside. I wouldn't anyway cause its miserable, or was today... plus she has a runny nose & had that sore throat the other day so doesn't sound like a good idea for that either! 

I have a video too, but its having trouble uploading so I'll post that later!

10 December, 2009

So Grown Up!!!

Between what I mentioned in my last post and the fact that she's telling me what's wrong now (like her throat hurting last night) I can't help but think how much more grown up Kalila seems... but it still hit me pretty hard today when she started yelling cheese and posing for these pictures. Too cute!!!

09 December, 2009

Behaviour Update

It just hit me awhile ago that I haven't really mentioned anything about this since my vent awhile back. 

Long story short... Its getting a lot better. 

I'm not going to say that she behaves perfectly every day... or even that there's not some kind of issue popping up most days lol. But seriously its just so much better...

She's starting to listen to me. 

Last week at some point I realized telling her to go to bed got her to do whatever it was I wanted her to do if she wasn't doing it. Not sure its the best thing to use, but it worked... and was the only thing that did. She didn't want to go to bed so she'd argue to do what I wanted her to lol.  I'm hardly having to use it anymore though... just when she's particularly stubborn.

Then... It hit me that I wasn't hitting 3 when counting anymore... hardly ever. She drags her feet sometimes, but I don't get past 2 very often. 

A lot of times she's doing whatever the first time I ask though. Its a huge change.

Beyond that, she's fighting getting dressed less too. Same with teeth brushing and baths. She's still a little more stubborn about that one, but its not ending with her screaming at the top of her lungs anymore. 

She's hitting herself less... It hasn't stopped. I wish I could say it had. I hate seeing her do that. But it is getting better... I think so is the her hitting us thing, but she is still doing it from time to time... is probably the thing she gets in trouble for the most lately. 

Sleep is still somewhat of an issue. She's going to bed easily most nights... but wakes up in the middle and refuses to go back to sleep in her room. She's not nursing anymore (yeah, another update: Kalila's officially weaned) but she still wakes up at the same time she was before... usually wanting water, but insists on snuggling afterwards and won't budge from our bed. She's sleeping well once there though, so it could be worse... but I still want her in her room soon. 

Church is still a bit of an issue... mostly if Baba is not with us. Last Sunday she did good for most of Mass and then decided she wanted to leave. We had several bathroom trip/talks that just didn't work. Tuesday we were the only ones in there, and Baba with us... but she still wanted out. I'm not really sure what the deal is... She didn't behave quite as badly, but still... I've got to figure something out there. 

Not going to worry about that too much though (or be upset by it) because looking at everything together I know she's doing good. And I feel like I am too... noticing I'm having more patience lately. I don't know if its hormone connected, or what.... or if my having more patience is helping her behaviour (seriously wondering with that because I thinking about those last issue... I'm more on edge with that, wonder if that's why shes still doing that) or because of it. Who knows, but I'm enjoying it... and hoping it lasts lol.

08 December, 2009

Decisions - Mattress Edition

You have CafeMom to thank for me doing this post now... I might have put it off a little longer, but one of the due date mama's brought up the wraps and got me thinking about it all over again. Probably a good thing though because this is probably one of the biggest things we have to make a decision on. Throw in the pricing and I want time to find the best deals on it for sure.

Basically I have two options on mattresses. Two that are exceptable to me anyway lol. One is going organic... The other is the wrap nini. 

I'll be honest & say I'm leaning more towards just going with an organic mattress. No chemicals = no wrapping needed. No wrapping means not having to worry about the materials the sheets and sleepers are made of.  Not worrying about them means we don't need to buy new ones lol and even if we do, any new wouldn't cost quite what the ones needed to go with the wrap would. Unfortunately the organic mattresses cost way more. Not giving up by any stretch though... 

If we go for the BebeSafe wrap we'll still need to buy a mattress... and the wrap... plus the underblanket. All sheets would need to be 100% cotton. I'm not sure what the ones we have now are (I prob should shouldn't I?). Not worrying much about the no softeners being used on baby's clothing thing because we don't do that anyway... but looking at all the numbers it looks like it adds up to about the same price as one of the mattresses would.  Definitely cheaper than some of the mattresses lol, but equal to the best ones I've seen so far.

If you're wondering why this is coming up now and not w/ Kalila... It did lol. I read about mattress wrapping before I got pg last time & wanted to look into it more, but got distracted with everything else going on... and since we planned to co-sleep (and did) we decided just to get a reg mattress. I've never liked the thing though (it really is awful) and we transitioned her way too early and I would have been much more comfortable if we'd spent more time on this decision. Even if Zavier is older when we transition, I'm sure there'll be times he's in there & I want to at least know I looked into all this more this time lol. 

07 December, 2009

Aye Kalila... *Update*

Thankfully we all managed to get a good nights sleep last night. I mention that because its pretty rare lol. Seriously though, Kalila woke up in a really good mood this morning. Always nice right?

Well she almost immediately asked to talk to Granny... So I grabbed the phone, hit her number & passed it along. Is kinda funny to watch cause Kalila gives a running comentary about how the phone is ringing. Anyways, Granny answered & they had a nice talk. About 10 min or so later I got on the phone w/ her too & she told me about their conversation. Apparently Granny was asking her about Christmas and told her that its Jesus' Birthday... (now keep in mind that she just went to a Bday party yesterday) and Kalila told her that Jesus needs a birthday cake. Too cute!

Then after we all got up she watched Dora's Christmas Carol... which was actually pretty cute. We got all excited though because they asked which path to take & Kalila answered. So proud... Later on I caught her pretending that her purple tutu was the time travel cape on there. And then... just a little while ago she threw a ball and said "You can't have it now" in a Swiperish voice and then did his laugh. I've heard her do the laugh before, but not the whole bit. 

We've also spent quite awhile today working on her room. I still need to vacuum (and would love to steam at some point), but I'm feeling pretty good about it. Got side tracked at one point and started reorganizing her toys too lol. We took a break in the middle and I got this video...  

Got a few pics too...

Tears... She just had me read Love You Forever... That book always makes me cry. And then she started singing "I'll love you forever" over and over... sniff... 

Ok, need to get those pics/video uploaded & finish the last bits of her room before I have to put her to bed tonight! 

I spoke too soon.

Went in and finished up (mostly) her room and got a couple pics before Kalila came in and decided to be cute.

Clean room...

Pretending to sleep...

Another video, just adorable.

So ready to go to bed there, but after her bath & brushing teeth... go figure she's fighting it! Uggh. Oh well, at least she's not running from her clothes anymore lol.