08 December, 2008

A Weekend Away

I thought about posting while we were gone... I could have. I had internet in VH and then again the last night in FS, but... no.

I'll apologize now... I don't have all the pics yet... I'm debating putting the ones I do have on here and making a new post for the others... or just waiting and putting them all up later. We'll see.

The trip up there went pretty well I guess. We left a little later than planned... and Kalila was upset a good ways of the way. Honestly I think I blocked a good part of it out lol.

What I do remember... LOL Some of you may remember a certain bus stop at Machame? Well... we had a similar experience at a gas station in FS. We'd stopped there for a bathroom break and were sitting in the truck... and of course it was the one right by where I used to live, and would walk to all the time. Was so weird going in there again!

We made it to VH around 10:30 or 11. Got situated at the motel... and then went to eat at my parents house. Babu made chicken alfredo.. Mmmm... Kalila was all excited. She ran all over and played w/ Tia Banay's stuffed animals... Went straight to Grandma until she realized going to Grandma = being squished lol.

We got up and went back over there the next day... Kalila had a blast. Chased a kitty (who's scared of her), played w/ Tia Banay and flirted w/ her boyfriend, broke a plate (thankfully wasnt even scratched), discovered she likes cranberries, etc... We had a good time too btw. Didn't seem like we'd been there very long at all before we had to go.

We left around 8... so it was around 10 again when we got into FS. We thought we overslept the next morning becuase my phone had the wrong time lol... but thankfully didn't. I discovered a deep dislike for the cry room at the Church there... not only is it upstairs... but there is no gate or door (let alone soundproof) and the little ones can't move around. We didn't make it half way through Mass before Baba had to take her out... and unlike here (where it does still happen because she gets rowdy sometimes) they were out for the rest of Mass..

Afterwards we met friends at KBobs and had a really nice lunch. As soon as we walked up Kalila lunged at Emily (who she had not met yet). It was so cute! And of course she was being a doll the whole time. Myra came after a bit, so she got to see her too. (so we got to see most of the people we hoped too this weekend). From there we went back to their house for a few minutes and Kalila fell asleep lol.

Instead of going straight to my Nana's house like I thought... we ended up going to WM for a pack & play. We've talked about it for ages, but just hadn't... but after 2 nights of rooms w/ no crib and beds that were really too small for co-sleeping (not to mention not positioned correctly for it either... they're smack in the middle of the room w/ no wall by the edge) that made for 2 really bad nights sleep... we figured it was def time... besides I can use it when Ryan comes here... What's funny was she didn't even wake up at the store despite us putting her in the stroller.

Finally got to Nana's after she woke up... and yes she went crazy for the puppies. Backing up... I got to meet my newest sister. My mom's dog Lady. She is a real cutie!!! I'm not sure which Kalila liked better, Lady or Abby (Nana's dog) but she chased them both around for quite awhile... Got licked and everything. Was so cute! She let Granny hold her a little and danced around for her too.

We went back this morning for breakfast... and Kalila had her first taste of bacon... Turkey bacon of course. She played around some more.. Before we left she said Nana! :~D

It would have been nice to stay a little longer, but we ended up leaving at the perfect time... naptime! She slept all the way to Sonora! It was great... made the trip a lot easier.

I'm still pretty tired (although Baba got the brunt of it since he drove) but can't get to bed until the diapers go in the drier. I'm hopin that will be soon lol. Anyways, I'll try to get those pics up in the next day or two...


Christy said...

So glad you had a nice trip. I am thinking about buying a pack n' play for our trip to KY.