17 December, 2008

Time For Another Stream

I've keep thinking of things to post and not doing so for awhile (either forget or whatever) so I've got quite a bit and figured this would be a good time to do so. Don't worry, there should be pictures involved!

The apartment people came in while we were out the other day and left a note saying they'd taken our doors and were ordering replacements. We came in all worried and slightly confused lol. Well... it turns out it was the sliding doors on Kalila's closet. They really needed replacing so this was great news.

Since they're gone I'm taking advantage of that and cleaning out her closet. This is a before picture.

As you can see, we were storing quite a bit in there that either needed to completely be taken out or at least put up where she can't get at it. I'm actually almost finished, but still have some work to do before I post an after picture lol.

LOL I just had a surprise. I'm in the dining room... Baba is in the bedroom and Kalila was with him. I turned around and saw her sitting on the couch (right in the corner) with a tissue blowing her nose. Seriously did a double take...

Speaking of little miss... Kalila has learned a new word. Well, several... but this one is cute. She's saying Mumble now!!! I'm gonna have to try and catch a video of it because it's just adorable the ways she pronounces it.

Back to cleaning the closet... Yesterday I was in there seriously working on it and Kalila was running around me. Baba came in to see her dumping toys out of her toybox and put her inside it! She loved it and played with her toys in there for a few minutes or so. Was a good distraction lol... note: (because I know it'll come up lol) I was there the whole time and pulled her out the second she wanted out. I got several pics too, but this is my fav...

I really have to thank my Baba Babu. He's given me 2 recipes lately, one I have posted on the NHHM blog.. And both have turned out wonderfully even though I'd never made either before. That is always nice lol.

Speaking of food... I'm on my third week of doing the MPM thing on the other blog... and I really like it, but couldn't stick to it for anything the first two weeks lol. First an extra day in West TX messed things up, then dinner w/ Gido (was nice though lol), etc. Thankfully they were all things we didn't need groc for and ingredients will all keep. This week is going well so far though...

Speaking of that... part of me wants to switch it over to this blog... but it fits in w/ everything on the other. I don't know... I'm having a hard time figuring out what goes where, if I should combine them, and stuff lol. Any opinions/ideas?

I finally did it... I got Kalila's hair in a pony tail (kind of lol).

And as you can see... she's showing off those fork skills I mentioned the other day!

This is a little older (a week or so ago) but I have to show this one off too. Here is a cute pic of Kalila w/ her Baba.

I started out really excited about Christmas this year... Kalila's little face lighting up at the stores did it lol. But then the days just flew by without things getting done and I've felt bad about it. It looks like our tree is going to stay bare again this year. I couldn't find Jason or Kalila's stockings (got cheap ones at WM the other day... so that's fixed lol) The Advent Wreath never got lit. Christmas cards aren't sent (and we haven't gotten any either.. is just weird). We still haven't found our family Elf.

But... We baked Christmas cookies the other day, was a lot of fun and I'm still enjoying them lol. I took some Christmas pictures last week... I want to take some more (esp now that the stockings are up instead of the old ones of mine I had hanging in these lol) and we finally got Kalila down to see Santa!

Since I mentioned the pictures.. I suppose I'll show you.

I have to include this one because it's too cute. I asked Kalila to sit down in front of the tree... and she walked across the room and sat in her chair.

So I dragged it over by the tree and included Elmo in on our Christmas pics!

After awhile I changed Kalila into her second outfit... Don't laugh too hard, it was one of mine when I was a baby. She doesn't seem to like it anymore than I did... she fought having her pic taken in it.

Las gave her this last year and it really shouldn't fit anymore... but somehow it does. I decided to try it since the weight limit on the tag fit... I'm glad I did, so cute!

Christmassy pjs I found in her drawer. They're a little big lol.

And before I show you her Santa picture... I have to revisit last year. Remember this little chunk?

We went to see the same Santa... and Kalila would have nothing of it! She loved the dancing elf statue, and stared at Santa but clung to us and screamed and cried when we tried to hand her to him! After our second try (we went to eat and came back... so thankful for short lines) he offered to do a family pic instead. Can you tell we weren't expecting to join in on the fun? LOL

On a completely different subject... Last night I ended up bathing our kitties. Mumble did really well, as always, but Kimosimi flipped lol. I managed to keep him still long enough, but the poor thing howled through it all. And of course that made Mumble do the same. They're both nice and pretty now though. And I saw Mumble lick Kimosimi today too! (sorry have to mention that because she's the standoffish one).

Can I end this now? Is a whole day later than I started it lol... I guess I have to say Happy Bday to my sister now lol (since I couldn't seem to catch her on the phone).

I think that was all I was going to write about... I'm prob forgetting something, but oh well... it'll wait. Time for bed!


Christy said...

I had to stop over and tell you about this funny dream I had. In the dream, we (you and me) were meeting up to go out to lunch. When I arrived at the restaurant, you and Kalila were sitting in a booth. You were wearing a silky red gown, with big black polka dots on it! Porgie started calling you a ladybug. And then I woke up.

Susie of Arabia said...

Kalila has grown so much! She's a little young lady now - and she looks so much like her baba (sorry MamaK!). She's really adorable. I must say - that is a gorgeous Santa too!
All the best to you and the family in the New Year!