31 December, 2008

Still Waiting On A Few... But Here We Go

I don't have them all yet... waiting on emails still. But then again, I'm still waiting for some from the trip too, so hopefully someday soon I'll have a lot more pics to share lol. Anyways... I was bad and didn't get a whole lot of them Christmas day (is why I'm hoping I get those). I did manage to get one really cute one before we left that morning though! Wow.. I just realized that it's the only one I got... how sad.

Anyways, I have a few other pics to share too though.

More Mama getting stuff organized. I stayed up half the night getting the rest of our dvd's off that shelf (and away from little hands) and into a binder. There are still a few at the top as you can see, but at least she can't reach those! It also made a nice space for our wii fit board lol.

I also got our table nice and cleaned off agian... You can see the Advent wreath that never got lit. A day later and it was already messy again... I just found a good recipe for glass cleaner though so I'm actually looking forward to working on it in a bit. (plain vinegar cleans well but leaves streaks on glass)

Just have to show off... Baba washing dishes for me. How sweet! (have I mentioned that I hate dishes?)

I mentioned us looking for our family elf. Well... apparently our elf is a reindeer! Baba decided he looks like a moose though so we named him Chocolate Mousse. Cute isn't he? And very soft too... Kalila loves him.

She's also become obsessed with these little antenna from a costume. I love it...

Poor Mumble... Not as drugged out as when we first brought her home, but you can tell she was out of it. Note: She's doing a lot better, but her paw still looks bad.

I looked up the other day to see this... So cute!!!

And last but not least... more videos.

This first one's a bit repetative... I had her point and stuff like some of the others I've posted... but she says Mumble and Gido on it so I have to share... Plus it shows her new favourite pasttime... tackeling me! It was while she was sick btw... not that you can tell from watching it, she certainly wasn't acting like she was that sick!

I was hoping to catch her w/ the microphone, but she was more interested in the fridge this time. It was still pretty cute..

And lol... I normally don't get video's of her eating but when I looked up to find her licking the plate a couple days ago I couldn't help it!

Ok, babies up from nap and I need to get going on stuff...