07 December, 2008

MPM Take Two

Well go figure... My first week out and it got blown completely out of the water. First off I coudn't remember how my Baba does his frito pie (and I really wanted his frito pie) so we did sandwiches instead. Kalila's Godfather didn't come over Tues, but we were treated to pizza w/ another friend... I'd go on but I'm doing this early since we're out of town this weekend and I haven't gotten to dinner tonight yet... Tomorrow Nick will be coming so I should be back on track by then... Good news is, the only things we had to pick up were for the frito pie... and yeah, that's not going to go bad on us lol. On top of all that... I couldn't link it to the MPM page either... because our comp was down and I was using the wii... All beside the point though.

This week should be good and boring though. So lets hope I can get my act together ;-D

Breakfast - Fruit
Dinner - Steak w/ Mushrooms and Salad
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast w/ Cheese
Dinner - Felix's Tilapia, Mashed Potatoes,
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Chicken Adobo, Rice and Green Beans
Breakfast - French Toast
Dinner - Hamburger Helper and Corn

Breakfast - Vegetable Omelet
Dinner - Tuna Melt Pizza
Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - Chicken and Green Bean Alfredo
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Cheese Enchiladas, Beans and Spanish Rice