14 December, 2008

I'm Not Ready

Kalila is just growing up too fast!!! Just in the past couple of days she's started doing all these new things that have me a little teary eyed.

Climbing for instance. She's been able to get up on the couch for awhile now (but really struggled to do it). The other day I saw her trying to climb up on her changing table... She stepped up on the bottom shelf and was trying to pull herself up. Then she tried to climb in the pack n play. Then she tried to stand on her chair. The couch... she's getting up and down on it like nothing.

Eating... I'll admit I was a little bad... I kept her from using a bowl for probably too long lol. I was afraid of them flying... so I put her food straight on the tray. She did well w/ it... but I decided to start the bowls last week. Not only have none been thrown (she does empty them out on the tray when she starts getting full though) but all the sudden she's figured out the fork/spoon at the same time! Of course she's not using it full time yet, but she can get food on it at least once or twice in a meal lol.

She started shaking her head no not too long ago.. and this week Baba taught her to nod her head yes. She's very proud of that new skill.

She's gone from saying 'meh' for meow to 'mow'.

She tries to blow her nose... Yes, she (and us too) got sick after the trip... Poor thing, I felt so bad for her... but when I'd try to wipe her nose, she'd take the tissue and do it herself. Then she saw us blowing our noses and would put her tissue up to hers and blow w/ her mouth! Adorable... She also grabbed the nose sucker (aspirator lol) off the thing by the couch and tried to stick it in her nose...

She's figured out how to open her toybox and get stuff out. Yesterday our living room looked like the thing had vomited in here. Thankfully today she decided to clean it up on her own and threw some of the toys in her pack n play lol.

And the one that really got me... We sent her to visit her Gido today... and she grabbed her puppy and just walked out the door with him! Didn't hesitate, didn't look back.. just happily went to go visit her Gido. (And when she came home she still wasn't fussing... se did come to me pretty fast though lol.)

I'm sure I could put more, but it's late and I'm tired... pretty much over this khara but it's worn me out. I do have to share one more thing before I go though...

Backstory here, I'd just put up the pack n play in Kalila's room.. and she begged to get in there (is when she tried to climb in). As soon as she saw the camera she started fussing... but I'm glad I left it on because this is too cute!


Christy said...

Izzy has been trying to climb on the couch lately, but he hasn't been successful yet. Once he figures it out, I am sure he will fall head-first onto the floor 567 times per day.

The video was too cute!